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Is There a Hidden Meaning with Jupiter-Neptune and the Space Shuttle

By Moses Siregar III, copyright 2003. All rights reserved.

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Originally published on

February 1st, 2003 and September 11th, 2001 were nightmarish days for the United States of America, and for humanity. Precious and innocent lives were lost in full public view as billions around the world mourned for them and for their families. Although there were strikingly similar and intense alignments of planets in the earth's sky during each tragedy, the more recent event might also offer a hidden meaning, along with a ray of hope.

Astrologically there were two significant conditions prevalent during both tragic events. The first is the one most well known amongst western astrologers, the Saturn-Pluto opposition. In 2001, the Saturn- Pluto opposition was intensified by a station of Mars close to their degrees of opposition; we saw the stock markets diving, India and Pakistan on the verge of a nuclear exchange, and the horror of September 11th in the USA. Out of this came the military action in Afghanistan, and the USA's war against terror. In 2002, the Saturn- Pluto opposition was intensified by the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto with the nodes of the Moon, and a lunar eclipse conjunct Saturn and opposite Pluto; and we saw the US and world economy go into a tailspin.

Now it is February, 2003. And Saturn will soon be stationing at the 23rd degree of Gemini, opposite Pluto. In March, Pluto stations at the 20th degree of Sagittarius, opposite Saturn. During the third week of February, Mars will both conjoin Pluto and oppose Saturn. On March 10th, Uranus enters tropical Pisces, bringing unforeseen changes into all of our lives. We are in the midst of the third major moment of the Saturn-Pluto opposition.

The other condition prevalent during both the loss of the Space
Shuttle Columbia, and the terrorism of 9-11, is the conjunction of Mars and the South Node of the Moon, also known as Ketu in Vedic Astrology. This is the astrological `trigger' most well known amongst Vedic astrologers concerning 9-11. In Vedic astrology, Mars and Ketu are considered malefic planets, so their conjunction is something like a Vedic equivalent of the Saturn-Pluto opposition.

There are some noteworthy items about the conjunctions of Mars and Ketu. One, they did not conjoin at all in the time between September, 2001 and January/February, 2003. Two, the entire flight of the Space Shuttle Columbia, which began on January 16th, and ended on February 1st, occurred while Mars and Ketu were within orb of conjunction to each other; the exact conjunction was close to the middle of the Columbia's mission. Lastly, the loss of the Columbia happened around 8 am local time somewhere near Dallas, Texas. At this time, Mars and
Ketu sat straddling the Midheaven, bringing their conjunction into world prominence.

Seeing that the Saturn-Pluto opposition and the Mars-Ketu
conjunctions were happening together again in January and February of 2003, as they both did in September of 2001, probably left a lot of astrologers with a sinking feeling. I know it did for me. But without discounting the incalculable cost of the lives of the seven astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia, perhaps there is silver lining in this very dark cloud.

Many astrologers would agree with me that something very serious and intense was bound to happen in the first few months of 2003, based on the celestial weather. From a spiritual perspective, perhaps these seven very brave astronauts made a sacrifice for the rest of us. One element clearly emphasized in the chart of the loss of the Columbia
is the New Moon conjunct the opposition of Jupiter and Neptune. The tragedy of this aspect is plain enough. But the spiritual sacrifice may be a hidden element of the Jupiter-Neptune opposition and the loss of the Columbia "for those with eyes to see." These astronauts knew the danger inherent in their mission, but still soared into the heavens willingly. May our prayers be with the families of these true heroes. Perhaps they gave their lives so that we would not have to see more destruction in the skies; astrological symbolism has to manifest somewhere. On the third-dimensional level, the seven astronauts volunteered to go into space. Maybe on another level, they volunteered to "bear a cross" for humanity at this time.

We are not out of the woods of the Saturn-Pluto opposition yet. February and March are still very sensitive times, as February 1st has already shown us. This is why I am saying prayers each day for the greatest good of humanity and the Earth. The greatest impact we have on world events may be from a spiritual plane. And that is why I hope we remember that our prayers for the well being of all people may be the most powerful way for us to influence world events. Together, our prayers can invite Grace to alleviate the intensity of the current astrological weather. And miracles will happen.