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In This Issue: September 29th, 2009 
Moses who? Remember me?

A year ago, last September, I hosted an astrology conference in Sedona, AZ (close to where I liveóPrescott, AZ) that featured some really, really fantastic astrologers. It was so big and great that quite frankly I have been recovering from it ever since (the second one in an 18-month stretch)! Since then all of the astrology juice I have has gone towards working with clients rather than writing newsletters and planning more events. And thatís been a nice change of pace for me. Being "Dad" to a two year old boy is also the coolest thing ever.

I don't have a date set for the next Blast Astrology Conference yet, but I'd like to see things improve in the economy before we do. So we'll see. At this point, I doubt there will be one in 2010.

Mercury turned direct today (9/29), and I decided to honor it by writing this. It turned out to be about transforming your life, and thatís probably appropriate since weíre in the middle of Saturn opposite Uranus, and now (very soon) Saturn square Pluto. That means something like, ďChange or be changed!Ē

Saturn can represent the most stubborn parts of our shadow--our fears, our insecurities, our karmas, our negative tendencies. This autumn is (as September was) great time to look at the old habits, see them clearly, let them go, build new courses, and never look back. I repeat: let that old thing go and never look back, or you might be stuck with it for a long time.

While still enjoying and remaining committed to my astrological work, in August I started pursuing the other vocational dream that I've had since I was a teen (I turned 34 this year). Iíve wanted to be both an astrologer and a storyteller for a long time, and Iím happy to say that Iíve been hard at work on a fiction novel for a couple of months now, and Iím very happy with my nearly 40,000 words that Iíve put into my first draft. If youíd like to follow my journey of becoming a fiction writer, Iíd love to have you as a subscriber to my facebook page for this purpose:

As I wrote there today (I just created this Ďfan pageí today):

Stalk, er, follow Moses' burgeoning fiction writing career, and either get inspired by it, watch him crash and burn, or live vicariously through his exploits. Now Hiring: new and old friends, fellow writers, cheerleaders, muses, and dreamy publishers.

The book I'm working on will probably be categorized under "fantasy," but more than anything else, I would compare it to The Iliad (Homer). It's above all, I hope, a great story about great characters, and it has a strongly metaphysical dimension and various religious themes.

I'm loving it.

Astrology For The Soul Home

I am truly grateful to the Arizona Society of Astrologers, who earlier this year gave me the first annual Stella award, an honor which will be given each year to an Arizona-based astrologer. Here is the text from the ASA:

"To celebrate International Astrology Day, the Arizona Society of Astrologers is proud to present the Stella Award to deserving Arizona-based astrologers in appreciation for their outstanding contributions.

The 2009 Stella Award is awarded to Moses Siregar III of Prescott, Arizona to acknowledge the scope of his astrological knowledge and his tireless efforts to promote and recognize the field of Astrology, especially through The Blast astrology conferences and his involvement with the Association for Young Astrologers."

The ASA's First Annual Stella Award

This month only, get all six days of the 2008 Blast Astrology Conference on either video (PC or Mac) or mp3 audio for $100 off the full price (only $97). Or get both the 2007 and 2008 conferences for $200 off the full price (for only $197).

Youíll be able to experience one of the most progressive and ground-breaking astrological conferences around, at your leisure.

Hereís a comparison for perspective on what a cool deal this is. The fantastic UAC Conference, which I spoke at last year, charges $15 for one mp3 recording of one lecture. If we were charging that rate, it would cost around $700 for the recordings from one of our conferences; instead our current sale is for $97, or $197 for twice as much--which would cost around $1,400 if we were UAC.

Being ďthe little guyĒ (with a great event, if I do say so) we have to discount what we sell to an absurd degree just to try to remain in business. The good news is that you can benefit from that and check out a fabulous event full of amazing info for a really incredible price.

Here are the speakers that were at our 2008 conference (the one you can own on video for just $97):

Robert Blaschke
Chris Brennan
Joseph Crane
Benjamin Dykes
Meira Epstein
Penny Farrow
Maurice Fernandez
Steven Forrest
Adam Gainsburg
Demetra George
Sam Geppi
Michelle Gould
Dorian Greenbaum
Rob Hand
Dennis Harness
Deborah Houlding
Rick Levine
Maria Mateus
Ray Merriman
Laura Michetti
Kenneth D. Miller
Eric Meyers
Jessica Murray
Joni Patry
Jonathan Pearl
Kelly Lee Phipps
Samuel F Reynolds
Philip Sedgwick
Moses Siregar III
Richard Tarnas
Steve Weiss
Scott Wolfram

Great, great stuff.

Blast Astrology Conference Website

A recent relocation astrology client of mine has so far had such good luck with my recommendation that I asked her if she'd write to me about it. Of course, they can't all be like this, but many of them are. Here's what she said:

Dear Moses,
There are some incredible things to share with you about my first trip to a place we identified as being very congenial for me, astrologically speaking. Since I am serious about relocating to an astrologically friendly, welcoming place I wanted to be sure you heard what happened so far:

* The very first place I had a meal, two waitresses invited me to move there, they each said just because I seemed like I would love it there and fit in beautifully.

