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Pluto in Capricorn, Barack Obama, and the Rise of the Hero

AstrologyForTheSoul Home Pluto in Capricorn, Obama, and the Rise of Hero
In This Issue: January 27th, 2008 
I woke up this morning (1/27/08) and wrote the piece below (at the very bottom) about Pluto in Capricorn and Barack Obama. I hope you enjoy it.

I also opened up about some of my own thoughts on the candidates in another section further below. If you disagree with me, I absolutely respect that; after all, all of the candidates are human being, and thus flawed. But please don't send me an email just to debate politics. We've both got more productive things to do than that!

I've considered putting together some predictions regarding the elections this year, but I haven't for a number of reasons.

I've been quite busy, but also, this is a very tough race to predict, with so many players, not enough known birth times for the candidates, and so many dates that could be significant in the process.

I will say that although the turnout numbers for the early primaries and caucuses seem to heavily favor the Democrats in the general election in November, the astrology of it all has made me feel that the Republicans really cannot be counted out.

McCain is headed towards a very, very powerful vedic dasa period (his Mercury dasa looks outstanding with Mercury in sidereal Virgo and Virgo Rising), so don't count him out from winning it all or reaching some other powerful position in the next government. Earlier last year, when asked about the election, he was the only person I mentioned that stood out to me from such a great distance.

Mike Huckabee has a very potent transit on election day (Uranus opposite his Mercury close to Mercury's exact degree of tropical exaltation, also in Virgo), so I hope he doesn't end up on the ticket (because I want a Democrat to win). I have seen hard aspects from Uranus as one of the best indications of success for sports figures and politicians.

Huckabee, though, has been challenged with transiting Ketu (the South Node) on his Venus-Mars-Pluto this January, so it remains to be seen if he'll recover from the bad press he's gotten of late. With Thompson out of the race, he might do quite well.

Romney has a very powerful transit during the Republican convention (transiting Uranus right to his natal Sun), too. When forced a month ago to make a prediction about the Republican nominee, I had to go with Romney due to that event during the Republican Convention, although I'm not betting my life on it.

But without making any particular prediction, what I have seen from the Republican candidates concerns me and makes me think that they have a real chance to win, especially if McCain or Huckabee are on the ticket.

Super Tuesday is interesting for the Republicans. They each have something less than desirable happening. McCain has T-Saturn to his N-Sun. Romney has T-Saturn opposite his Mars. Huckabee has T-South Node to his Venus-Mars-Pluto. And Guiliani doesn't have much. This might be evidence that the show will go on, with nothing decided.

If I didn't know what I know about how incredible the Democratic turnout has been thus far, I would actually predict a Republican win in November (although if it's Obama versus Romney, then at this point I like Obama's chances more--also the Aquarian Moon that evening looks like it could be something "new"). However, the reality of how motivated the Democrats are seems to favor them heavily.

So I'm just not sure yet, although I'm taking both sides very seriously. Once we know who the nominees are, maybe I'll make a pick.

I haven't been sure who to predict as the Democratic nominee. About a month ago, I leaned slightly towards Hillary, but I also recognized that Hillary is in the midst of a truly terrible transit, as Mars is stationing on her Uranus (probably in her 8th because I favor the 8:02 am birth time, which fits considering the old racial wounds that have been stirred up recently), and this is going to keep producing bad news and bad press for her, especially in January and/or February. This will still be in effect on Super Tuesday, as well, which means that she could be in for a rough day.

Barack, meanwhile, is having a nodal opposition transit (south to north and vice versa), which suggests that what he's seeing now might be fool's gold. That is a concern for the long haul. Even if he wins the nomination, the fact that he rose up during this nodal transit means that he might be looking at some type of an illusion right now. I really hope not, but that's my concern. However, this might still mean something problematic (perhaps he will have a tougher fight than he thinks) without it necessarily meaning too much. I don't think it's a knock-out punch.

My friend and colleague Kelly Lee Phipps points out that Obama currently has his progressed Moon at 0 tropical Aquarius (this is using the birth time around 1 pm, which came from Frances McEvoy and which I also favor, although I am fairly convinced that his Moon is Taurus and not Gemini), conjunct his Jupiter, and that Obama would have a Jupiter return during inauguration in 2009. So there's hope too, although I've learned to be very skeptical about what Jupiter can give in a political fight (sometimes it just shows going on vacation).

I've also seen that the Moon will transit that same 0 tropical Aquarius late on election night when the returns come in, so perhaps Obama will be feeling pretty good. Then again, I'm biased.

