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In This Issue: June 26th, 2005 
I know, I know. I haven’t written you in ages : )

Part of the reason is that (other than enjoying a lot of one-on-one time with clients) there are now almost 10,000 people who receive these emails, and if I’m going to write that many people at once, I’d like to be sure I’ve really got something worth saying. So I’ve been saving up a number of thoughts, some of which I’ll start sharing with you now. I feel this may be the most important thing I’ve ever written (how’s that for drama?), so you might want to print this letter out so that you can read it more easily.

In many ways, I’ve gone through a little spiritual re-awakening since the April eclipses (for the astro-philes: the exalted Solar Eclipse was conjunct my Jupiter in my solar 9th house). I’ve been remembering some very important things, and I hope to also remind you of some of them below.

In this newsletter I'm going to say a bit about that opening for me, recommend the book that triggered it, tell you about my new website that shares a simple program for dramatically increasing your spirituality in five weeks (and at no cost, what a bahgain! The site is and is linked to further below), tell you a really fun way to change your relationship to drinking water, and recommend a very inexpensive item that will connect you with your life purpose. And then, why not, some more stuff too (on the triple conjunction)! So buckle up.

Our story begins in a bookstore in March of this year in Sedona, AZ …

(Thanks for reading this newsletter. Enjoy!)

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Astrologer, Moses Siregar III
My own little personal Mecca in Sedona is this incredible new age bookstore called Crystal Magic ( ). In the back corner of the store, they have a tiny room filled with an amazing collection of crystals, gems, and geodes. When I really need to find a high-powered spot to connect and pray, that’s where I go. What happens after I leave that room after a focused meditation has always been miraculous.

This time, after I left that little room, I felt guided to a new book in the store written by Dannion Brinkley called “The Secrets of the Light.” I happen to think this is one book that should definitely not be judged by its cover. So if you check it out, just keep going past the presentation in front.

Dannion has written some very well-received books about his spiritual vision following his near-death experiences, including “Saved by the Light” and “At Peace in the Light.” I had the privilege of speaking with him recently, which I’ll talk about further below. His latest book picks up with the story of his *third* intense near-death experience. He’s clearly a man who describes himself as being quite rough around the edges, but I have to say that his spiritual vision feels as real, true, and authentic to me as anything I’ve ever come across in the realm of metaphysics.

If you are someone who’s been turned on by ideas such as those in Dr. Masaru Emoto’s “Hidden Messages in Water” and “Messages from Water,” and in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?” then I strongly urge you to pick up Brinkley’s new book. I’m laughing at myself now, because I don’t think I’ve ever used the phrase “I strongly urge you to …,” but there I go. So I have provided a direct link to it on below. If you are so inclined, order the book now and then keep reading. If you don’t benefit from it, then let me know later and I’ll buy it directly from you. I’ll send you a check for whatever you paid for it (save the receipt) and then you can mail me the book, which I will then send to someone else.

Okay, after you’re done ordering the book, I’ll continue with the story below ...

Okay ...

As I mentioned, Dannion has been to the other side three times. As far as I’m concerned, that makes him one of the most qualified people around to talk about what’s really going on spiritually on this planet. He writes that:

“over the next eight years (from 2004 to 2012), humanity will experience tremendous mental and spiritual transformations that are interconnected and will coincide precisely with the earth’s passage through a great physical upheaval. I sincerely believe a dramatic shift in consciousness will occur within this designated time frame, in order to set the stage for what is to come.”

Now, I am not a big “earth changes” guy; it’s just not my style. I’m also not at all big on apocalyptic thinking or anything like that. But having enormous faith in Dannion’s spiritual vision, and after seeing the unbelievable recent tsunami disaster, I’m paying a lot more attention. Here’s the good news. Like many, he talks about much brighter days down the road. I’m going to provide a number of quotes that come from Brinkley’s new book, and then further below, I’m going to give you a lot more (including my newest website which I became inspired to create after reading Dannion's book, ). All of these quotes are from Dannion’s latest book:

“The Beings of Light said, “History is not carved in stone; we have the power to change the future.”

“During my first near-death experience, I vividly recall how … impressed upon me [was] the fact that we are “great, powerful, mighty spiritual beings.”

”Our spiritual potency grows in direct proportion to the way in which we direct our willful, conscious intent towards effecting change in our lives, the lives of others as well as the world at large. The changes we willfully influence, whether positive or adverse, will in turn create a ripple effect throughout the entire Universe. This occurs invariably because we are One. As cliché a saying as you may feel that has become, it still remains gospel.”

“Every single thing that one of us thinks, says, or does impacts all the rest of us, in varying degrees, on one level or another. Please stop for a moment to deeply absorb what you just read …”

” From this perspective, it becomes easy to find our true purpose in life … We choose to come here as a ‘Force of One’ in order to make changes for the betterment of humanity, knowing that we are capable of making a real difference.”

“Our fundamental purpose in life is to discover our uniqueness and then learn to manifest it for the betterment of humanity, through Love. This holds true if you are a singer, a street sweeper, or a saint. If you truly want to know why you are here and exactly what Spirit wants you to do or be, ASK! … when you attain the curiosity and courage to ask for higher guidance, Spirit will reveal everything still held in mystery. Discovering your own mission puts you in a position of responsibility. From this point on, you must act as a torchbearer for others who still struggle with their spiritual identity. Thereby, your life stands as a testament and demonstration that they can do exactly as you have done.”

