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In This Issue: September 9th, 2004 
As I’m about to embark on what I’ll humorously call my Astro-Rama 2004 Tour (through KY, GA, and NC), I will also take this opportunity to share my thoughts about the upcoming US Presidential election. Settle in, because there's plenty to read.

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For someone who made some somewhat gutsy predictions about both the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary (see the link at the bottom of this article for my earlier Iowa predictions), it might seem strange that I’ve been entirely quiet about the most important election that any of us can remember. Well … um … ya see … it’s like … uh … sometimes … um … I … uh … well …

I don’t know.

Yes, it’s taken me over ten years of experience as a practicing astrologer to come to that conclusion. Yes, that’s why I get paid the big bucks. Well, in my defense, I have made at least five major predictions on this newsletter so far, and they have all been accurate (Iowa, New Hampshire, pre-Iraq invasion, and two SuperBowls). 5-0 is pretty good, although I still dread the inevitable day that I fall flat on my face. Oh well, knock on wood, because that day might be today.

I was speaking with another astrologer recently, a Vedic astrologer, and he and I were both talking about how hard it is to get a solid read on this election. I think that’s because the astrological factors are not straight-forward this time around. In other words, there is a lot of complexity involved, as I’ll explain further below. I do think this is an unusually difficult election to predict with astrology, because some factors have to be seen for more than their most obvious, surface level interpretation. Of course many astrologers will come out with definite, bold predictions. And about half of them will be right. I guess I won’t be joining them in their boldness. But before I am done here, I will offer something fairly substantial.

My main problem is that I feel the Western system would probably seem to favor Kerry/Edwards, while I feel the Vedic system quite clearly favors Bush/Cheney. Now you can see my predicament. There is no doubt in my mind that both of these astrological systems are very powerful and important, so I can’t make an unequivocal call with contradictory input like this. However, Vedic astrology (and by that, I mainly mean the Vedic dasa's) is often more helpful when looking at such physically manifest realities and outcomes. As much as it pains me to say it, Bush always seems tough to count out, astrologically speaking.

So maybe I’ll still squeeze out some kind of a prediction here after all. Before I see if I can do that, let’s look back on what’s already happened, because in all honesty, it has been a lot like I thought it would be so far …

JUNE 2004: With Saturn moving direct and over George W. Bush’s Sun (and the tropical Sun of the United States), there is a tremendous amount of publicity given to Michael Moore’s movie attacking the Bush Administration, “Fahrenheit 9/11.” We haven’t seen a US President attacked this fiercely since “When Bill met Monica” came out on pay-per-view.

Many, many astrologers were predicting “bodily harm” or even death for George W. around this time, due in part to this Saturn transit. I am proud to say that I was not one of them, as I find that kind of thing a rather creepy way to use astrology, particularly with a public audience. Personally, I would have been embarrassed to even be right about such a prediction, not to mention being wrong about it.

However, instead of George Bush, it was Ronald Reagan who passed away in that month, turning what many astrologers thought would be a direct hit to the Republican leadership into a patriotic, pro-Republican moment. It’s somewhat amazing to see the way George W. can survive some of his “worst” transits. I think George’s knees were hurting him back in June--not exactly earth-shattering on the “bodily harm” level. Okay, I’m glad that’s done. Let’s move on to less grim topics.

JULY 2004: “Fahrenheit 9/11,” released the last weekend of June, becomes the most successful documentary in history, and John Kerry announces the likeable John Edwards as his running mate on July 6th. Bush continues to dip and Kerry continues to rise in public opinion polls, which is not shocking to any amateur astrologer due to the recent fallout and proximity of Saturn’s transit to Bush’s Sun.

The Democratic National Convention then occurs in late July, and although it gets a lot of great press, John Kerry does not get the “bounce” in the polls that most expected. But he remains ahead in many polls, and the electoral college scenario is looking up for Kerry.

AUGUST 2004: At this point, I know there are at least two upcoming events that, at least temporarily, favor Bush over Kerry.

