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In This Issue: October 21st, 2004 
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Something fairly amazing just happened in the sporting world that I feel must have some connection with the US Presidential race. I think it's really fun stuff to think about, and you'll find my article on this below. In keeping with the creepy Halloween themes I brought up with "the ghosts of Presidents past" in yesterday's newsletter, there is some discussion of some famous "curses" below. There are also some notes on the Magi Society's work in there.

In case there is any doubt, let me say that I am not predicting for Kerry (or Bush) to win based on the information below. I remain stubbornly confused about who is going to win this election. But the connections below are very interesting to me.

I've also mentioned further below the most profound spiritual book I have come across since I discovered "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle five years ago. If spiritual awareness is your cup of tea, I very highly recommend this new book.

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Astrologer, Moses Siregar III
Tonight in New York City, a nation of sports fans witnessed something that we probably never thought would happen. Not only did the Boston Red Sox, longtime bearers of fabled “Curse of the Bambino” that has seemingly insured the New York Yankees would always be the Red Sox’s “Daddy,” win a game 7 against the Yankees in the Bronx (in the stadium known as “The House that Ruth Built”), they also become the first team in major league baseball history to come back from an 0-3 game deficit in a best-of-7 series. As Jim Caple of writes:

”In hindsight, perhaps it was a mistake for the Yankees to raise a "Mission Accomplished" banner above their dugout after Game 3.”

The potential US political connections to some major sports events this year are uncannily “coincidental.” Earlier this year on February 1st, the NFL’s Superbowl featured the New England Patriots versus the Carolina Panthers. At that point, the two front-runners in the Democratic primaries were New England native and Senator John Kerry, and Carolina native (born in South Carolina) and Senator (of North Carolina) John Edwards. The New England Patriots won the Superbowl, and John Kerry won the Democratic nomination. You could say that the Carolina Panthers, and John Edwards, came in second place. Meanwhile, as of this date Kerry’s New England Patriots have won a remarkable 20 games in a row dating back to last year.

Fast forward to October, 2004. The New York Yankees meet their longtime rival and punching bag, the Boston Red Sox, in the American League Championship Series. The political connections here are again striking. The Republican National Convention took place in New York this year. The Democratic National Convention took place, of course, in Boston, Massachusetts. So that’s New York=Republicans and Boston=Democrats.

This ALCS Yankees-Red Sox series is a best-of-seven format; the first team to win four games wins the series. The Yankees won the first three games of the series. Thus, they only needed to win one of the next four games to beat the ‘Sox; the team from Boston needed to win four games in a row against the team that is the baseball equivalent of a walking corporation (a charge that has also been leveled against George W. Bush). The Yankees have an unparalleled $188 million dollar payroll, which is about six times as much as some other major league baseball teams like the Pirates and Expos. Never, in over one hundred years of baseball history, had a team come back to win a best-of-seven series after losing the first three games. And never do the Red Sox seem to beat the Yankees when it really matters. But that is exactly what the Red Sox did. And that is why many are calling this victory for the Red Sox “the greatest comeback in sports history.” The Yankee-Red Sox rivalry has previously been likened to the kind of rivalry that a hammer and nail must have.

And doesn’t that look a little something like John Kerry’s apparent comeback over the last thirty days? After being down in many polls by double digits after the Republican convention, Kerry seems to have pulled himself back to even with Bush in the polls after his strong showing in the Presidential debates. It’s hard to say that this win for the baseball team from Boston doesn’t look like a good omen for John Kerry. Baseball is the All-American sport, after all.

But there is yet another remarkable coincidence that could be shaping up. Later today, the St. Louis Cardinals will play the Houston Astros in game 7 of the NLCS, and the winner of that game will face the Boston Red Sox in MLB’s World Series. If Houston wins today, then we will have a Houston, Texas (Bush) vs. Boston, Massachusetts (Kerry) World Series. Could it be that the Boston-New York ALCS symbolized the conventions and Presidential debates while the World Series will symbolize the final Presidential vote? Remember, New York got off to a large lead, but then Boston came back to win it. If the world series does end up being Boston vs. Houston, it will be a remarkable coincidence and a bit of a baseball miracle. That’s because before this year, the Houston Astro’s had literally *never* won a postseason series and the Boston Red Sox *never* seemed to beat the Yankees when it really matters; additionally, no baseball team until now had *ever* come back to win a best-of-seven series after losing the first three series games.