All in all, I thoroughly don't know about this election yet, and actually I'm enjoying not knowing for the time being. This race for me is as much fun as any sporting event (this is my Superbowl), and in this case, it's been more fun to be surprised. I honestly wasn't really surprised at any major outcomes in the 2004 election, which you might remember if you were getting my newsletters back then; I thought Kerry had the best shot at the nomination even when Dean was the popular pick, and although I wasn't sure, I thought Bush was more likely than not to win re-election--the old newsletters on my site indicate this.

By the way, let's not count out the possibility of a third-party candidate throwing the whole race into chaos, whether it's Bloomberg, Ron Paul, or someone else.

And remember that whenever all of the astrologers are predicting the same thing, that's almost a sure sign that they're all wrong (there is a bit of hubris in predicting the future, after all).

But mainly I wrote you today to share the piece below about Pluto in Capricorn, Barack Obama, and the Rise of the Hero.

By the way, look for big changes on the Blast's website over the next month. The first early registration price for the 6-day conference will be $249; this price will expire at the end of March. The price will then go up $50 every couple of months until it is $449 in September.

My Full-Length Interview for 'Return of the Magi' (with some bonus breathtaking Sedona footage)

Lots of good things have been written about Pluto in Capricorn already (Pluto just entered Capricorn on Friday, January 25th). I want to touch on another angle. That is, the connection between Capricorn and the individual “star” or the heroic individual that the collective places on some kind of pedestal due to the hard work, dedication, and success.


It’s well known that Capricorn corresponds with a desire to be respected and admired for one’s significant worldly achievements, and that Capricorn thrives on the feeling of approval from others for a job well done. In its healthiest sense, this represents our innate need and desire for making a substantive contribution to human society. On the most cynical level, this is an egocentric fixation with fame, fortune, and all the trappings of success.

This spectrum of possibilities is highlighted by Pluto being in tropical Capricorn, which offers each of us a choice. The most conscious and positive embodiment of the Pluto-in-Capricorn archetype is a desire to make a powerful, positive difference in the world, and the willingness to confront abuses of power or provincial thinking—whether within others’ or within ourselves.

The more negative potential of this configuration lies in a ruthless, win at all costs attitude, and fixations on me, me, me. For example: my pleasure, my fame, my success, my greed.

Pluto can give great power, especially after a spiritual-emotional purification, or it can take power away from those who succumb to the lower frequencies of abusing power and other immoral activities.

Capricorn, despite on the one hand having an innate tendency to want to follow the rules of society and live within its structures and expectations, also has a certain unethical dimension to it when operating on a lower level. Remember that this is where Jupiter is in its Fall or Depression—the sign where Jupiter is least comfortable per se. This is the pragmatic dimension of Capricorn, where the ends justify the means, and where tangible results speak loudest regardless of how they are achieved.

Many, many people will succumb to this lower side of Capricorn while Pluto visits the sign for the next thirteen years. Many will scale tall mountains of worldly accomplishment. Many of these people will also have to account for the ways in which they cheated, abused power, and acted ruthlessly en route.

So it’s a good time to question our own motives in stark fashion. What are we really in it for? Do we want to make the world a better and more sane place? Or are we more driven by our own lust for this or that fleeting feeling of satisfaction and admiration? We should remember that it’s very easy to lie to ourselves.

Checking one’s motives often is a good idea during Pluto-in-Capricorn. The same action can be undertaken with very different motives in one’s heart. For example, one can try to earn money in order to use it to help others, or out of greed. One can seek to make an impact so that one’s name will live on, a rather superficial and empty objective. Or one
can seek to make a difference so that future generations will be better off and so that others will be more inspired to make a positive difference in the world.

What would love do?

When one catches oneself with a less than benign inner motivation, one can often still undertake the same action after consciously realigning one’s heart and intention. And in some cases, perhaps a different course of action is the more loving choice after all.

It’s good to realize that how one goes about one’s business, in other words what feeling is in one’s heart as one goes about living, can make all the difference between outward failure, an empty or pyrrhic success, or a true success on both an inward and outer level.


One of the things I have observed over time about the Capricorn archetype is that it corresponds to the heroic individual that the collective looks up to. That is, the person who achieves a significant place in the local pantheon of great men and women due to their leadership and hard work.

One interesting thing about this is how it represents a shift from recent times, from Neptune in Aquarius and Uranus having previously been in Aquarius. Aquarius, on a broad level, is in many ways an anti-hero sort of theme. Aquarius emphasizes the group rather than the person, at least in contrast to Capricorn, which functions in the opposite way.

