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Zodiac Signs:
Your Relationship With Each Zodiac Sign
Exercise 1

This page has a list of positive statements that each of the zodiac signs would make (blue statements), and some that that each zodiac sign is learning to make (purple statements). The purpose is two-fold: One, you can see a very well-rounded picture of each sign by reading the statements connected with it. Two, you can test yourself and see how healthy your relationship is with each sign. Taking the test can reveal a lot about yourself, and point out major things to focus on and be aware of about yourself.

Guidelines for the self-test:

(It will be easier for you to do this if you print this page)
Read each statement, and place a mark next to any statement you do not instinctively and immediately agree with. Do think about the statements, just quickly place a mark if you hesitate with any statement. Then you can think about it after you have gone through the whole exercise. Even if you agree with a statement in principle, but do not feel a 'yes,' place a mark. You will get the most out of this by placing a lot of marks. This is so you can see areas where you may have blocks-- not for you to try to be perfect! When you are done, total up the marks for each sign.

This will let you see what areas are your strengths and weaknesses. A high number of marks indicates a basic life principle that you are somewhat cut off from. A low number of marks indicates a basic life principle that you are well in touch with. People's Sun and Moon signs can be either strong or weak, as you might see. When you are finished, read back over all of the marks that you made, and remember that these may be blocks that you are working with.

A strong sign is one that you should honor within yourself, but also watch that you do not overexaggerate it. A weak sign is one that you can strengthen to be more whole. Then again, who's perfect?

Zodiac Sign: Aries


I feel no guilt in doing whatever I feel like doing.
I don't let relationships and obligations keep me from pursuing my dreams and interests.
I can be very blunt with people when I want to be.
I highly value my independence.  I won't live without it.
I enjoy intense, physical activity.
I stand up for what is right and true.
I can release my anger without directing it at others.
There is no one else in the world like me.
I can make suggestions directly, without beating around the bush, or sugar-coating.
I can use my power to fight and stand up for myself.
I can use my power and strength to fight for others.
I have a lot of energy.
I know I am strong.
I usually come out on top.
I feel like I have a special mission or purpose.
I'm not afraid of competition.
I am not overly competitive.
Whatever I do, I do it in ways no one has ever done before.
I know the best way to give to others is to put yourself first.
I go my way.  People can come along if they want to.
My masculine qualities are strong.


Zodiac Sign: Taurus


I always take my time.
I am good at really savoring and enjoying pleasures.
I am truly peaceful deep inside.
I am good at giving myself most everything I need.
I can make money.
I am patient.
I'm good at enjoying the simple pleasures of life.
Once I get going, I have incredible determination and never quit.
If I want to build something in the world, I have the persistence to accomplish it.
I enjoy having nice things.
I do not need other people around to be happy.
It is easy for me to give to myself.
It is easy for me to give to others.
I love money.  I really love having money.
It's good to have a big  ______ (CD, book, movie, etc.) collection.
I am very practical and realistic.
When I eat a rich desert, I allow myself to fully enjoy every bit of it.
I regularly allow myself a lot of time for rest and quiet.
I think music is perhaps the most spiritual thing on the planet.
I love being in a physical body.
I allow myself to be "selfish" and indulge in things I enjoy.

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

I'm good at not taking things too seriously.
I enjoy learning about everything.
I enjoy moving around a lot, and not staying home too much.
I enjoy my freedom and independence.
I don't take "spirituality" too seriously.
I am not that attached to my beliefs and opinions.
I eat candy.
I don't get real caught up on needing people to be loyal to me.
I do not have issues with commitment.
If people were more like kids, the world would be a much better place.
I am naturally witty.
I communicate easily with others.
I enjoy being the trickster.
I am totally honest.
I like to do a little bit of everything.
I am very open-minded.
I'll try anything once.
I enjoy a good disagreement.
It's fun to play the devil's advocate.
My mind is one of my greatest assets.
I don't judge people who are not honest
I'm good at small talk.
It's nice to do fun things that seem ultimately trivial and unimportant.

Zodiac Sign: Cancer


I am the (wo)man.
I am a good teacher.
I allow myself to be childlike.
I am special.
I have special gifts and talents.
I allow myself to receive praise and appreciation from others.
I am not too dependent on receiving praise and recognition from others.
I am not too dependent on receiving love and praise from my romantic partners.
I love being a performer.
I express myself easily.
I am very creative.
I am a good leader.
I believe in myself.
I am comfortable being on the same level as everyone else.
I have a big, open heart.
I use my wisdom to guide and help others.
I accomplish amazing things when I want to.
I trust my own intuition.
I don't put other people up on pedestals.
I care a lot about humanity.
I tend to command respect.
I don't feel like I am more special than most people.
I am good at praising others.
It is very important for me to accomplish what I intend to accomplish.
I can be funny and dramatic.
I am comfortable being the center of attention.
I have worked out my issues with my father.
You gotta love me.


