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Self-Esteem Flower Essence Program

from Moses Siregar III's
Grace Flower Essences

Long-Term Program
For Building and Restoring
The Soul's Birthright
of Strong Self-Esteem

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Some Flower Essence Testimonials

Grace Flower Essence’s
Eight-Formula Self-Esteem Program

Amazed ...

"I have only been on Self-Forgiveness formula for 3 weeks and I am amazed at how differently I feel. The last numbers of years have been most difficult ... I am feeling much more peace at this time. Thank you for this process.

I am having such success with Self-Forgiveness ... Thank you and many blessings."

Judy Dudiak - Santa Barbara, CA
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What are Flower Essences?

The Value of The Self-Esteem Program with Flower Essences

What do the Eight Formulas Do?

How Long Would I Work with this Program?

What You Will Get with This Program

Additional Benefits to You

Wonderful ...

"Hi Moses,

I have been taking the first of the Self Esteem flower essence ... The first formula worked wonderfully, and I am eager to start the second."


Read More Flower Essence Testimonials

What are flower essences?

Flower essences are amazing. They are not based on scent. They are not aromatherapy. They are not essential oils. You may have heard of the Bach Flower Remedies or Rescue Remedy (from Bach Flower Remedies)? The Bach Flower Remedies, coming out of Dr. Edward Bach's work in England in the 1930's, familiarized the modern world with the science of flower remedies, and sparked a huge and constantly expanding interest in the amazing healing and awakening power of flower essences.

After exploring all of the possible avenues to health and well-being that I possibly can in this life, I have found that flower essences are my very favorite healing modality because they are so easy to work with, so incredibly powerful, and yet also so gentle. All it takes to reap their tremendous benefits is a little patience: a willingness to put some liquid drops under one’s tongue at least once a day for a number of weeks or months. I have found the reward for doing this to be truly priceless.

No matter what I say about flower essences, because they are so unique, no words will be able to convey what one experience would convey. I was skeptical the first time I tried flower essences, but my skepticism quickly evaporated. I was amazed at the ease with which I made drastic and positive changes in various mental/emotional/spiritual realms.

So much of what once seemed true no longer is. There are fantastic new possibilities for life on planet Earth. We just have to be willing to let our old beliefs and limitations go. Flower essences are a perfect example of a living, new paradigm. Flower essences operate under vastly different 'rules' than the rules that a materialistic age is used to.

Homeopathy is a good example of this paradigm shift. In homeopathy, the tiniest, most diluted amount of a substance is used to heal. Homeopathy, like flower essences, takes advantage of an advanced principle: Less is More.

While flower essences do not specifically work by being extremely diluted (as homeopathy does), they do rely on very subtle essences (this essence is usually obtained by placing a flower in pure water, and allowing them to be in sunlight--other things can also be done to insure the highest vibrational purity). To me, flower essences work with the soul or spiritual power of nature to heal the soul or spiritual dimension of humanity. Although this effect is on our subtle, rather than our dense, bodies, the effects on our inner self translate to a holistic shift that effects all aspects of our lives.

Again, these words will probably not mean much to you if you have never worked directly with a flower essence. When it comes to flower essences, one personal experience will explain how they work much more than a thousand words.

The Value of The Self-Esteem Program with Flower Essences

I feel that the creation of this program is a pinnacle of my life’s work. I am motivated by very Buddhist ideals in life, and so personally achieving, and helping others to achieve, a kind of down-to-earth enlightenment of greater love and abundance is one of my greatest life goals. But the fulfillment of both love and abundance depends on healing one’s self-esteem from the inadequacies of the cultures and backgrounds that we grow up in. Self-esteem is the foundation of so many good things in life. But how does one get something as fundamental as self-esteem if his or her life background has inhibited it?

