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          Interpreting Saturn
        Copyright 1998-Today Moses Siregar III

Ask yourself this question: what is the most blissful experience (or two or three experiences) that you have ever had? Answer that question now. Then read on. Michael Lutin pointed out in one of his lectures at the United Astrology Congress in Atlanta in 1998 that if you ask someone that question, they will usually talk about their Saturn. The reason why this question addresses Saturn is because when we experience a fulfillment of our Saturn, we are fulfilling something that has always been so vital to us, but has always been so blocked or denied. To have a positive experience in a department related to our Saturn is such deep bliss because we have always deeply yearned for this experience. These moments are among the sweetest life will ever offer us, and they are so beautiful precisely because of our difficulties in these areas. The greater the difficulty, the sweeter the bliss.

Liz Greene, in her book
Saturn, proposes that the "big four" in astrology are the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and Saturn. I think this is a very important statement because it points out the personal importance of Saturn, which is not often recognized. One's natal Saturn sign is a major part of one's personality, although it often shows more of the negative aspects of that sign, or some inner difficulty with that sign.

This is my basic explanation of Saturn: Saturn shows a very real and authentic part of oneself that is initially blocked or inhibited in some way. Through a lifetime of dedicated honesty with oneself, one can turn his/her Saturn (which might initially be the most difficult aspect of oneself) into one's greatest strength.

Liz Greene, also a Jungian analyst, explains that Saturn indicates some of the fundamental aspects of one's
shadow--the less developed aspects of oneself that one usually tries to conceal from others, and often from oneself. Saturn is a place where we are fundamentally insecure and fearful. One usually over-compensates for one's Saturn by either overdoing its attributes in an attempt to feel okay in that area or attempting to deny the importance of its needs, often repressing them through some philosophical justification. Of course it is also possible to oscillate between these two approaches, alternating over-compensation with repression. We tend to experience a tremendous ambivalence towards our Saturn: (1) we need and want what it represents desperately, and yet (2) we are completely afraid of it, and often unconsciously keep it away or sabotage it when we have it. Saturn is very much a personal placement, but involves such complicated unconscious motivations, that it takes very deep self-knowledge to really understand what one's Saturn is about. It then requires very committed patience and self-honesty to really bring one's Saturnian shadow into the light.

To get a more holistic sense of what Saturn is like, read everything about Capricorn/10th House in section one of the course/tutorial. Enter section one.

To study your Saturn, go through the first section of the tutorial (Using parts 1 & 2 of the Course/Tutorial Together) and consider the following things about your Saturn sign (or the astrological letter corresponding to that sign), and the sign naturally related to the house which your Saturn is in (see the alphabet for help).
I recommend going through the list twice:
1) On the first reading, think about how you have some of the negative qualities of  these  signs, and/or how you are insecure with or have difficulty with these aspects of yourself.
2) On the second reading, think about how you both crave and fear these things, and how, after much time and dedication to these qualities and areas, you could have a tremendous strength and depth in these areas, and about how deeply fulfilling that would be.
Begin here

When Saturn transits in conjunction, square, or opposition to natal Saturn or the natal Sun (of course, there can be other times, too), we tend to go through difficult experiences that teach us quite a lot. These are intense and powerful times. Saturn forms these major aspects to itself
roughly around 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, and so forth. (roughly every seven years). Saturn forms major aspects to the Sun about every seven years as well, but the ages at which these transits take place vary for each individual.