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February 19, 2004

Howard Dean Throws in the Towel, Picks Up Another

Yesterday, at approximately 11:03 pm in Burlington, VT (February 18th, 2004), Howard Dean announced that he is no longer actively seeking the Presidency of the United States. Tell me if you notice anything interesting in these two charts. The first is his reported birth time, and the second is the time of his announcement yesterday.

Howard Dean's birth chart
Howard Dean Concedes the Race

That's right, folks, the ASC is at the exact same degree in both chart. While it doesn't prove anything, I take that as a good synchronicity that we do have the right birth data for Dean (Nov 17, '48, 7:21 pm, Manhattan, NY).

Back on December 1st, 2003, I gathered the following info on politicians who were born with Sun-Chiron conjunctions, like Dean, and posted it to the AFAN online forum. The list pretty much speaks for itself. At that point, I was an enthusiastic Dean supporter (I personally gave up on Dean before the end of 2003), but I was somewhat skeptical that Dean could win the Presidency, and I figured if he did, it wouldn't seem to be such a great thing for everyone.

Why? The Sun represents power and leadership. The President of the US is arguably the most powerful person (politically, anyway) on earth. Chiron is a maverick. At it's best, a humble healer or mentor. Sun-conjunct-Chiron just didn't strike me as the right man for the Presidency of the USofA.

Before the Wisconsin primary, I was a bit confused, because I was seeing some positive things happening in his chart on a short-term basis, but I knew he was likely to lose pretty badly, just due to the polls. I figured he would lose and go on to something better for him, or maybe pull off a surprisingly good showing. Now it makes sense.

Dean has decided to start an organization that will mobilize his relatively young, activist supporters to push for change within the Democratic party. He's taking a practical, maverick, approach to trying to make the Democratic party more progressive. Now that is a good outlet for Dean and his Sun-Chiron in Scorpio conjunction.

By the way, there's also a mention of Dean in the Jupiter-trine-Jupiter thread below.

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Posted by MosesSiregarIII at February 19, 2004 08:59 AM