If Boston wins the World Series this year, something they have not done since before the end of World War I in 1918 (when they beat the Chicago Cubs), they will have broken the supposed “Curse of the Bambino,” which many believe they acquired after trading the greatest baseball player of all time, Babe Ruth, to the Yankees for cash on January 3rd, 1920. Before trading Ruth to the Yankees, the Red Sox had won 5 World Series to the Yankees’ 0. After trading Ruth to the Yankees, the Red Sox have won 0 World Series to the Yankees’ 25.

With his New England Patriots winning two of the last three Superbowls, with his New England Patriots on a twenty-game winning streak, and with the shocking come-from-behind victory of his Boston Red Sox over their nemesis New York Yankees, it’s hard to imagine a much more positive scenario for the sports symbolism pertaining to John Kerry. But one more hurdle lies ahead: “The Curse of the Bambino.”

Can the Sox win their first World Series since they traded the Babe in 1920? It has been almost 85 years since that trade. Last October (2003) was the Uranus Return of the trading of Babe Ruth to the Yankees, since Uranus has an 84-year cycle. Uranus was at the 30th degree of Aquarius at the time of the trade in 1920, and Uranus returned to the same degree during the Red Sox’s heart-breaking loss to the Yankees in the “House that Ruth Built” last year. But now that Uranus has passed that fated degree, and now that the Red Sox suffered so much during the actual return, has “the curse” finally been lifted? Will Uranus set the Boston Red Sox free? The same planet does trine John Kerry’s Venus on election day, for what it’s worth.

Particularly if the Red Sox face the Houston Astro’s in the World Series, it will be hard to imagine a more perfectly fitting coincidence in the sports world for this year’s US Presidential race. That Uranus return could well turn out to be the astrological symbolism that breaks the “Curse of the Bambino,” and of course there would be no better planet to symbolize the breaking of old limits than Uranus.

Interestingly, if John Kerry defeats George W. Bush and wins the Presidency in 2004, this would itself seem to break what has come to be known as “Tecumseh’s Curse.” Here is a passage on the curse from ( ):

William Henry Harrison won the presidency in 1840 with the slogan, "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too." This refers to his participation in the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811. He was seen as a hero when Tecumseh's forces were defeated at this battle. Harrison's presidency never really had a chance to begin. He delivered a very long inaugural address on a cold, windy day. Then he was caught in a rainstorm. He caught a cold which turned for the worse and led to his death. He 'served' as president from March 4 - April 4, 1841. His death would be seen as the first in a long series of what became known as Tecumseh's Curse: Presidents elected in a year ending in a zero would die in office.

Astrologers point out that cyclical Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions have occurred every twenty years, in each of these “zero year” Presidencies since 1860. Reagan was elected in a “zero year” of 1980 and was shot, but he did not die. Some think “Tecumseh’s Curse” therefore ended with Reagan, 120 years after it seemingly began. If Kerry wins the election, and if there are no attempts on Bush’s life before the end of his term, it would seem to give even more evidence of the breaking of the curse, if there is any such thing.

If St. Louis reaches the World Series, rather than Houston, it would seem that the New York-Boston ALCS may end the year as the ultimate symbolism of the US Presidential race. But if it is Houston that Boston will be facing, Texas and Massachusetts will face off in a sporting event that could have an epic symbolic significance. Over the next two weeks, will we see two curses broken with one archetypally connected stone? Speaking of stones, the Red Sox MVP against the Yankees in the ALCS is a guy named David (Ortiz). He certainly defeated a Goliath.

And if there are going to be some major "curses" broken in the next two weeks, wouldn't it be a great time to think about what kind of old limits we would each like to personally let go of?