Capricorn, like the tenth house, has more to do with individual accomplishment, hard work, and recognition. Aquarius, like the eleventh house, has more to do with sharing responsibilities with a group of people and achieving things in a more collective fashion.

Neither is necessarily better. Sometimes one person can get more done than a committee. Either approach has its problems. Abuses of power are more possible when one person has more control. Not getting anything done is more likely when too many cooks are in the kitchen.

In U.S. politics, this anti-hero theme has been in evidence for some time. In January of 1998, the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal began in earnest and entered the collective awareness. Later that same month, Neptune joined Uranus in tropical Aquarius, and Neptune is still there.

We haven’t had a long-standing political hero ever since that time, certainly not on the Presidential level.

In sports, the years with this Aquarius emphasis have brought us the dynasty of the New England Patriots, a team which operates more like a well-oiled machine than as an exciting team with a single personality that we fixate upon and adore. They are one small example of this group-over-the-individual theme.

Another example of this theme is the collective giving up of civil liberties in the US in order to keep the country safe. An ironic turn of events for Aquarius, no doubt, but it is clearly an example of placing the collective over the individual (alternately, the Aquarian rights of the individual have been blurred by Neptunian smoke and mirrors).

A popular song by Dave Matthews from this anti-hero time goes:

“I am no superman
and I have no answers for you
I am no hero, oh that's for sure …”

Now, however, there is an outer planet in tropical Capricorn to go along with that Neptune in Aquarius. This is a significant shift towards the hero archetype and away from the anti-hero archetype. Now look at how fast astrology is …


Enter Barack Obama.

About 24 hours after Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn on January 25th, Obama wins the South Carolina primary in shockingly dominant fashion. In this primary, he secures more than twice the votes of Hillary Clinton. Although he is expected to win, Obama overwhelms the competition, who is, ironically enough, the “anima” of our last Presidential hero (not all remember this, but Bill Clinton left office more popular than Ronald Reagan did). What turns many people off to Hillary’s campaign recently is that they felt she went into negative “politics as usual.” More echoes of the pitfalls of Pluto-in-Capricorn.

This looks like a set-up, doesn’t it? It’s been ten years since Neptune joined Uranus in Aquarius, and since we all got to know Monica Lewinsky. Like a crazed fanbase of a hypothetical band that broke up ten years ago, we’re starved and hungry for a new act that we can go on tour with. It’s easy to hear Freddie Mercury singing in the background:

Each morning I get up I die a little
Can barely stand on my feet
Take a look in the mirror and cry
Lord what you're doing to me
I have spent all my years in believing you
But I just can't get no relief, Lord!

Somebody! Somebody!
Somebody! Somebody!
Can anybody find me somebody to love?

Notice that one of the first things we are starting to question here is the old, provincial thinking (Capricorn). The pundits ask, are we “ready” for a woman President? Are we “ready” for a black President?

All of a sudden … the answer is yes. After Hilllary’s win in New Hampshire, we actually feel that we can have a woman in charge. After Obama’s wins in Iowa and South Carolina, we actually feel that we can break that color barrier. What seemed impossible, suddenly feels possible.

Whether Democrat or Republican, we are also looking for a “change” from Washington politics-as-usual. We’re tired of the corruption, the scandals, the secret energy meetings, the abuses of civil liberties, the deceptions that lead to power grabs, the corporate welfare, and on and on ad nauseam. Our collective Pluto feels ready to take the axe to the old school of government.

Who would have thought Pluto in Capricorn would be about the audacity of hope?

However, we shouldn’t expect those who retain the old power to give up without a fight, and a dirty fight at that. Pluto can give power to the old power grabbers, or it can tear them down. That’s where our free will comes into play.

What would it be like to make a mixed CD with Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” and The Beattles’ “All You Need is Love” repeated over and over? Because those two apparently contradictory themes are somehow the ticket, mutually exclusive as they may falsely seem.

One other thing is clear to me. While Pluto is in Capricorn, we’ll find a lot more heroes to love. Maybe it will actually be Obama. Or maybe he’s just an omen of things to come.

We’ll find a lot more swine to hang too, and simultaneously the swine will try to cheat us. We just need to check ourselves and make sure we don’t turn into the swine fighting the swine.

But I know for sure that somebody’s gonna find me somebody (some hero) to love.

Maybe it’ll be you.


“Be the change you want to see in the world”
-Mahatma Ghandi

“A man can't ride your back unless it's bent.”

"Means we use must be as pure as the ends we seek."

“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”
-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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