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Moses Siregar III

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Astrologer, Author, Flower Essence Therapist, “Alchemist”
Address: 5627 Mountain View / Prescott, AZ 86305
Phone: (928) 541-0112 or Toll Free: 1-86-MORE-JOYFUL

Copyright 2000-2003. All Rights Reserved

Credentials & Background

”A second generation astrologer, Moses started early in becoming grounded in many different astrological techniques, including both western and eastern astrology. He took his time to study the ancients and the innovators, thus becoming quite innovative himself. His ideas, expressed in his lectures and writings, are cutting edge. If we are lucky we will have Moses’ wisdom for years to come. This young man has talent and skills and he offers a glimpse into a bright future for astrology."

—James Coleman, Professional Astrologer for 20 years and in-demand lecturer

Moses Siregar III has been a practicing astrologer (mainly full time) for nearly a decade. He began studying in-depth through the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society, and over the years has spoken before this group as a featured speaker and workshop facilitator. At the University of Georgia, he founded a remarkably successful student organization that promoted higher consciousness, and published a magazine called The Catalyst. The Catalyst had an eventual circulation of 13,000 copies and actively promoted the value of astrology, among other conscious alternatives; he also wrote a weekly (but non Sun Sign) column for the magazine, Slam. While living on Maui, Moses founded the Maui Astrological Society and served as its first President. He ran in the 2002 election for a steering committee position with AFAN, but ended up as the runner up, behind by two votes.

Moses has taught five full years of astrological classes or workshops while living in Athens, GA, Boulder, CO, Durango, CO, and Maui, HI. In the fall of 2003 he will begin offering teleconferencing classes on his advanced system of relocational astrology. He has been published in multiple international journals, including The Mountain Astrologer (Oct/Nov 2001), and wrote a feature article on the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster for He attended and spoke (free speeches) at the last two UAC conferences, and is on the official faculty for the ISAR 2003 Conference.

His website, offers, for almost three years now, one of the largest and most creative astrology courses on the internet. Redesigned in April of 2003, his site now features regular columns from about a dozen respected, professional astrologers, and the site currently receives over 30,000 visits a month (as of August 2003), with traffic growing considerably every month. His email newsletter currently has over 2,100 voluntary subscribers, and has been remarkably well received.

Moses’s first book on The Heart and Soul of Astrology should be available in June of 2004, and his broadcast-quality video on The Heart and Soul of Astrology should be available in November of 2003. He hopes to see this professional quality, one-hour show on various satellite or television networks. His first series of instructional tapes on astrology will be available in October of 2003.

In 2004, Moses will be speaking to astrological organizations in Phoenix, San Diego, LA, and San Francisco. Other potential locations in planning are Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Milwaukee, and Atlanta.

Moses is also a devoted flower essence practitioner and has created his own line of flower essences (similar to the Bach remedies), called Grace Flower Essences. The Grace flower essence site is He finds this knowledge allows him to offer his astrological clients and students much more in the way of direct, alchemical transformation.

Moses is also a knowledgeable Vedic astrologer, though his emphasis and greater expertise is with Western astrology. He feels that his knowledge of Vedic astrology allows him to be a more accurate astrologer, and to offer valuable insights to his students which come from his usage of these two powerful traditions. Moses has also researched and discovered what he feels is perhaps the world’s most profound and accurate approach to locational astrology.

As a speaker/astrologer, Moses has been told that he combines a number of qualities:

A warm, positive, and engaging style
An unusually holistic approach
An extremely innovative yet practical mind
A strong spiritual approach (and background)
An emphasis on well-researched, specific, and refreshingly original insights
A deep knowledge of Vedic astrology

”Astrology is truly seeing a renaissance, in this new generation of truly gifted and adept young people, who are, to all of our benefits, applying their wise and intuitive talents to the art of astrological interpretation.

Moses’ work is thought provoking and original, fresh and nothing short of revolutionary. As an astrologer who has been around for a very long time, I can honestly say that the work of this young man represents the exciting realization that the New order is already here. Feast your eyes, enjoy and take it all in. The work of this young astrologer is very, very important.”