(Continued below)

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(Continued from above)

I must give credit where credit is due. Some of the names given to certain aspects by the Magi Society (a secretive group that publishes astrology books and software based on some very interesting and unique astrological thinking) have played out recently with startling truthfulness. For example, a Venus-Chiron trine is one of their aspects known as a “Cinderella Aspect.” And a Saturn-Chiron opposition is one of their aspects known as a “Heartbreak Clash” or “Heartbreak Transit.” Allow me to demonstrate.

Rewind to October, 2003. But first consider some history.

Baseball’s two biggest perennial losers are the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs, and they bear two of baseball’s most infamous “curses.” In Boston, it’s the “Curse of the Bambino.” In Chicago, it’s the “Billy Goat” curse, said to have been incurred in 1945 when William Sianis, a bar owner, was not allowed to enter Wrigley Field for game four of the World Series with his pet goat, Murphy. Sianis is said to have cast a "goat curse" on the Cubs in saying, "Cubs, they not gonna win anymore". The Cubs lost that World Series and have not been to the World Series since.

Okay, back to October, 2003. With the Red Sox and the Cubs both in the postseason playoffs for only the second time since they played one another in 1918, many people were hoping for, and even predicting, a Boston-Chicago World Series. Both teams were very, very good in 2003. What happened?

Enter Steve Bartman, a Cubs fan who was the “goat” that many Chicago fans blamed when the Chicago Cubs lost the 2003 NLCS to the Florida Marlins. It’s October 14th, 2003. In the eighth inning of game six, Bartman, sitting in the stands, interfered by trying to catch a foul ball that Cubs left-fielder Moises Alou might have otherwise caught. Alou was visibly upset. And after that, the Cubs fell apart. The Cubs were winning 3-0 before the Steve Bartman incident, but the Marlins went on to score eight runs in that eight inning and win the game 8-3. The Cubs went on to lose the decisive seventh game. And the legend of the “Billy Goat Curse” grew. No World Series for the Cubs … again.

Meanwhile, an epic series took place between New York and Boston in the 2003 ALCS. That series also went onto a decisive game seven. Tied at 5-5, the suspenseful pivotal game went into extra innings. In the bottom of the 11th inning, Aaron Boone came to the plate for the New York Yankees. Although Boone was a horribly disappointing player for the Yankees that entire year, he hit a knuckleball (a notoriously hard pitch to hit because of how much and how unpredictably it moves) off of Tim Wakefield to win the game for the Yankees and end the Boston Red Sox’s season in crushingly tragic fashion. In Boston, he is now known as Aaron-Bleeping-Boone.

In that month of October 2003, Saturn stationed at the fourteenth degree of tropical Cancer while Chiron transited opposite to it at the fourteenth degree of tropical Capricorn. It was a very powerful, tight, and applying Saturn-Chiron opposition, which the Magi Society calls the “Heartbreak Clash” or “Heartbreak Transit.” With Chiron also representing the underdog, in my opinion, it’s hard to argue with the heartbreak of the losses of the Cubs and Red Sox that year. We were “that close” to seeing the first Cubs-Red Sox World Series since 1918. Instead, everyone cheering for those lovable losers had their hearts broken, ripped up, stepped on, and then trampled.

Now back to October, 2004. The Boston Red Sox are that perennial redheaded stepchild beaten year after year by the New York Yankees. But when the clock struck midnight on the Red Sox on October 20th, 2004, there was no pumpkin to be seen. They really did beat the Yankees for the first time in postseason history, and they are advancing on to compete in the World Series. It is a remarkable Cinderella story, so far. And on that fateful night, when the ‘Sox would beat the Yanks in “The House that Ruth Built,” Venus was applying to an exact trine to Chiron that would be exact only nine hours later. A “Cinderella Aspect,” indeed.

I've recently been reading "The Book of Secrets" by Deepak Chopra, and finding it to be the most profound, spiritual book I've read since "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. This is a different kind of Chopra book; it is a pure spiritual teaching that cuts right to the truth of who we really are. I read very few books these days, but this book has been speaking to me on a very beautiful, deep level. You might enjoy it, too.


The Book of Secrets, by Dr. Deepak Chopra
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