Zodiac Sign: Libra

I want a partner who fulfills my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.
I always see both sides of the story.
Art and beauty are very important to me.
I don't let myself get too needy.
Marriage is sacred to me.
I value commitment in relationships.
I like to keep things balanced.
I don't like to go overboard with anything.
I would rather yield to others than fight.
I value harmony with others very highly.
I value mental activity very highly.
I love people.
I don't get caught up in thinking, "It's not fair!"
When good things happen for others, I am happy for them. I don't get caught up in wishing they were happening to me.
I enjoy refined tastes and the nicest things.
I feel both masculine and feminine.
I like it when things are light-hearted.
I know that you should hold out for the perfect partner.
I like to keep a smile on my face.
I don't like negative energy.
I can be very persuasive.
I am instinctually diplomatic.

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

I am not afraid of the dark.
I love power.
I like to take everything to its deepest intensity as quickly as possible.
I like keeping things a little mysterious.
I have a very private side.
I can handle intensity.
I have immense willpower and resourcefulness.
I don't avoid the negative.
People tend to be attracted to me.
I tend to have a healing effect on others.
I can be very silent when I want to.
I can control and direct my inner dimensions more than most people.
I feel people intuitively.
I transform my darkest experiences into light.
I have a powerful ability to help others to transform themselves.
My power is guided by my love.
I am in control of my vengeful nature.  I return love in the face of betrayal.
I am powerfully connected to something spiritual.
I am very passionate.
I can be very intimate.
I truly feel that sex is as natural as eating.
I love oral sex.
I enjoy having money.
When someone has earned my trust, I am fiercely loyal to them.
I have tremendous healing energy.
I transmute my negative emotions and judgments into love.


Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

I think life should be fun.
I don't like work.
I think its important to have a sense of humor.
I would like to travel the world.
I love freedom.
I love animals.
I like being with groups of people for social activities.
I believe in Truth.
I love God.
We all have so many gifts.
I believe in some kind of Divine Power.
I am good at praising others.
I don't think others should believe the same things i believe.
I believe in living my truth and setting a positive example.
I am right-brained (the creative/intuitive half).
I know that you have to commit to some beliefs to make your life meaningful.
I want to know as much as possible
I love my friends.
I don't think others should be into the same things i am into.
I have big plans/dreams.
I am naturally lucky, and I attract positive opportunities to myself.
I believe in expanding your mind.
Community is so important to me.
We all need to come together.
I work with imagination and intuition.
I am very honest.
Like a child, I say what I think.
I can be less blunt if my words are going to hurt someone's feelings.
I don't like things to get boring or routine.

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

I am a very responsible person.
I have tremendous will power.
I can accomplish whatever I want to.
I want to make my mark on the world.
I can work very hard.
I believe in taking on my share of responsibility for others/the world.
I can receive as much as i give.
I am very mature.
I am very practical.
I appreciate difficult experiences because the most growth comes through them.
If I set my sights on a goal, I can work on it long and hard.
I value my family.
I believe in respecting and looking to the elders.
I don't let my parents' opinions and feelings influence me too much.
Tradition is very important.
I think that in the past, people have lived as well or better than we do.
It is one of the most fulfilling things to achieve something real in the world.
I know that having other people like me is not always important.
I know that being successful in the world will not necessarily make me happy.
I enjoy making money.
I appreciate being recognized for the things that I have done.
I don't just believe anything; I need to see it proven to some extent.
I can be serious when I need to be.
I can sacrifice to give to others.
I like to fit in and get along with others.

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius


I am weird.
I care so much about the common good.
It is important to better the quality of life for future generations.
I believe rules were made to be broken.
I know that anything is possible.
It's good to shake everything up every once in a while.
If we were less attached to things, there would be far less suffering in the world.
I appreciate all differences among people.
I am glad to be on planet Earth.
Universal brotherhood/sisterhood is possible, and I believe in it.
Technology is a good thing.
I am in my body.
I love being in my body.
It's best to be open to experiment with almost anything.
It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of you.
Aliens exist.
I am friendly to everyone I meet.
I like to say, "I love you."
I need my freedom.
It's good to be ahead of your time.
Everyone is equal.
I like to do volunteer service.
It's important to end racism and prejudice.
Intuitive flashes provide the best information.
The human mind has produced amazing and wonderful things.


Zodiac Sign: Pisces


I care about everyone.
Sometimes its best to sacrifice selfish interests for the sake of others.
I can cry.
Compassion is the highest virtue.
It's all relative.
Poets are among the most enlightened people.
Art and music are truly sacred.
When my feelings get going, it's hard for me to stop.
I do not like to drink alcohol or do drugs.
Dance is truly sacred.
This reality is one of many.
It's easy for me to surrender my life to a Higher Power.
I do not like to indulge in sadness.
All of life is interconnected.
The greatest wisdom is paradoxical and illogical.
It's best to trust your intuition, even when it doesn't make good, common sense.
I can feel the pain of the world.
I rarely feel like a victim.
Dreams are just as real as our world, but in a different way.
It's best to live a spiritual life.
I live to infuse life with magic.
When I give a lot to others, i do not feel like they owe me anything.
I encourage others to feel their feelings.
I can put others ahead of myself when it's appropriate.
Everything has life and energy.
I believe in dedicating your life to serving others.

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