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February 18, 2004

Come On In and Join the AYA Online Group, Plus Astrology and Intuition

We have recently formed a new group that serves the concerns of
people learning astrology. It's called AYA, The Association for
Young Astrologers. We have a focus on younger folks, but this is
literally an all-ages group. Our core group includes one person
having her second Saturn return and lots of folks in their forties :D

At this point, membership in our group is free. You can visit and
join our online group through this address:

I hope to see you there!

We're currently having an interesting discussion about Astrology and Intuition. If you'd like to read one of my posts on this topic, click the link directly below that says "Continue reading ..."

One of the things I've experienced is that the longer I do
astrology, the more intuitive my sessions become. Now I have a Sun-
Neptune trine, so I'm a "go with the flow" kind of guy anyway, but I
used to strongly feel that astrology is a basically scientific,
linear matter that can be explained in terms of rational principles;
and that's still one of my big attractions to astrology--it can be
done well with just rational thinking. It's not just tea leaves and
crystal balls. But while I haven't specifically tried much to become
a more intuitive astrologer, but I can't deny that it has happened
for me pretty much automatically.

One way that I look it, and this kind of view isn't for everyone,
but one way that I look at it, is that when you do something like
astrology you have (spirit) "guides" that you are working with that
help you along your way. And you're probably developing a certain
invisible muscle that has to do with your ability to hear and be
influenced by these guides, every time you make yourself available
to be of service to someone through astrology.

Hart Defouw's book "Light on Life" paints a pretty interesting
picture of how many Vedic astrologers view their craft from an
intuitive perspective. Vedic astrologers are famously intuitive,
sometimes shockingly so. Here's part of what Hart writes, which is
interesting for the cultural difference, if nothing else:

"Another reason why those who practice Jyotish [vedic astrology]
must cultivate a relationship with a personal deity is that a
jyotishi is always coming to crossroads in readings, at which two or
more interpretations seem equally feasible. At these moments an
*ishta devata* [the form of deity you worship] can 'jump the gap' in
your model of reality and flash you the right answer. Fluctuations
in the mind occur ... When you worship an ishta devata, your focus
restrains those fluctuations, which permits a little spark of
Reality to flow from your deity to you. It is this spark which
appears in your awareness as intuition. The word most commonly used
for intuition today in India is in fact *ishta bala,* which means
literally 'the strength of the deity.' It was this strength that the
rishis [prophets/seers] who originated Jyotish tapped into in order
to collect and systematize their astrological information ...

But intuition alone is insufficient for the practice of Jyotish, for
unless you are a great saint you will be unable to call on your
deity for help and advice twenty-four hours a day, even if you should
want to do so. And besides, in the words of our Jyotish guru, 'The
ishta devata is busy; call on him or her only in an emergency.' The
Seers systematized Jyotish for beings like you and me who have to
use rational methods and intuitive powers to complement one another,
and only those who become adept at both these approaches to
divination can ever become fit receptacles for the Jyotir Vidya
[Lore of Light/Vedic astrology]." (p.35-36)

While his way of putting this is clearly Hindu in a cultural sense,
I find it very interesting that a personal worship of a kind of
deity is part of one's training in Vedic astrology, in order to help
the astrologer intuitively, at least from his own tradition's point
of view.

Before I do a session, I always do a kind of prayer or meditation to
raise the energy and call on my "guidance systems" to be with me,
and I also sort of refuse to do the session until I get the sense
that they are in charge of making sure the highest good will come
about for the person; that's my way of surrendering the session to a
higher power and removing myself as much as possible from the karma
of doing sessions. To me, if you are coming from your heart and
wanting to benefit others, you will naturally attract spiritual
energies that will help you to do that even more. If you are doing
that with astrology, then you can do a session, and your intuition
will carry you from one part of the chart to another, and flash into
your mind the things that are most important to say or focus on.
That's the kind of intuition that I think pretty much everyone uses
when it comes to astrology. Now that I'm really in a flow with that,
it makes giving session remarkably easy. Even if I don't know what
I'm going to say next, I know that something good will come through.

Another sort of intuition is just directly asking for or opening to
intuitive information that has nothing to do with the astrological
charts, and this is more like a direct "psychic" kind of approach.
Though, to distance ourselves from Ms. Cleo, we tend to just call
that being "intuitive" LOL. Whether or not to use that kind of
source for information is an individual matter, I think, and not at
all necessary for doing astrology. But if you got it, I think you
might as well use it :D

Posted by MosesSiregarIII at February 18, 2004 06:36 PM

For me, the beauty of astrology is that it is both scientific/rational (the calculation of the chart & intellectual knowledge of the standard meanings of the planets etc), AND artistic/intuitive (personal interpretation).

The exciting thing about astrological symbolism is that the interpretation of a particular chart by each individual astrologer can be unique and yet still "correct". This lends chart interpretation a very empowering and creative quality.

In the tarot fraternity, you are encouraged to develop your own interpretation of each card rather than relying on textbook meanings, and I believe that once having gotten a "feel" for what each astrological influence represents from a symbolic point of view, astrological interpretation should be approached in the same way. You have to "feel" the symbols. Only then can you experience a true mastery of the subject.


Posted by: Neptuneguy at February 27, 2004 07:19 PM