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   Apparent Oppositions Within
       The Signs of The Zodiac
                  Exercise 4

All of the following are apparent contradictions contained within each zodiac sign. The first point listed is a more basic aspect of the sign; the second point is a more enlightened aspect of the sign, although in some cases it could go either way. This list is a good illustration of how apparent opposites can and do co-exist peacefully, and serves to show different and opposite ways that the same sign can manifest.

Aries: 1) Totally doing your own thing, independent of others
2) Full of energy for others, constantly excited and passionate about what is good, right, and true

Taurus: 1) Enjoying physicality, the senses, having nice things, and the body
2) Being Here Now, not needing anything external- the spirituality of getting outside of do-ality       

Gemini: 1) Not taking morals, "spirituality," and "right and wrong" too seriously--the trickster archetype
2) Being spiritual by not being so intentionally / through innocence, friendliness, play and lightness--the fairy archetype

Cancer: 1) Enjoying the security of family and close relationships; honoring that you need people
2) Finding security only from within, from God

Leo: 1) Being a child, playing hard, self-expressing creativity
2) Taking on the responsibility of leadership

Virgo: 1) Totally consumed with the self (self-improvement and personal growth)
2) Totally consumed with no-self through service to others

Libra: 1) Emotionally independent, fiercely maintains healthful separation with others
2) Values relationship, love, and harmony above all else

Scorpio: 1) Keeps in touch with darkness, intensity, power; doesn't ignore the negative
2) Is healing, deep, loving, and spiritually oriented

Sagittarius: 1) All about good times, freedom, travel, and no responsibility--the hippy archetype
2) All about morality, spirituality, Truth, leadership, honesty, and uprightness

Capricorn: 1) Works hard to enjoy wealth, fame, position
2) Works out of a sense of responsibility to contribute to one's community world

Aquarius: 1) Is fiercely unique, eccentric, independent, and different from others; wants to break all traditions to create a  better way
2) Wants to bring about friendship, community, group unity, and togetherness

Pisces: 1) Celebrates the fact that life is a cosmic joke, by doing art for art's sake
2) Lives out of spiritual surrender, serving through spontaneous intuitive connectedness, with compassion for others

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Exercise 5 - The Circle of Growth Through the Zodiac