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The Astrological Karma of the USA by Steffan Vanel

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Steffan Vanel:

Thoughts after the
2004 US Election

Steffan Vanel Archive:

December 12th, 2004: Thoughts after the 2004 US Election

September 9th, 2004: George W. Bush and Religion

August, 2004: George W. Bush as President

July 17th, 2004: George W. Bush's Relationship with His Parents

June 8th, 2004: George W. Bush's Saturn and Neptune

May 3rd, 2004: George W. Bush's Cancer Sun Square Libra Moon

April 11th, 2004: The Astrological Karma of George W. Bush

March 1st, 2004: The Fog of War

February 4th, 2004: Conspiracy Theories and the Problem of Evil

January 5th, 2004: Tarot Reading for the World - New Year of 2004

November 30th, 2003: Year End Eulogy

November 8th, 2003: A Tarot Reading for the US in Iraq

October 14th, 2003: George W. Bush's Leo Ascendant

September 1st, 2003: The US-Canadian Blackout: Mars and Uranus in the USA Chart

August 1st, 2003: Grand Cross in the USA Chart: A Pluto, Mars, and Neptune Wrap-Up

July 1st, 2003: Mars Turning Up the Heat?

June 1, 2003: Upcoming Intensity in the USA Chart?

May 1, 2003: Pluto and the Self-Image of the U.S.A.