Astrology For The Soul Chiron-Pluto Superbowl, Pats and Cats
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Hello friends,

I really haven't been paying attention to the NFL this year (after my Falcons fell off the face of the league), but I figure the Superbowl is such a big deal in the US that it's worth talking about. Enjoy!

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Iowa Predictions from Last Week, Part I

From Astrologer Moses Siregar III
[This was written during the day of Sunday, February 1st, 2004, and emailed out a few hours before the start of the game]

Okay, Iím gonna try to go 3-for-3 on my recent predictions, and make a Super Bowl pick. Hereís the background. The New England Patriots are favored to beat the Carolina Panthers, with the oddsmakers giving the Panthers +7 points to make the odds equal. So the odds-makers consider the Patriots strong, but not overwhelming, favorites. On ESPN, 15 out of 21 experts (71.4%) are picking the Patriots.

Iím also picking the New England Patriots.

As I explained last week, I normally prefer to predict things to go against what is expected. After all, anyone can pick a favored team to a win a game; you donít need astrology for that. But I have to call it like Iím seeing it, while knowing that Iím certainly not always right. Last year I did really well with the NFL playoffs; I made 6 out of 7 correct picks during the playoffs, and then picked the Tampa Bay Bucs here on this newsletter. I didnít make those first seven picks publically, but you can ask Kelly Lee Phipps (a fellow astrologer) to vouch for me on those.

Picking the outcome of a team sport is a particularly risky business, however. First of all, to really look at all of the players on both sidelines and the coaches for football, you would be looking at at least a hundred charts. Add to this the fact that you almost never have birth times for any of those players, which means you are using ďnoonĒ as the birth time, and trying to estimate the effects of morning vs. night births, and have no idea about the playersís rising sign (and angles), houses, or dasaís. Itís really, really hard. But itís a really fun challenge.

I did some extensive tests of my ability to predict sports outcomes in major league baseball during the 2002 season. I found that it definitely gave me an edge, but that I was still wrong a lot. Iíll show you the results of what I did:

Over a period of a month or two, I chose starting pitchers (ahead of time, of course) that I thought would have either a good or bad day. I ended up predicting ďgoodĒ days for individual starting pitchers 49 times and ďbadĒ days for starting pitchers 34 times. I also went out of my way to predict bad games for very good pitchers and good games for not particularly good pitchers, to make the test harder and more challenging. Here were the results:

ĒGoodĒ day predictions averaged: 6.31 Innings Pitched and 3.06 Runs Allowed (4.36 ERA)
ĒBadĒ day predictions averaged: 5.32 Innings Pitched and 3.5 Runs Allowed (5.92 ERA)

The median numbers were even more in my favor.

My good picks averaged what is called in baseball a ďquality start,Ē which is pitching at least six innings and giving up three runs or less. My average ďgoodĒ pick got one batter out in the 7th inning and gave up three runs; not outstanding, but certainly good. My bad picks averaged not making it through the sixth inning, and giving up 3.5 runs; not terrible, but not particularly good.

This showed me that astrology gives you an edge when it comes to sports predictions, but that it doesnít tell you everything. Even the best predicting sports astrologer (and I am not one of those) is not right all the time.

Here is my breakdown of some of the reasons for my Super Bowl pick:

Many astrologers will probably be picking the Carolina Panthers, because of the Sun-Neptune conjunction applying during the game. This is an aspect that tends to favor the underdogs (the Panthers in this case). One could argue that the Mercury-Chiron trine is another that will favor the underdog. But Iím picking the favored team, the New England Patriots. Iím making my pick based on individual transits to the major players or figures, at least twelve for each team. Perhaps the Patriots can win with this transiting Sun-Neptune conjunction because the Patriots are such a national symbol; Sun and Neptune conjunct in Aquarius may be able to work for the Patriots, because they are a kind of symbol of emotional national unity, i.e. ďGo USA!Ē Also, the Patriots, because they are from Boston (think of the long-suffering Red Sox) are almost eternal underdogs.

The main reason for the prediction is that the Carolina Panthers have an insane number of Chiron and Pluto transits. Allow me to illustrate:

Coach Fox: Chiron opposite Jupiter, Pluto quincunx Jupiter
Quarterback Delhomme: Chiron semi-sextile Mars, Pluto conjunct Mars
Running Back Foster: Chiron square Pluto
Sack Leader Rucker: Chiron square Chiron, Pluto trine Chiron
Wide Receiver Smith: Chiron trine Sun
Wide Receiver Muhammad: Chiron trine Venus
Wide Receiver Proehl: Chiron trine Pluto, Pluto square Pluto
Kicker Kasay: Chiron square Mercury
Return man Smart: Chiron trine Jupiter, Pluto quincunx Jupiter

Now Iím sure some of you are thinking that all of these Chiron transits could favor these underdogs. Maybe, but I really doubt it based on things that I have seen in the past. Chiron transits are usually terrible for success in sporting events, with the exception of positive Chiron-Mars transits (which at least two Patriot players have today, Antowain Smith and Ty Law). So based on my empirical experience, I have to say that I donít think these Chiron transits will help the Carolina Panthers become Cinderella story underdog winner. But if I am wrong, youíll see the reason why I was wrong, and Iíll have to go back to the drawing board in terms of understanding Chiron transits for sporting events; it would turn everything Iíve learned about them in the past upside-down.

With so much Chiron happening for the Panthers, Iíd tend to think that they either lose in heart-breaking, nail-biting, oh-so-close fashion (maybe a last minute play or bad call by the officials), or perhaps just by getting really, terribly blown out.

Iím left wondering how Carolina is going to score. Their receivers, running backs, and return men donít seem too favored. Proehl doesn't look so hot. Their best bets may be Wide Receivers Steve Smith and Muhsin Muhammad, though. I think Running Back DeShaun Foster is another good possibility; he has a wild mix of transits that makes him one of my ďwild cardsĒ for the game. In other words, I have no clue what he's going to do, but I think it could be very significant for better or for worse.

Another guy I have my eye on from the Patriots is Adam Vinatieri. Vinatieri is famous for his last-second, 48-yard kick that won the SuperBowl two years ago for the New England Patriots over the St. Louis Rams. I think Vinatieri is likely to play a key role again, but Iím not sure if it would be positive or negative for his team. He has a complex mix of very powerful transits, some outstanding, and some terrible. Heís one of my ďwild cardsĒ for this game. Iím just not sure if heís likely to end up the hero or the goat, but I think thereís a great chance heíll play a big role and quite possibly end up as one or the other.

In the end, New England Patriotsí quarterback Tom Brady will have the Moon applying to conjunct his Moon all night long night. That seems to show that he could be a guy the media will be talking about all night long after the game. New England's Running Backs look pretty good, and return man Bethel Johnson does as well. One of his main wide receivers, David Givens, doesnít seem too favored by the planets today, so Iím guessing Brady will be connecting better with some of his other guys.

My own personal transits arenít so hot today, so Iím prepared to be wrong. But the Patriots are my story, and Iím sticking to it. Until Iím wrong, that is :D

And hey, if the Patriots win, I'll be sure to say what a great omen this is for New Englander John Kerry. If they lose, I'll of course say that it's completely irrelevant to believe in any such silly superstition ;)

Thanks again for reading this newsletter!


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