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In This Issue: June 8th, 2004 
It's an incredible day for me to be writing you, since this is the day of a very rare occultation of the Sun by Venus. I've written a good deal about this event below.

It's probably no accident that at this time, I am also finally ready to introduce my self-esteem flower essence program, which I also describe below. When I began putting this program together earlier this year, I had no idea that I would first offer it on the day of this amazing Venus event. Apparently there is some connection.

And in case you missed my newsletter from a couple of weeks ago, I have also included my offer again, where I am giving away over $500 in free astrology and flower essence services. I will be doing the final drawing within the next week.

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It hasn’t happened since 1882, and not in this sign since 1769. But Venus essentially “eclipsed” the Sun as it passed across the solar disc from our earthly view today (on June 8th 4:24 am EDT, 2004). If at that time, you happened to be standing at the Southeast tip of Iraq looking out at the Persian Gulf, not far at all from the border of both Iran and Kuwait, it would have been a quarter ‘til noon and the Sun would have been at its very zenith (the Midheaven), shining straight down on you as the Earth turned to point you directly into the solar light. The Sun-Venus occultation then began to pass directly overhead throughout Iraq, moving like a column from west to east.

About fifteen minutes later, the Venus-Sun occultation shone directly overhead in the very heart of Baghdad. Thirty minutes after that, just one hour after Venus came as close to the heart of the Sun as she has in over 121 years, the Sun and Venus rose together over the Eastern horizon (the Ascendant) in New York, and then Washington, DC. And while the Sun and Venus were rising and ushering in the new day in both New York and Washington, they were overhead at the mid-day zenith in both Syria and Israel.

But before we continue with that story, and some very interesting history that this cycle is also connected with, let’s have look at what is happening here astrologically here rather than astronomically, and what it might mean for us personally and spiritually.

The heart (Venus) set her controls to come directly between the Earth and the Sun, so that as we looked up at the Sun from Earth, Venus appeared to sit near the Sun’s heart, and again it’s been over 121 years since this last happened. Adding to the interest, the Venus-Sun occultation takes place in front of the backdrop of the sidereal constellation of Taurus, a peaceful sign which Venus herself rules and is generally more auspicious within. It’s hard to imagine a better stellar motion picture about the power of love for an earthly drive-in movie. Taurus is the screen, the Sun is the projector, and Venus is the star. This Venus-Sun-in-Taurus movie could be called, “The Power of Peace.” Perhaps unfortunately, this movie also has some competition. Just ask anyone in Iraq.

Closely opposite to the Venus-Sun occultation in sidereal Taurus sits Pluto in sidereal Scorpio. This opposing Pluto-in-Scorpio celestial movie might called, “A Piece of Power.” And so I think these two movies are competing for a prominent space in the heart of each and every human being (and country), and after viewing both possibilities, each of us now get to choose whether to believe—deeply—in the reality of the first movie, or the second. Because this is a dualistic world, neither movie will be able to exist without the other, and we must accept that many, many people will make a different choice than we do. Let’s look at the choice before us.

On an inner level, I feel that there is a kind of “separation” happening with this Venus transit. A choice must be made by each of us. One must either move forward, or move backwards. Towards peace, love, and understanding. Or towards lust for power, deception, prejudice, resentment, and hate. Opposite forces within the heart are vying for supremacy, and this is can be a great blessing if we choose to move with consciousness and clarity in the direction of forgiveness (acceptance), patience, and compassion. Seize this moment for the blessing that it is. If you wish to move in the direction of wholeness, I believe the Universe will very dramatically support you in this “ascension” now. Unfortunately, the alternative is not a good one. The alternative is that all of the hard, hurt, and bitter chambers of our hearts could become more locked in this cold and barren state. We could bind ourselves much more tightly to the ever-revolving hamster wheel of samsara and suffering. We didn’t come to this Earth to get hung up on the hurts, resentments, and offenses of how others have done us wrong. We came to this earth for one primary purpose only:

To learn how to love.

To learn how to hold open our hearts to everyone we meet. Of course this isn't supposed to be easy; a dualistic world is meant to be a challenge. And on some level, the challenge is what makes it all fun. Still, this is the spiritual directive ahead of us all. To learn how to love. To learn how to hold open our hearts to everyone we meet. And this year, I think we’re all taking some final exams in this realm.

The blessing of this time surrounding the Venus-Sun occultation is that there is a spiritual window opening up. God’s eternal love, symbolized by the Sun, is more available to help each of us open our own hearts, as the Sun makes a rare alignment with the planet of love, Venus, and beams these incredibly warm rays directly upon us. I suspect that this window is open for much of this year, as are the challenges and temptations, particularly within a few months of the occultation, from March through August.

But for there to be the possibility of moving forward, there must simultaneously be the regressive pull to move backwards. In this world, we cannot have one without the other. There can be no strong potential for progress without the strong temptation to slide backwards. This evolution won’t come easily, or without its challenges. But in this world, it can’t come any other way. We have to have a tough choice in front of us, and the better option must require extraordinary commitment, vigilance, and energy. But if we have this intention and this willingness, I believe we will experience a truly blessed graduation in love and consciousness this year.

It’s meaningful that this very rare occultation happens so directly over Iran and Iraq and Israel, and on the horizon of New York and Washington. By looking back at events in these particular areas over the last year, we can see that this Venus occultation is not all “peace, love, and understanding.” No, it’s about looking towards creating the possibility of peace, while there are many, many old issues lying in the background which threaten to completely destroy this positive, loving reality. So I think we have at least one good place to put this love into practice: strong and heartfelt prayers for peace, love, and understanding in these parts of the world (including the United States).