“The truth is that we have actually been entrusted with the fate and destiny of the world. Please understand this; we bear the great responsibility of transforming the spiritual reality of this physical realm.”

“We chose to be alive at this time, at this place and at this point in history. Never before have we had such a glorious opportunity to display our individual power and presence.”

But I can’t come close to doing justice to the whole scope of the book here, so …

Be good to yourself and check out the book “Secrets of the Light” by Dannion Brinkley.

You can also see both Dannion and myself as speakers at the "Celebrate the Divine Feminine Conference" in Sedona this September. Here's the website for the event:
(note: I haven't been added to the website yet)

I'll be talking about some of my flower essence formulas for the Feminine, inluding The Goddess Bottle, the Woman's Bottle, and the Moonstone Elixir. You can find out more about those essences at or

Link To: “Secrets of the Light” by Dannion Brinkley

Dannion Brinkley's 'The Secrets of the Light'
Following the inspiration I received around the time of the previous solar eclipse--which 'The Secrets of the Light' played a big role in--I decided to create a simple program that anyone can follow to spiritually transform his or her life (at no financial cost). I have set up a new website for this spiritual program at . Please check it out, and if you feel moved to, please tell others about it. I'm counting on word of mouth to spread this one around for the greater good of all.

I told Dannion about this spiritual program about a month ago, and I was honored when he said he'd be the first person to go through it. But he made me promise that I would add to the program a component to remind everyone to think about their possibilities in life. You'll see that aspect of the program on the website at

Here's something really neat. On the “Resources” page of the new site, you’ll find a link to a website called . It’s run by some folks in Sedona who sell (for $2.95) these fantastic re-usable clear decals that you can put on containers of water. Each one has some kind of positive, spiritual message. Do yourself an enormous favor and check them out! They make drinking water a lot more fun, as they give you something positive to think about and bless your water with. I have to say that I have really felt a hard-to-explain, huge difference since I found them.

It's really amazing to me that I organically decided just yesterday to create this new website that I have been thinking about for months, and to announce the birth of the website tonight, considering this triple conjunction of Venus, Saturn, and Mercury that is taking place right now tonight as I type these words. I didn't plan it this way, but that just shows me once again how beautifully astrology works.

The triple conjunction is a particularly auspicious one, symbolizing a blessed and deeper commitment to our authentic self and path, and a new way of living the truth of our being in a way that nurtures others from an inner, spiritual inspiration. So I really hope that this newsletter gives you something valuable to help you make the most of this great opportunity.

Go To:
I'm going to recommend something to you that I don't sell, but it's something that I have personally found to be so very, astoundingly useful. Many people are looking for their life purpose and don't know where to turn. I always have one primary piece of advice for someone in this situation: get the Wild Oat flower remedy from Bach remedies. You can probably find it in a local health food store for around $10.

A new friend and client, Victoria McKinley in Canada writes in an email:

“Thank you for recommending the Wild Oat essence. I expected that any benefits would take some time to manifest, but I noticed an immediate and unexpected result the first day: I began sleeping through the night, which I have been unable to do for years (I have ADHD, and my mind never really stopped buzzing long enough to get into a deep sleep). I've spent much of my life dithering because I had too many options and was afraid of making a wrong move, a bad decision, or a mistake. In less than a week of using Wild Oat, I could clearly see exactly what choices I wanted to make, and I made them. I became decisive, and I have not had cause to regret any of the choices I have made.” writes about Wild Oat:

"Wild Oat is the remedy for people who feel that they want to do something worthwhile with their lives but do not know in which direction they should move. So instead they drift from occupation to occupation, but without finding their true path, which leads in turn to feelings of frustration and consequent depression.

Wild Oat people do not know what their options are because their goals are not defined … The remedy helps people to find their true role, putting them back in touch with their own basic purpose in life so that the way ahead seems obvious."

I agree. I find that Wild Oat acts like a powerful magnet, effortlessly pulling to you whatever you need in order to gracefully move forward in life and towards more soul-fulfilling work and/or purpose in your life.

My sense is that flower essences (which are entirely different than essential oils and aromatherapy) are a way of attuning to powerful, positive frequencies on an inner level; these subconscious frequencies gradually and beneficially help you to change your experience of your own inner potentials, and this in turn creates noticeably positive life changes. So if you would like the path to open up more clearly ahead of you, be kind to yourself and pick up this flower remedy. If you have questions about how flower essences work, send a blank email to and you will receive an automated response back with answers to FAQ.

If you don’t pick up the essence locally, I have also found a website that offers Wild Oat:

To order from the UK, you can go to:

Another site where you can order online:

Order Online from FES/Healing Herbs:

Wild Oat Description from
There’s still time to join me and over 75 other great astrologers who are speaking at the ISAR 2005 Conference near Chicago, IL this August. It’s estimated that there may be as many as 700 or more astrology fans at this truly great event. It’s Disney World for astrology lovers! Come on! You can't beat that!!!

This Will Take you to my Link to the ISAR 2005 Conference Website

International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) 2005 Conference
Thanks again for reading this newsletter!

Aloha from Arizona,

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