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February 23, 2004

Ralph Nader: Holy Aquarius!

Yesterday, as Mars and the North Node approached a conjunction with one another, Ralph Nader announced that he would run for President as an Independent. It's appropriate that he would run as an Independent, you know, since Ralph Nader is the sort of the uber (ultimate) Aquarian. Have a look-see:

Ralph Nader's birth chart

Ralph Nader: February 27th, 1934; 4:52 am; Winstead, CT ("A" Rating, from memory)

In his Western chart, he's either Aquarius or Capricorn Rising with Venus in Aquarius Rising (Rush Limbaugh has Venus in Aquarius conjunct his Aquarian ASC, by the way) and Saturn conjunct the North Node in Aquarius in the first house. In his Vedic chart, he has the Sun, Mars, and Mercury in Aquarius, with Mercury and Mars tightly conjunct. So don't expect him to sweetly say "I love you" any time soon to any of the other candidates.

Now it's interesting to me that Ralph would enter the race with Mars conjunct the North Node in the sidereal sign of Aries. In India, the North Node is called "Rahu," which roughly translates to "crazy mo fo." Put that in Aries with Mars in Aries sidereally, by transit, and it's like a "crazy mo fo" party.

What's interesting about that when it comes to Nader is that he was born when Saturn was in Aquarius conjunct the North Node in Aquarius (tropically/Western), while Uranus--the dispositor of those Aquarian placements--was opposite Jupiter and square Pluto. That is one intense, genius mo fo, right there.

However my impression of seeing him enter the race with this Rahu-Mars conjunction in sidereal Aries is that he may not be quite entering this race for entirely the same progressive, Aquarian ideals that he based his earlier, consumer advocacy work on. Some pundits and politicians have questioned whether or not it is his ego that is motivating him to enter this race.

Ralph Nader has been an incredible champion of the public consumer throughout his career, taking on big business and the government time and time again. This is one amazingly courageous man who has made a living out of fighting the good fight, and kicking corruption hard in the nuts.

Which is what makes a lot of people wonder about why he is entering the Presidential race now, since if Nader had not run in 2000, Al Gore would have almost certainly won that Presidential race against George W. Bush. By running, Nader could once again be handing George W. Bush a victory.

Now Nader does have his Moon and South Node conjunct in Leo and three or four important placements in Leo's opposite (i.e. similar) sign, Aquarius (tropically). While he has long been a true champion of what's right and good, there's no denying that he has the potential to have a big ego. With him entering the race as volatile Mars and stormy Rahu conjoin in sidereal Aries, it's a pretty clear confirmation to me that he's doing it for two reasons:

1. To fight the good fight
2. To feed his fiesty, rebellious ego

Nader has been asked by countless individuals on the left side of the political spectrum not to run for President again. Just as an experiment, try telling an uber Aquarian not to do something. His decision to enter the race does not surprise this astrologer one bit.

Oh, by the way, Ralph Nader is currently in his (Vedic) Rahu maha dasa, or major period, as he also was 2000. In his Vedic navamsa chart, he has Rahu in Leo aspected by Mars and the Sun. Mm hm.

I think we're seeing both the high and the low of Aquarius in Ralph Nader. On the high side, we're seeing a man who is willing to take a bold, free-thinking, activist stand for what's good and right for real people. On the low side, we're seeing a man who will rebel just for ego-centric rebellion's sake, regardless of whether or not that can help him practically achieve what his ideals stand for.

Ralph Nader, (using my best Rajneesh voice) I say unto you, may your vision and ideals succeed, while your attempt to get votes in this next Presidential race fail pathetically and miserably. Only a runaway Rahu-Aquarian train like Ralph Nader could find a way to take a stand on the highest humanitarian principles, and in doing so, become, once again, the best thing that ever happened to George W. Bush's political career.

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Posted by MosesSiregarIII at February 23, 2004 08:23 AM

I think it is time to look at one of Mr.Nader's really big transits! For Mr. Nader one of the last of his Big Life Changing "events" has already started. The next few years will mark the time for Ralph to ask the question, "What do I really, really value?"(second house). The fun part of all of this is that, after a lifetime of very serious work, Uranus will be his quide in answering that question. What freedom will the next few year bring to Ralph? I think in part it will be that he "just does not have to do it anymore". He will have the time the money and the freedom to say, "O.K., I don't have to be who everyone has made me be!!! Now I can finally be who I really am... I am pretty wild and craze and I am going to prove it"!

Posted by: edewitt at July 18, 2004 08:46 PM