The last time there was a Venus occultation with the Sun in the sidereal constellation of Taurus, it was in 1761 and 1769 (when these occultations happen, they happen eight years apart, with 121.5 years between them happening eight years apart). In these eight years, we saw the Stamp Act, Sugar Act, Currency Act, Quartering Act, Declatory Act, and Townsend Acts as the British sought to tax and control its colonies in the New World. These actions were met with resentment, resistance, and protests by the colonists. And following the last Venus occultation in sidereal Taurus in 1769, we saw the Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party, and then what we in the US call the Revolutionary War, leading to a powerful rebirth of the ancient Greek idea of democracy in the founding of the United States of America. How ironic.

Today, the United States finds itself in the role of the powerful country whose actions are meeting resistance and protests in the area of the world it is seeking to have some hegemony over. When England angered its colonies in the New World in the 1760’s, a network of secret organizations known as the “Sons of Liberty” was created by the Americans, aimed at intimidating the stamp agents who collected Parliament's taxes. How ironic.

As the United States seeks to impose some of its democratic political ideals on Iraq and other predominantly Muslim countries, it will be interesting to see how much this previous Venus-occultation history does or does not repeat itself. England didn’t have much luck with the colonies back then. The U.S. still has a long ways to go in Iraq, Afganistan, and who knows where else in the Middle East.

England once sought to impose its monarchy. The US now seeks to impose its democracy. Are these two things really so different? I don't know, but apparently most Iraqi's seem not to think so. What I do feel confident in saying is that dramatic global progress will be made in the next ten to twenty years, in alignment with this Venus transit, but who knows how easily that progress will come. I’m also not sure of the form that that dramatic global progress will take.

So to return to the personal level, one thing that is happening for us during this “transit” of Venus, is that we are meeting that “old stuff” that wants to hold back our hearts and our peace. We may experience some dark energies during this time, and it may at times feel like it is coming from out of our blind spot. Remember the visual. You are lying on the Earth, looking directly up at the glorious light of the Sun, infused with the Venusian rays of love and harmony behind a peaceful constellation of Venus. What bliss! But what you aren’t looking at is Pluto directly behind and underneath you, in the sidereal constellation of Scorpio. At worst, that could feel like a rather unwelcome knife in your back, or an intense resurfacing of those heavy past issues that are weighing down your soul. So what can we do?

Hold that higher vision of love in our hearts as we open up our spirits with faith in what we know is True, and turn to face that monster holding the knife. It won’t go away by avoiding it, or by running from it. Instead, stand to face it by surrounding it in our love, compassion, acceptance, and understanding. Keep the rays of our hearts’ love steady upon that wounded blackness. When the urge comes to blame, judge, ridicule, hurt, hit back, or get even, do not waver from maintaining that ray of love. If we can focus this high vibration of love upon the negativity when it threatens to suck us in, we might find something truly amazing.

That monster that was tempting us to stay stuck in the mud of negativity, resentment, and hate, isn’t really a monster at all. It’s the smiling and sunny face of God, only masquerading as something very different. It was all an illusion, created to teach us one primary thing:

To remember how to accept and forgive, and move on.

To learn how to love.


I feel that the creation of this program is a pinnacle of my life’s work. I am motivated by very Buddhist ideals in life, and so personally achieving, and helping others to achieve, a kind of down-to-earth enlightenment of greater love and abundance is one of my greatest life goals. But the fulfillment of both love and abundance depends on healing one’s self-esteem from the inadequacies of the cultures and backgrounds that we grow up in. Self-esteem is the foundation of so many good things in life. But how does one get something as fundamental as self-esteem if his or her life background has inhibited it?

I can speak of one thing that has helped me and so many others to balance various mental/emotional/spiritual qualities, something that appears to heal and transform at a very deep and effective, yet gentle, level. When seeking to have a substantial and sustainable growth happen at a fundamental level of consciousness, there are only so many tools that can facilitate this. I personally feel that flower essences are the greatest modality available to us to promote growth, healing, balancing, and opening on mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Working with flower essences has been one of the most fortunate things that has ever happened to me. One of the hardest things for me about working with flower essences is that so few others know what they are capable of doing. It feels like standing on a street corner trying to give away a bag full of gold, but almost everyone that walks by doesn’t seem to be interested.

Then there are the people who do know about the (in my opinion, almost miraculous) value of flower essences, but who don’t take full advantage of the opportunity of flower essences. These are the people who work with them occasionally. I am always very happy to meet people like this, but I always know that they could go so much further.

I have personally been taking various essences, almost non-stop, for about six years straight. I frequently change the formulas that I work with, but by working with different flower essences long-term, they seem to continue to build on each other and create more and more amazing results. So in creating this program, I feel I have brought my greatest ideals for humanity into a very practical and concrete form that can really help individuals to very positively revolutionize their lives.

I feel this self-esteem program puts a lot of amazing things together. I am very happy to have created a flower essence program that follows a long-term schedule, because I know this is the way to get the greatest results from them. I cannot convey enough how important it is to work with flower essences for months or years rather than just days or weeks for the best and most deep-seated results. So I feel the first benefit of this program is that the suggested length of time to work with it encourages the most thorough results.

Another benefit of this program is that the essences have been very carefully chosen from all around the world, to create the best overall effect, when taken together in a certain sequence. I have had a remarkable passion for working with flower essences since 1998, and because of this I have developed an intimate knowledge of over 300 essences originating from England to Peru to California to Hawaii, and created many hundreds of formulas for my clients. I feel that this self-esteem program fully reaps the fruits of my passionate research and practice.

I tend to get very passionate about the things that I find help people the most and make the most positive differences in others’ lives. So astrology and flower essences have become my passions, and because I’ve seen how much good they have done for me and for so many others, I want to share them with everyone who is interested in what they can do. I hope that this self-esteem program will benefit you amazingly in your life and your evolution towards spiritual wholeness, happiness, and understanding.


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