—Stephanie Azaria, NYC NCGR Conference Organizer,

Public Talks 2003-2004

(up to one and a half hours in length)

The following talks are listed in no particular order.

The Soul of Astrology

We astrology lovers often lose sight of the bigger spiritual picture in favor of minutiae, trivial technique, and mental excess. What would our astrology look like if our spiritual principles and most positive messages were at the front and center of our approach? If we didn’t put the cart before the horse and the chart before the heart? Moses’s working philosophy is based on the wish for greater love and abundance for all. “The Five Secrets” taken from his book on The Heart and Soul of Astrology provide an astrological basis for an inspirational message aiming at abundance, love, self-awareness, psychological health, and spiritual progress.

This talk is one that helps to put the heart and soul back into our path as astrology students and devotees. It is also an outstanding inspirational talk for beginners. It makes connections between universal spiritual/transformational teachings and the basic symbolism underlying astrology. It is most appropriate for groups that are willing to think outside the lines of squares and trines for a moment, and connect with the deeper soul of the sacred symbolism of astrology.

Alchemy in Astrology: The Transition Between the 6th and 7th Houses

The most interesting and powerful zone of the astrological chart which is the least recognized for its unusual power is the transition between the 6th and 7th houses. Of all the locations in the chart that offer a real opportunity for growth, which can either be squandered or fully utilized, this area seems to offer the greatest potential. Yet little is heard, and little seems to be widely understood, about this uniquely potent passage. Both in terms of personal healing and in terms of the transformation of relationship dynamics, the transition between the 6th and 7th houses offers a difficult, but profoundly alchemical opening. If we understand how and why this works the way it does, our astrology becomes a much greater force for evolution and awakening.

This talk explains a great deal about why the 6th house is probably one of the two most misunderstood astrological houses (the 2nd house being the other). It’s not just work, health, and service. The fundamentally difficult, but transformational nature of the 6th house is explained in an empowering way that will help any astrologer or astrological student to work more intimately with the chart in a way that is both deep and uplifting. Understanding the transition from the 6th to the 7th house is essential for astrologers concerned with personal growth and awakening.

Fallen From Grace? The Defamed but Essential Notion of Fallen and Exalted Planets

The notion of fallen and exalted placements has been an essential component of astrology since ancient times. Hellenistic, Vedic, and Medieval astrology all consider a planet in its fallen or exalted position to be a very significant matter. With the modern wave of astrology that sought to eliminate all vestiges of disempowering, fatalistic astrology, the notion of fallen and exalted placements has been, at least partially, swept under the rug. This is unfortunate, because there is a very positive way to understand all of these very revealing placements.

This talk puts forth the idea that it is as essential as ever to look very carefully at fallen and exalted planets, but from a more evolved and modern perspective which does not simply make fallen bad and exalted good. The unique story of each of the lights and planets (out to Saturn) will be discussed in each of their respective exalted and fallen placements, providing a much richer understanding of what is still one the most important elements of astrology.

Liberation From Duality: Freedom Within and Joyful Relationships

This talk applies one of the most powerful fundamentals of Jungian psychology to astrology in a way that is transformationally potent, but simple and easy to work with. Difficult placements and aspect patterns within the birth chart reveal the ways in which we are internally divided against ourselves; that is, until we become aware enough of these issues to work on integrating all of the opposing forces within us peacefully. When we can do this our intimate relationships become increasingly positive, freeing up the psyche to create more wonderful and creative potentials in our lives.

This talk provides some of the greatest of all astrological keys to manifesting more wonderful relationships. It is instructional in nature, both astrologically and psychologically, and provides simple enough material that it is fitting for both novice and advanced students. This is my primary talk on the subject of relationships.

