Advanced Relocational Astrocartography: The  Foundation Course
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Advanced Relocational
The Foundation Course

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Moses Siregar III

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My astrological work specializes considerably in relocational astrocartography. This is the astrological science of studying how one’s life radically changes depending on where one is on the Earth. I’m sure you can imagine the incredible benefits of this knowledge. Getting helpful direction as to which places may be best to live in, to have good relationships in, to have financial success in, or just to travel to, can be invaluable information. I consider this perhaps the most exciting and extraordinary application of astrology, because it is the main thing one can do to essentially change one’s chart, and therefore one’s life. This class is appropriate for anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of the astrological planets, signs, houses, and aspects. I have done so many locational astrology readings, and my clients have told me so consistently that I have been so accurate, that I have come to realize that I need to teach and share my unique methods with others.

Most people who specialize in locational astrology have realized that there is far more to astro-location than simple linemaps (where a geographical map shows you what planetary lines run through any given place); most locational specialists use the entire relocated chart. I would say that linemaps are only about 5-10% of what I do with locational astrology, so that I feel my approach is considerably more useful, detailed, and accurate than the most common methods.

I have studied the perspectives of many experts in locational astrology, both Western and Vedic, and done a great deal of my own independent research, in order to put together the best and most complete astro-locality system possible. My system of astrocartography does involve the entire relocated chart, as many other specialists already do, but my approach then goes many steps further without making things too complicated. There are a number of specific, powerful guidelines that I have discovered which are unique and more accurate than anything else I have come across. One of the best things about my approach to relocational astrocartography is that it is relatively simple and easy to learn, though ultimately mastering it still depends on knowledge of many elements of astrology. I am excited about sharing this material with you in this six-week class, because you will know how to do locational astrology on a foundational level by the time we are done.

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