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Sunset, Sunrise, and Planetary Meditation

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Viv writes:

There is something that is energetically different about sunrise AND sunset. It is almost as if these are major gateways, or something-I had not been a nurse for very long at all when I noted that when patients transition into the next reality, this is when they are MOST likely to do so-sunrise or sunset. It's as if there is some kind of major interface with other levels of reality at this time of day. I've also noticed that sunrise is the most productive meditation time, for me.

Anyone know why this is?

love, viv

Moses's Reply:

Here's a little something on the topic, from Hilarion in the book,

" ... the energy rays from the sun and those from the earth are exactly at right angles to each other at sunset. At that time, an important calming effect can be obtained by anyone who is in a meditative or relaxed state of mind. that is why it is so soothing to sit and watch a sunset over a lake: the attention is directed out and away from the earth planet at the precise moment when the earth/sun energies form a right angle." (p. 21)

And his is from Hilarion in the book Tapestry:

" In our book, Wildflowers, we explain the advantage of meditatively 'opening up' when the energy lines from the sun are exactly perpendicular to the energy lines radiating from the earth, i.e. at sunrise and sunset. Of course, the sun itself is a star, which appears different from the others only because it is so much closer. Now, if the sun's vibrations can be assimilated more readily when it is on the horizon, it is reasonable to suppose that emanations from the other stars may also be more easily taken advantage of when they are setting or rising. This supposition is accurate, and we
strongly recommend to those able to determine these rising and setting times that they choose a meditation theme which is consonant with the basic character of the star they have selected." (p. 67-68)

I used to do this, but with the planets. I'd choose times to meditate according to what planets were on the horizon. It always seemed like a really great thing to do. This is pretty easy to determine. Even if you don't have astrology software, you can use to determine when a planet will be
on the horizon (1st-7th house cusp).