The Essential, but Misunderstood Aspects: Quincunxes, Septiles, and Noviles

The quincunx is quite possibly the most important aspect of them all, yet it is tremendously misunderstood. Learn why use of the name “inconjunct” to describe the quincunx is perhaps the most ironic and inaccurate term we could possibly use for the 150 degree aspect. Noviles are sometimes derided for their importance, yet this aspect is fundamental to the all-important ninth harmonic, and the seventh harmonic is a very real aspect as well. Examples will be provided to illustrate these aspects and how they can revolutionize our astrology for the better.

This practical talk provides insight into some very important, fundamental elements of astrology. Some interesting elements of Magi (Society) astrology are woven into this talk.

The Crucial Roles of Stationary and Retrograde Planets

The fist thing I remind myself to do when studying a chart is to look at which planets are stationary in that chart. Missing out on this important dimension of a chart can lead to making terrible errors in analysis, but correctly viewing these planets can lend a much more accurate, and much more positive view of the birth chart. Retrograde planets also play an interesting role for the affairs of any birth chart.

This is a practical talk for those who study or work with natal and electional charts. Because most computer-generated charts will not reveal stationary planets, it is particularly important to emphasize their importance and usage.

The Actual Reality of Combust Planets: What’s it All About?

Planets that are conjunct the Sun have long been called “combust.” What exactly, if anything, does it signify when a planet is combust? Direct research and experience will show some elements of the traditional combustion theory that hold true, and some which do not, both in Western astrology, and in Vedic astrology.

This is a talk that looks directly and honestly at an ancient term and theory in the hopes of finding out what about the notion of combustion really holds up as true.

The Astrology of Compassion and the Problem of Astrological Prejudice

Oddly enough, in our Aquarian astrological culture, prejudice runs rampant. In this world, are all men and women looked upon equally regardless of their race? Unfortunately no. In this astrological world, are all men and women looked upon equally regardless of their Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign? Certainly not. Tell most astrology buffs your sign and instantly they begin to see you differently than they would if you had told them a different sign. If our astrology is to be a force for love and compassion, we have to look deeply and honestly at our ourselves and at our astrological culture and examine where our astrological prejudices lie. When we judge people first by their charts rather than their own selves, we are not so different than other forms of prejudice such as racism and sexism.

This talk is an extremely important one for the astrological community to consider. Once we become aware of the presence of prejudice within ourselves, we will automatically begin to change these unconscious, negative habits. We can also then begin to talk about them, and make them obsolete.

Workshops 2003-2004

(approximately four hours in length)

Generally, any of the following workshops can be made into a combination of a one-hour talk for a public meeting with a workshop to follow on a different date. These workshops are listed in no particular order.

West Greets East: Synthesizing Western and Eastern Understandings of the Twelve Houses and the Moon’s Nodes

Like twins separated at birth, Western and Vedic/Eastern astrology share an amazing amount in common. Yet there are some differences between the two systems, and this is fascinating because these two systems are looking at essentially (though not totally) the same twelve houses, signs and planets. Vedic astrology does not typically use the outer planets, however Vedic astrology does have a rich tradition around the Moon’s Nodes (which they call Rahu and Ketu) that allows the nodes to fill a similar function that the outer planets do for Western astrology.

This workshop provides information from each half of the world that fills in the holes of the other. What does the East have to teach the West about each of the twelve houses, and vice versa? What does the East have to teach the West about the moon’s nodes and vice versa? Let’s bring the twins back together! They’ve got a lot to teach each other.

Integrating Multiple House Systems

One of the potential dangers of studying astrology is getting stuck in a rigid self-concept that comes from identifying ourselves too much with our “birth chart.” We speak of the birth chart as if it actually is just one thing. Yet talk to ten different astrologers and they may show you ten different versions of your supposed one and only birth chart. In fact, there are multiple versions of anyone’s birth chart, and more than one are real and perfectly accurate. When we learn how to work with even just two major, but different, house systems, we can not only become more accurate astrologers, but also become more relaxed and open in our views of who we fundamentally are.