I can speak of one thing that has helped me and so many others to balance various mental/emotional/spiritual qualities, something that appears to heal and transform at a very deep and effective, yet gentle, level. When seeking to have a substantial and sustainable growth happen at a fundamental level of consciousness, there are only so many tools that can facilitate this. Based on my own personal experience, I feel that flower essences are the greatest modality available to us to promote growth, healing, balancing, and opening on mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Working with flower essences has been one of the most fortunate things that has ever happened to me. One of the hardest things for me about working with flower essences is that so few others know what they are capable of doing. It feels like standing on a street corner trying to give away a bag full of gold, but almost everyone that walks by doesn’t seem to be interested.

Then there are the people who do know about the (in my opinion, almost miraculous) value of flower essences, but who don’t take full advantage of the opportunity of flower essences. These are the people who work with them occasionally. I am always very happy to meet people like this, but I always know that they could go so much further.

I have personally been taking various essences, almost non-stop, for about six years straight. I frequently change the formulas that I work with, but by working with different flower essences long-term, they seem to continue to build on each other and create more and more amazing results. So in creating this program, I feel I have brought my greatest ideals for humanity into a very practical and concrete form that can really help individuals to very positively revolutionize their lives.

I feel this self-esteem program puts a lot of amazing things together. I am very happy to have created a flower essence program that follows a long-term schedule, because I know this is the way to get the greatest results from them. I cannot convey enough how important it is to work with flower essences for months or years rather than just days or weeks for the best and most deep-seated results. So I feel the first benefit of this program is that the suggested length of time to work with it encourages the most thorough results.

Another benefit of this program is that the essences have been very carefully chosen from all around the world, to create the best overall effect, when taken together in a certain sequence. I have had a remarkable passion for working with flower essences since 1998, and because of this I have developed an intimate knowledge of over 300 essences originating from England to Peru to California to Hawaii, and created many hundreds of formulas for my clients. I feel that this self-esteem program fully reaps the fruits of my passionate research and practice.

I tend to get very passionate about the things that I find help people the most and make the most positive differences in others’ lives. So astrology and flower essences have become my passions, and because I’ve seen how much good they have done for me and for so many others, I want to share them with everyone who is interested in what they can do. I hope that this self-esteem program will benefit you amazingly in your life and your evolution towards spiritual wholeness, happiness, and understanding.

What do the eight formulas do?

This program contains eight flower essence combination formulas, with each formula containing 3-to-4 individual flower essences. These formulas have been carefully created to be taken according to a certain, but flexible schedule in order to help facilitate the deepest and most wonderful transformation possible. The names of the formulas are:

  • Self-Forgiveness Formula
  • Esteem-Builder Formula
  • Confidence Formula
  • Success Formula
  • Social Self-Esteem Formula
  • Childhood Self-Esteem Formula
  • Balanced Strength Formula
  • Radical Transformation Formula

The Two Core Formulas:
The following two formulas are strongly suggested to be taken before any of the others.

Self-Forgiveness Formula (this is the first formula that I suggest taking in the program, for 1-4 months). Qualities: Loosening up tight mental/emotional states such as self-criticism, guilt, and being too hard on oneself. Releasing judgement and opening the heart.

Esteem-Builder Formula (this is the second formula that I suggest taking in the program, for 2-3 months). Qualities: Self-esteem and worthiness. Love of self and love of one’s body.

The Five Specialty Formulas:
The next five formulas can be taken in any order that you feel is appropriate. However, it is suggested that you work with at least four of these five essence formulas before moving on to the final formula, further below. Again, you can take the following five formulas in whatever order makes the most sense for you personally (in whatever order you feel most attracted to).

Confidence Formula (suggested length of use: 1-4 months). Qualities: Personal power, self-expression, belief in self, assertiveness with convictions, spontaneity.

Success Formula (suggested length of use: 1-4 months). Qualities: Career and financial success. Persistence, energy, and forward movement. Alignment with soul’s purpose in work, and fulfillment of one’s power and potential.