1. The South Node of the Moon begins to creep closely towards John Kerry’s natal Venus in Scorpio (in August, and maybe September). This is THE transit that, as a Kerry supporter, has me really worried. What sort of dreary, unfortunate loss will Kerry experience at this time? Is there some skeleton in his closet, relating to some former partner or his wife that will come out? Luckily it turns out that I am wrong about that particular fear. But what I did not foresee is the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” surfacing from their murky depths. Just as Bush’s campaign found a way to discount John McCain’s Vietnam POW experience in 2000, a Bush campaign volunteer is found to belong to the Swift Boat attack group that begins an advertising blitz to confuse and deceive America about John Kerry’s military service. It’s dirty politics at its lowest, as evidenced when even Republican John McCain denounces the attack group’s ads and tactics. No, it’s not the women of Kerry’s life that this tough transit to his Venus-in-Scorpio portends, but his past history of confronting issues of war and peace that gets him into trouble.

Before August or September even begins, I was wondering if Kerry would be able to survive the transit of the South Node over his Venus. Luckily, although the answer is that he did for some reason take a hit in the polls, he isn’t down for the count. We might still have a good, interesting race.

2. On August 27th, Jupiter enters the sidereal (the mainly Eastern) zodiac sign of Virgo. Per se, this is very good news for Bush and bad news for Kerry, and this news will continue through the election. With Bush’s natal Moon and Jupiter also in this sidereal sign of Virgo (in the tropical, mainly Western zodiac he has them in Libra), and with the Moon and Jupiter ruling his 1st and 9th houses, this is almost certainly good news for Bush. And for Kerry, Jupiter would be leaving the 10th House of his Vedic chart, and the prominence and success that that transit brought him. Just two days later, on August 29th, the Republican National Convention begins and by the time it is over, Bush is seen ahead by as much as 11 points in some nationwide polls. Bush can thank his lucky Jupiter. And Kerry can ask where his Jupiter has gone.

SEPTEMBER 2004: Here we are in the present, as I am writing this on September 7th. Although the True South Node has literally passed Kerry’s natal Venus, the Mean South Node has yet to make its final pass. So his dreary transit may not be over yet. The good news for Kerry fans is that by the time October rolls around, that particular transit might be over for him. I think he will probably bounce back somewhat. The trillion dollar question is, will he bounce back enough? Even when looking at the South Node transit, that answer isn’t 100% clear, because it is still close enough to potentially cause Kerry more trouble.

That question will largely be answered by the final major transit of this political season: George W. Bush’s second Saturn Return. Just to show you how much fun astrology can be, I’ll quote two different astrologers on this topic:

First, a very good man and astrologer by the name of Robert Blaschke (, from his Newsletter on August 6th:

“… President Bush will undergo a stationary second Saturn return, within a one degree orb from September 23rd until December 24th. This three month window will be the hardest for Mr. Bush psychologically and spiritually, as the pressure within his own soul and conscience will build to a sharp point of personal reckoning.”

Earlier in his article, Blaschke writes: “By November 2nd, Pluto returns to 20 Sagittarius 35, in a partile conjunction with his South Node, and he will lose his re-election bid.”

Next, from Vedic Astrologer Joni Patry ( ) who, by the way, has some excellent material on the nakshatras on her website:

”Election Day is November 2nd and I can see clearly who will be elected President. It is based solely on the charts and not my political opinion. Transiting Pluto is directly on John Kerry’s Sun and the Sun rules his 10th house of public standing and career. As you know Pluto is the mythological god of death, so this puts an end to his career pursuits. Transiting Saturn in the sign of Cancer is now in President Bush’s 1st house conjoined his natal Saturn. This is called a Saturn Return. This means that he will have more responsibilities and hard work, hardly the aspect of someone terminating a job.”

There you have it. Specifically because of Saturn and Pluto’s locations on November 2nd, one astrologer says Bush will definitely win, and the other says that Bush will definitely lose. No wonder so many people say astrology is hard to learn!

Well here’s what I think on the subject of Bush’s Saturn Return.

A Saturn Return, to me, is not necessarily going to hurt or help a candidate in a political race, though in most cases I don’t think it is helpful. But in some particular cases, it would help. And in some cases, it would hurt (just ask Wes Clark earlier this year). Some people have wonderful Saturn Returns, and some have tremendously tough ones; usually I think you can tell this from certain factors of the natal chart. I don’t see how Bush’s Saturn Return will particularly help him *overall,* though I do say that with a reservation or two, as I do think that, in an odd way, it could help him win re-election.