This workshop discusses a fundamental issue underlying the study or practice of astrology, but also gives specific instructional help about the nature of different house systems and how to work with more than one house system in a way that enhances our understanding of astrology. The nature and benefits of different house systems are discussed.

Getting Specific: Differentiating Within the Houses

(potentially expandable to a one or two day, eight hour workshop)

One single house can indicate so many different things. For example, the fifth house simultaneously shows matters related to: children, success with creativity, leadership, luck/good karma, recreation, fathers, and sports and games (and that’s just in Western astrology). How can we differentiate these myriad fifth house matters from just one birth chart? That is the subject of this workshop.

This workshop outlines an extensively detailed approach to Western astrology that will please those who want more precision and substance from this modern tradition. It provides important handouts to help one understand what each planet in Western astrology is a significator of, and which planetary significators apply to any given house. It also explains the essential, but rarely considered, interdependencies between houses for their various significations. A system of aspects for evaluating these matters is also outlined with specific rules for usage. All of this is essential astrological knowledge.

Transits 401: Advanced Transit Studies

We look to astrological transits because they are so powerful. How amazing would it be to gain twice as much information from every single transit that we look at? That is what this workshop will help you to do. Using planetary charts, we can vastly expand our understanding of what transiting trines, conjunctions, quincunxes, and oppositions really are, and we can understand why there are two radically different kinds of transiting squares. Also by understanding the simple and essential nature of house midpoints in planetary charts, we can gain knowledge of many essential transits that go unnoticed by 99% of astrologers; when we do this nearly every transiting planetary station becomes a highly significant event—which is in fact what it really is.

This workshop provides extremely practical and substantial techniques for astrologers to begin to experiment and work with. The goal is to expand our awareness of transiting planets from a simple, one-dimensional level to a more complete multi-dimensional understanding. This can only make us better astrologers and more knowledgeable students.

Advanced Locational Astrology / Astro-Cartography

(at least $99 required per attendee)

Many astrologers have realized that looking at relocated charts is superior to looking at simple astro-cartography linemaps. But even once we make the shift to looking at relocated charts, there is still much to learn. I have come to discover a large number of essential principles that make the study of locational astrology much more accurate and advanced. These insights are, so far as I know, unique. What I offer in this workshop is knowledge of a specific system of locational astrology that is probably more accurate than any other available today.

Because the insights of this workshop are so incredibly valuable, a set price of at least $99 per workshop attendee is required.

The Astrologer’s Palette: The Twelve-Letter Astrological Alphabet

Astrologers love to get increasingly sophisticated in their approach. Yet everything that occurs in astrology is a combination of twelve fundamental archetypal principles. We can think of these as the only twelve colors on the astrologer’s palette. To paint (describe) astrological masterpieces, we must have a thoroughly deep understanding of these twelve principles. This very fun workshop aims to give a much deeper intimacy with these twelve letters of the astrological alphabet both in an intimately personal sense, and in a universal sense, through numerous handouts and exercises aimed at self-discovery through the basic, but infinitely deep, principles of astrology.

This workshop is ideal for beginning students of astrology, but is so creative and unique in its format that more experienced astrologers will enjoy it as well.

Introduction to Working with Flower Essences

Flower essences, which are entirely different from essential oils and aromatherapy, are a subtle, but powerful form of vibrational healing. Flower essence practitioners find that nearly any mental, emotional, or spiritual condition can be improved dramatically through the disciplined use of flower essences. This approach has been made popular by the Bach Flower Remedies from England, particularly Bach’s “Rescue Remedy” formula which so many have found helpful for bringing a person back to a mental and emotional state of balance in the middle of a crisis situation. Moses has worked in-depth with over three hundred flower essences with clients for about five years. Astrologers may find that flower essences give them a direct, real way to empower their clients to improve even the most difficult of their psychological or spiritual challenges, or to help enhance their clients’ greatest potentials.

This workshop provides a highly interactive, practical introduction to the use of flower essences, including—but not limited to—the Bach Flower Remedies. Individual questions will be answered, and will help direct the flow of the workshop.