Social Self-Esteem Formula (suggested length of use: 1-4 months). Qualities: Easing social fears and paranoia. Warm and friendliness. Expectation of goodwill from others. Trustfulness. Cooperative, harmonious relationships.

Childhood Self-Esteem Formula (suggested length of use: 1-4 months). Qualities: Healing childhood issues with Mother or Father. Restoring childlike innocence and positive childhood memories. Feeling loved and supported.

Balanced Strength Formula (suggested length of use: 1-4 months). Qualities: Ability to say “no.” Setting fair limits and boundaries that include realistic personal needs. Balancing power and nurturing. Courage.

The Final Formula
: The final formula is likely to be the most transformational formula, and is suggested to be taken last, for an indefinite period of time. This is the most powerful formula in the program, so it is important to take it last in the series. The first seven essences will help to "loosen you up" for the deeper transformation of this formula. Note: this one is not for beginners!

Radical Transformation Formula (this is the final formula that I suggest taking in the program, from at least one month to an indefinite period of time). Qualities: Loosening of deepest-seated impediments to one’s happiness. Transformation and liberation of deep karmic influences. Deepest self-love. Note: this formula contains starlight elixirs, and so should only be opened in dim lighting.

How long would I work with this program?

The entire program, as recommended, can take anywhere from eight months to two years or more. The length of time suggested for each formula is discussed above. The longer you work with any given formula, the deeper and more profound the effect of the whole program will be. Here is a summary of the suggested program, in chronological order:

First Phase: Self-Forgiveness Formula [1-4 months]

Second Phase: Esteem-Builder Formula [1-3 months]

Third Phase: Phase three gives you a number of choices. There are five specialty formulas in this phase, and it is suggested that you take these essences in the order that you are most drawn to take them in. It is recommended that you work with at least four of these five formulas (for 1 - 4 months each) before moving on to the final formula, below. The formulas that you feel you need the most are the ones that you should take for the longest length of time. The five formulas in this phase are called: Confidence, Success, Social Self-Esteem, Childhood Self-Esteem, and Balanced Strength. [4-20 months]

Fourth Phase: Radical Transformation Formula [1 or more months]

Fifth Phase: After the fourth phase, if one would like to continue further with this program, it is recommended that one chooses from out of all of the eight previous formulas, and continues working one-at-a-time with whichever formulas one feels would be most helpful (for at least one month for each).

Total Length of the Program:
From 7 months to 2 or more years

What You Will Get with This Program

You will receive eight different flower essence formulas (described above), in either a vodka or apple cider vinegar base, in 1/2 ounce, blue cobalt glass dropper bottles. You will also received detailed instructions on how to take these essences, and in which order to take them. At any time that you have questions, you can contact me through my toll free number or email address, listed at the top and bottom of this page.

Additional Benefits to You

  • Once you purchase this program, you will be able to fully share it with people who are close with you, including family members and children.
  • The essences that have gone into this program cost over $300 when purchased individually, but are offered here for much less. A great deal of experience and care has gone into the planning of these formulas.
  • These formulas will literally last an indefinite amount of time, and you will have them available to you for as many years as you wish to use them. Flower essences need never "run out" if you know how to refill them. The instructions will explain this. Since our issues come and go in cycles, you will always be prepared to deal with various self-esteem issues when you own these eight individual formulas.
  • The long-term nature of the program encourages you to get the greatest, deepest, and most permanent benefits possible from the flower essences.
  • The work of planning the essences is done for you, with very special essences from all over the world going into each formula.
  • I will be available to you throughout this program, by phone or email, if you ever have any questions.

I will always be happy to fully refund the cost if you are not satisfied with this program for any reason, no questions asked. I would be glad just knowing that you worked with it, because I know that it will give you something valuable on at least some level.

Greatest blessings to you,

Moses Siregar III
PO Box 421
Prescott, AZ 86302
Toll Free: 1-86-MORE-JOYFUL (1-866-673-5693)

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