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Interpreting Uranus
Copyright 1998-Today Moses Siregar III

The best image for Uranus is a lightning bolt. Lightning strikes suddenly, powerfully, and a straight shot might just upset your day. Uranus rules change more purely than any other planet, and its impulse is the movement towards freedom; when Uranus strikes, the comfortable forms and structures in our lives fall away if those forms are not really supporting us to be true to our truest selves. Uranus wants you to be truly free, and it knows that the only way for you to be truly free is to be completely true to your Self. As such, Uranus is slightly more personal than Neptune and Pluto. Uranus tears down and forces changes in your life to move you in the direction of your True Self; Neptune and Pluto dissolve and destroy things around you to humble you and take you completely beyond yourself.

In the birth chart, Uranus's house placement is much more important than its sign, like the other outer planets. Its natal house (and planetary aspects) shows where one undergoes rapid, continual pressure to evolve into one's genius--where one must become totally free of past and social conditioning to express one's individuality utterly and ecstatically. It is also a place where we are not allowed to get complacent, comfortable, or attached. Uranus does not allow us to cling to any emotional teddy bears; it takes them away so that we will be independent and free. Where Uranus dwells, one might as well get used to change. It doesn't stop. However change can just mean constant evolving. A failure to heed Uranus, and evolve beyond one's conditioning, runs the risk of setting up a 'comfortable' situation that will one day suddenly and unexpectedly collapse, jolting us out of our unconscious laziness.

To get a more holistic sense of what Uranus is like, read everything about Aquarius/11th House in section one of the course/tutorial. Enter section one.

To study your Uranus, go through the first section of the tutorial (Using parts 1 & 2 of the Course/Tutorial Together) and consider the following things about the astrological letter naturally related to the house which your Uranus is in (see the diagram or the alphabet for help).
I recommend going through the list once:
1) Think about how this department of your life is characterized by uniqueness, constant change, and perhaps a high degree of development. Know that this is an area where a high degree of evolution must take place for you.
Optional: Fit the nature of the sign of your Uranus in with this understanding of Uranus's house for a bit of added flavor.
Begin here

Uranus Aspects
This section is for those who can determine which planets Uranus aspects in their charts. Your chart printout may have something called an aspectarian, which looks like a stairway of many boxes. By cross-referencing the planets on the aspectarian, you can read which aspects Uranus forms in your chart. If you don't know what the symbol of Uranus looks like, you can look on the diagram page. For more info on aspects, see the aspects page.

All the difficult aspects [square (90) and opposition (180) mainly, then the quincunx (150) and semi-square (45) have subtler, but still important meaning] to Uranus indicate, as a general rule, a difficulty with (or sometimes an exaggeration of) being weird and unconventionally ourselves, or resistance to (or sometimes an exaggeration of) being independent, unattached, and free of emotional neediness and complications. If we resist Uranus's urge for personal authenticity, we will eventually be forced to listen. The positive aspects [sextile (60), trine (120), and quintile (72)] tend to indicate a powerful streak of genius, individuality, independence, magnetism, and 'electrical power.' Conjunctions with Uranus should be considered in the light of the possibilities of the negative, as well as the positive, aspects.

Here is a very brief run-down of
difficult (trasformative) aspects involving Uranus (including conjunctions). This is only to provide a quick sketch and stimulate thought:

Uranus/Sun:  A desperate need to learn to powerfully express all of one's True Self. Self-suppression and settling for coziness in life will not work for very long.
Uranus/Moon: Usually a cold or broken home goes with this placement, and usually the person, as a child, learned to shut off their emotions. Learning how to feel one's feelings and/or be in the body becomes very important if the individual wants a meaningful, warm relationship.
Uranus/Mercury: The mind and nerves can be hyper, and stress periodically threatens a breakdown. There is a need to learn to be calm and relaxed.
Uranus/Venus: A fear of intimacy creates a pattern of short, or unstable, relationships. The person must learn to balance commitment and personal freedom in relationships and optimally find a way to do both at the same time.
Uranus/Mars: There is a very powerful energy and assertiveness present, but the person must learn self-control in relation to their anger and self-expression.
Uranus/Jupiter: Genius inventiveness is often present, but the luxury in one's life tends to change rapidly. One must learn to grow and enjoy things, and then let go and move on to something else. Change is a constant here--get used to it.
Uranus/Saturn: A general difficulty with Uranus is present. The person must learn not to restrict their freedom. But they must also integrate their freedom and unconventionality with the real world, and hopefully bridge the two. Ideal and reality, the walk and the talk, the rebel and the authority must be made one rather than different. Uranus's influence on Saturn creates constant pressure to evolve beyond one's Saturnian fears and insecurities.
Uranus/Chiron: Most people today have the two in opposition; younger generations do not. Indicates a need to grow rapidly beyond one's woundedness to bring forth one's unique talents and gifts for the healing of the planet.
Uranus/Neptune: Oscillation between independence/detachment/mind and co-dependence/addiction/emotion. Mind, emotion, and spirit must all co-exist peacefully. Self and Other must be balanced.
Uranus/Pluto: Dynamic pressure for the constant evolution of Self-expression from the depths of one's Being. Addictive tendencies and self-suppression (Pluto) are intensified and forced to be dealt with. Indicates ultimate power, if the person can evolve out of the lower self.