We know for sure that Saturn going over Bush’s Sun, this last summer and the previous fall, did not do Bush any favors, although it also didn’t knock him out of office. So we’ve seen Saturn act as a fairly—though not utterly—negative influence on Bush. But again, he did somehow survive it all, and I think that deserves emphasizing. It’s really hard for me to imagine Bush’s Saturn Return doing him a lot of good, but then Bush is like a cockroach that can survive a “nucular” holocaust when it comes to his astrological transits. Saturn is not very helpful for Bush *overall* in his Western chart, in my opinion. And in his Vedic chart, Bush’s Saturn seems to give him “mixed” results, at best. The best thing his Vedic Saturn has going for it, in my opinion, is its placement in the very auspicious nakshatra of Pushyam, which Saturn also rules over, and its conjunctions in the 1st house with friendly Mercury in its own nakshatra of Ashlesha, and friendly Venus as well. As a Kerry fan, I’m very, very concerned about Bush’s Saturn in Pushyam having a positive transit from Saturn in Pushyam, at least in terms of winning the election. The aftermath would probably be another story.

Other than that factor (and the astakavarga), if Bush wins under his own Saturn return, I will scratch my head and wonder how he did it. Then again, he’s left me scratching my head more than a few times already, wondering how he he’s pulled off the things that he has, both astrologically and politically. If he can survive Saturn stationing on his Sun, he can probably survive the Saturn return as well. Yes, like Joni Patry said, a Saturn Return can bring greater responsibilities, and I this case I tend to think it probably will. But for a guy with Saturn in his 12th House (Western chart, not Vedic chart), a Saturn return could also bring a whole lot of powerlessness and isolation. Even in his Vedic chart, Saturn rules his 8th house, and has the capacity to cause him major difficulties from major scandal and unfortunate tragedies (like Iraq, etc. etc.)

One significant possibility, and if I were forced to put money down it would probably be here, is that Bush wins the election, but then his victory turns out to be a rather unfortunate turn of events for him. Maybe he wins the battle and then loses the war, irony intended. With social, economic, and international problems mounting for him, perhaps winning the election would turn out to be the worst thing that’s ever happened to him. Maybe the Saturn return doesn’t cause him to lose the election, but rather to suffer the consequences of his policies and actions. Maybe he will be the man who has to stand in and take his lumps and be responsible for the terrible messes he has created. Maybe Saturn doesn’t want to let him off too easily. Uh oh. Now Bush is going to start running attack ads calling me a pessimist.

Now to the subject of Pluto. To me, Pluto will be in a position that is not clearly helpful to either candidate. For Kerry, Pluto will be conjunct his Sun-Saturn midpoint, and Kerry has the Sun and Saturn opposed to one another (not a really helpful natal aspect for him). For Bush, Pluto will be precisely conjunct his True South Node. Neither of these transits are entirely “good” on paper for an election candidate. So I can’t base any definite election predictions on the transit of Pluto. However, Kerry did win the Democratic nomination under this same transit earlier this year, and Bush got himself into the quagmire of Iraq when Pluto reached his South Node. So so far, the transit has been much more helpful to Kerry, but that really doesn’t mean it will necessarily continue to be that way. We won’t know that for sure until November 2nd and beyond.

What Pluto’s placement may definitely be showing us, then, is that whoever is elected will soon be faced with the bitter intensity of Pluto’s fire. Again, whoever wins this election might just turn out to be the real loser in the deal. He will certainly inherit a Texas-sized mess.

One of the factors that looks the most favorable for Bush is that Bush’s natal South Node conjoins Kerry’s Sun. That means per se that Bush will tend to eclipse Kerry’s light, and deny him status and recognition. You can do that math on that one. I suppose there is still some hope, and some possibility, that this will only symbolize Bush’s attacking of Kerry and making him look bad along the way of the campaign trail. But that would be an extremely optimistic interpretation if you are a Kerry fan. Nine times out of ten, this aspect means that Bush will beat Kerry.

However I’m not completely convinced that this won’t be that rare one time out of ten. And yes, I say that as a bleeding-heart liberal who is not completely objective on this matter. But I have seen exceptions to rules in astrology that are normally true nine times out of ten. Those exceptions do happen. But in this case, I’m probably just in denial.

Now after Bush’s Saturn return, there is one very key and significant transit going on that I see as an interesting mystery (for just another two months). That is, on election day, Kerry will have the transiting Jupiter (with Venus!) trining his natal Uranus and Mars, while his running mate John Edwards will have the transiting Jupiter-Venus trining his natal Jupiter-Moon, and the transiting Jupiter-Venus conjunction will be on Kerry’s Midheaven. Wow! Sounds absolutely phenomenal and wonderful, right?! There’s no doubt that these are extremely powerful and extremely tight, textbook-benevolent transits. Exact trines from Jupiter and Venus! What could be better, right? Yeah, yeah, but here’s why I’m still very cautious about them. Check out this link:

Run For Your Lives! Scary Jupiter Trine Jupiter Transits!

