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An Amazing Look at Compatibility
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A Discussion of an interesting approach to compatibility, inspired by the Magi Society's take on things.

Here's the most amazing thing i personally discovered after being stimulated by their approach: I can tell, with 90% accuracy, if two people are primarily harmonious or inharmonious without conventional astrology techniques. What i did was look at all of the planetary geometries that I could form between two charts, using a certain orb, and a certain point system, and tally up a net plus or minus result. This result shows whether two people fundamentally get along, or don't.

I'll explain how to do this: Put all of the planets of two people's charts together, like they were in one chart. Now you have one chart with twice as many planets. At this point, you can forget which planets are which, it doesn't matter, but you do have to remember whose planets are whose. Using a 4 5/8 degree orb, 4 degrees and about 38 minutes, form all of the T-Squares, Grand Crosses, Yods, Grand Trines, Kites, Golden Rectangles, Grand Sextiles, and Star of Davids that you can form. Stick to the orb, but if you have a pattern that is really close, use a 5 1/8 degree orb (5 degrees, eight minutes), which will count for half strength in the point system below. Each geometrical pattern must have at least one planet from each person.

Just use planets, no angles, parts, or nodes. Use Chiron, but not the asteroids. All patterns formed of three planets counts for 1 point. All patterns formed of four planets counts for 2 points. All patterns formed of six planets counts for 4 points. None of the above shapes has five points, so that is impossible, they are either 3,4, or 6. T-Squares and Grand-Crosses are negative points. All the others are positive points. Add it all up, and see if you come up with a positive or negative total. There's your answer. I spent a lot of time fine-tuning this system to see what orbs and what points yielded the most accurate results.

Some caveats: if you do all of this by hand, it is easy to miss some influences, so be very careful. The more you work with these patterns, the easier it becomes to spot them. One time I found a couple with a huge number of geometries, where the result was not accurate, and it may have something to do with the sheer number of aspects, or perhaps I missed something. I think the system is very accurate, but not 100% accurate, but I don't know anything in astrology that is 100% accurate. So even if done correctly it will occasionally be wrong; I have found it to be wrong about 10% of the time, which is still phenomenal.

An interesting thing that I learned after observing this is that people with predominantly T-Square-type energy have many more difficult relationships than people with predominantly Grand-Trine (or other 'positive' shapes) energy. This is because, if you have a T-Square, if someone has a planet at any one of the locations where your T-Square planets are, or at the 'empty leg,' then you will form at least a mutual T-Square between the two of you. Such a person is more likely to have a problem with the grocery store cashier, not just the intimate partner; in other words, this is a general trend for all of the people one meets. The reverse is true of yods, grand trines, etc. Basically if you have any of these patterns in your chart, you will often form these patterns with others as well, and that makes the fundamental energy between you and others more often easy or hard. So easy-shape people get along with more people than hard-shape people. Very, very interesting.

If you've read the above, you now have a good picture of how I spent the month of March this year (2000).