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Grace Flower Essences

Five Bach Remedies Everyone Should Own

  1. Wild Oat: For times when one is seeking work, money, or forward motion with life purpose
  2. Mustard and Gorse: Use together for lightening up heavy emotional states, and bringing in optimism
  3. Olive and Wild Rose: For re-energizing when one is feeling down, tired, or uninspired.

Twelve Bach Remedy Combinations for specific purposes:

Loving Relationships: Holly and Chicory
Love fully, and diminish selfishness, jealousy, envy, anger, possessiveness, and neediness.

Loosen Up!: Rock Water and Crab Apple
Increase the ability to 'go with the flow,' rather than following rigid standards. Relax. Go easy on yourself.

Too Intense: Oak and Vervain
Take it easy, relax hard-driving tendencies. Practice moderation. Relax control.

Honor Yourself: Pine and Centaury
Overcome guilt and servitude. Learn healthy boundaries. Forgive yourself.

Conquer Fear: Gentian and Mimulus
Persevering confidence. Overcome doubt and anxiety. Put your power into action

Healing Emotions: Willow and Agrimony
Effortlessly deal with emotional pain. Forgive others, let go of stories, and feel the hurt underneath.

For Parents: Red Chestnut and Elm
Don't worry so much about others. Relax your burdens and responsibilities. Love joyfully.

Dark Night: Sweet Chestnut and Cherry Plum
Find trust, faith, hope and surrender to G-d.

Present Moment, Calm Mind: White Chestnut and Clematis
Let go of wandering, chattering, or worrisome mind. Focus here and now.

Social Skills: Water Violet and Heather
Overcome aloofness, shyness, self-absorption. Appreciate people and relationships, and be open to them.

Energy: Olive and Hornbeam
Renewed enthusiasm and vitality for life and daily tasks.

Confidence: Larch and Cerato
Trust yourself, and what you know. Courage to take risks. Spontaneous self-expression.