This is a blog entry I made last February about the Jupiter-trine-Jupiter transit as the kiss of death in competitive events. Now technically, John Kerry does not have that exact transit going on, though John Edwards does. I think Kerry’s transit does look extremely favorable for him. If there is one Jupiter trine that will keep you from getting too lazy, it’s probably Jupiter-trine-Mars, and that’s what he’s got; that certainly *could* propel him to victory, and I must put the emphasis on “could.” The thing to ask is in which way will Kerry be “favored?” By winning or by losing? Would inheriting this Iraq War, this economy, and this budget deficit be a really "good" thing for Kerry, personally?

Although Edwards does have the “kiss of death” transit going on, it’s not a pure case. In his case, his natal Jupiter is conjunct his Moon, which bodes extremely well for his connection with “the public,” even more so because his Moon is exalted in the sidereal zodiac. But this may not be as straight-forward as it might first seem.

Here’s what I am concerned about, as an unashamed Kerry man. It may be that all of these sweet, yummy Jupiter trines turn Kerry and Edwards into left-wing heroes on election night … despite losing the election. Maybe Jupiter helps these guys get off easy, go on vacation, and retreat from the political grind for a while, while being remembered as the guys who gave the GOP a good run for their money. Maybe even as the guys that got robbed by questionable computer voting machines designed by pro-Republican companies, or by Jeb’s state of Florida, or by Ralph Nader, or by some other strange denial of justice.

Then again, maybe those Jupiter trines just mean that Kerry and Edwards take the grand prize. It’s certainly possible. Gore certainly didn’t have anything this nice in 2000. It’s textbook, in a certain way. And that’s the prediction that I at least *want* to say. It’s just very hard for me to feel correct in saying it.

I will somewhat boldly say this. Bush’s Saturn return will either cost him re-election (less likely), or it will cost him much more (more likely). If you are not a Bush fan, you might take solace in the fact that no matter what happens, he is (and Cheney is) in some deep doo doo, and their feet will be put to the fire one way or another. Cheney will have transiting Saturn on his Chiron and transiting Chiron on his Venus for the election. Normally that would show to me someone that would lose the big event. But in this case I will say that he too will either lose the election or face some very serious fallout from it in upcoming years. Whatever happens for Bush/Cheney, I think it won't be good for them personally, in the long-run, if not the short-term.

Well, I personally hope I’m dead wrong about all of this, but I guess the end result is in very good and capable (Divine) hands, and perhaps we should all be prepared to trust in that higher plan.

If my life depended on it, I’d put my money on Bush to win the election, and then face some bitter consequences. Luckily my life doesn’t depend on the prediction, and I’ll just officially say “I don’t know.” After the election is over, the media will turn its full glare onto the state of our country and analyze Bush’s “leadership.” He'll be experiencing Saturn in full force.

Whether it’s on November 2nd, or soon after, Saturn will have his way with George W. Bush. He’s coming to check up on you, George. And he’ll want to know if you have been naughty or nice.

If you are a Kerry supporter, take heart in the fact that there are at least some aspects that at least could be extremely favorable for the Dems. I hope you’ll continue to stay involved in the political process, as I am, volunteering time and money to stand up for what you believe is right. When we do that, only good things can happen. We have to be involved in order to manifest a difference. We just might want to be prepared for the possibility that progress might look at first like regress.

Then again, I might really be wrong. Maybe I’m overanalyzing. Maybe that Saturn return and Saturn/Chiron will sink Bush/Cheney and the Jupiter-Venus trines will propel Kerry/Edwards to victory. That's entirely plausible, in my opinion. Maybe I’m overlooking the obvious. I really hope so. Eventually I’ll have to be wrong about one of these predictions anyway, and there’s nothing I’d rather be more wrong about than this. The bottom line is that despite all that I've said, and despite making my best guess, I really, really don't know the outcome here. I do still think it is very complex, confusing, and tough to predict. Whether astrologers like Robert or Joni are right in their predictions, I think they both have very good and compelling reasons for what they have said. I can tell you that I will certainly learn a lot from whatever happens. Let's pray that, no matter what the outcome, the world will be a much better place. I certainly believe that we are all in very good, heavenly hands.

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Aloha from Arizona,

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