* I made 3 acquaintence friends, two of whom invited me to stay with them in their homes on my very next visit-which I did.

* Happy,serendipitous situations were the norm for me that week in May.

* I "bumped" into 2 women at a coffee shop that are currently building an "earthen home" just like the kind I want to build, and we got along so well in that 30 minute chat, they invited me to come and see it the very next day, which I did. It is fantastic!!

* The local college and state are VERY small business oriented and welcome new people and businesses including providing lowered rent for office space, lowered utility and phone service, free classes for business improvement and support, some essentially free money to grow and sustain your business, some free advertising locally and many more business friendly practices-unbelievable!

* On the last day, I met a woman and found a wonderful place to rent once I move there. She's so excited to have me as a tenant, she has called me 4 times just to make sure I'm actually coming!

* They grow organic crops and provide very high quality food locally which is very important to me.

* I met, through referral by a complete stanger, a man who's profession is (for 30 years+) as a personal and business coach who is now helping me with many aspects of my move there in the next 6 months. He's been there for more than 50 years and knows everyone and most everything about the area and people, is reasonably priced for his services, LOVES helping all of his clients and can't wait to help in any way! This is just the help I need since I don't know anyone there and will be living by myself.

I really appreciate your generosity, kindness and meticulous attention to detail during my reading which made some unpalatable things easier to hear and release. Your gifts of astrological interpretation and the great care you take in sharing your insights are truly helpful and, as I have experienced, quite accurate. Thank you so much, will keep in touch about any splendid new developments. Warmly, NR

Locational Astrology, or Astrocartography Sessions

Iím going to talk about at least two keys that Iíve experienced when it comes to transforming your life. Why me? Well as a brief resume, I have Scorpio Rising with the North Node in Scorpio and the part of fortune conjunct Pluto.
Some of you will also find it interesting that the transiting Sun is almost exactly on my natal Pluto as I write this ;-)

The first concept is one that I just recently discovered.

Have you heard that it takes 21 days to form a new habit? Somewhere, sometime, somehow, I heard that too. Recently I researched where that idea comes from and if there is any truth to it. From what Iíve learned, the concept comes from Maxwell Maltz MD, who wrote a mega-successful book in 1960 called ĎPsycho-Cybernetics.í This book was a pivotal influence on many self-help gurus, and one reviewer on amazon says: ďThis book effectively condenses the entirety of the self-help field.Ē

So I just ordered my copy of the book, and perhaps Iíll let you know more about it after Iíve read it. But Iíve read a little about what Maltz discovered about these magical 21 days. Hereís another amazon reviewer on Maltzís discoveries: ďthe human mind takes almost exactly 21 days to adjust to a major life change, universally - whether it's a negative like a loss of a limb or a loved one, a change of employment or residence, or positive like entering into a new romantic relationship.Ē

Another comment from a blog that no longer appears to be online (

ďOriginally a Plastic Surgeon, Maltz noticed that it took 21 days for amputees to cease feeling phantom sensations in the amputated limb. From further observations he found it took 21 days to create a new habit. Since then the '21 Day Habit Theory' has become an accepted part of self-help programs. Brain circuits take engrams (memory traces), and produce neuroconnections and neuropathways only if they are bombarded for 21 days in a row. This means that our brain does not accept ďnewĒ data for a change of habit unless it is repeated each day for 21 days (without missing a day)."

This is powerful stuff. It means that our brains function a lot like a computer, but sadly most of us havenít read the manual that explains how to program it. As Maltz put it: 'Man is not a machine, but has and uses a machine.' Apparently his book talks about how to make use of this reality.

But for me, this seems like a good place to start:

What would you like to do every day? Meditation or prayer? Some exercise? Work on a creative project? Stop or start eating or drinking something? Spend time with a child or loved one? Write for your blog?

Maltzís book is, from what Iíve read, largely about working on the mental image behind things, including self-esteem. He would probably talk about self-affirmation, visualization, and positive inner goals. While I canít explain what Maltzís overall advice would be, there are self-help gurus who have adapted his message to at least include this: to form a new habit, do something 21 days in a row for at least 15 minutes.

So hereís what I just did. I started writing the first draft of my fiction novel in earnest on September 2nd (I spent all of August planning it out) and have since then have surprised myself by logging 27 consecutive writing days. The idea is that after that youíve done something for 21 consecutive days it becomes harder *not* to do it each day than it is to *do it,* and thatís what Iím now experiencing for myself. Itís been fantastic for me, and I really didnít know that I had it in me to write every day. But now I *expect* to. Itís really great. I used to have a really hard time with longer writing projects, so now Iím convinced that anyone can change their habits this way.

Take charge. Decide to do something new for 21 days in a row, even if itís something small, and start today. By the end of it, you will have programmed the machine in your head anew and made it so much easier to keep going with your new habit. Be positive about your potential and take action.

I hope to write you again soon with some of the other things Iíve learned on the subject of transformation, including the Ďsecond keyí that I alluded to (I figured that ending sounds better than, hey I want to go eat dinner now!).

Thanks again for reading this newsletter!

Aloha from Arizona,
(Moses Siregar III)

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