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The Twelve Nodal Polarities

Copyright 1998-Today Moses Siregar III

The following twelve polarities show potential major life themes for evolutionary spiritual growth according to the positions of the nodes. For understanding the nature of apparent contradictions between the nodes, nodes in angular houses, and other important dimensions of the nodes,  see Interpretting the Nodes.

Aries/1st House North Node--Libra/7th House South Node:
From relationship with others to relationship with self
From yielding and diplomacy to direct self-expression
From living through relationships with others to individual personal power

Taurus/2nd House North Node--Scorpio/8th House South Node:
From intensity and inner conflict to inner peace
From outer control to inner control
From intimacy to self-sufficiency
From financial dependency to financial self-sufficiency

Gemini/3rd House North Node--Sagittarius/9th House South Node:
From attachment to one's own way of doing/seeing things to a more flexible, practical approach to doing things
From religiousness to humanitarianism
From 'country'/retreat to 'city'/involvement with people

Cancer/4th House North Node--Capricorn/10th House South Node:
From public/work emphasis to private/home emphasis
From yang to yin
From material giving to emotional nurturing

Leo/5th House North Node--Aquarius/11th House South Node:
From emphasizing the group to being comfortable as the center of attention (leader, performer, teacher, etc.)
From dedication to community to play and/or romance
From a mental/theoretical approach to a loving, actively involved approach

Virgo/6th House North Node--Pisces/12th House South Node:
From slack to focus
From escapism/addictions to cleansing/healing
From apathy/laziness to dedication/service
From spacey impracticality to grounded common sense

Libra/7th House North Node--Aries/1st House South Node:
From selfish self-centeredness to objective awareness of others
From intensity to moderation
From independence to relationships
From aggression to mellowness

Scorpio/8th House North Node--Taurus/2nd House South Node:
From stability to change
From laziness to passion
From inertia to transformation
From self-containment to intimacy with others

Sagittarius/9th House North Node--Gemini/3rd House South Node:
From worldliness to spiritual dedication
From dabbling/triviality to dedication to integrating knowledge
From logic/lower mind to intuition/higher mind
From intellectuality to direct realization/experience
From "city" or busyness to country / retreat

Capricorn/10th House North Node--Cancer/4th House South Node:
"Growing Up"
From dependency to personal responsibility
From yin to yang
From homebody to being active in the world
From over-sensitivity to tougher skin

Aquarius/11th House North Node--Leo/5th House South Node:
From emphasis on being the center of attention to emphasis on being an equal in the group
From recreation/leisure to practical dedication to society
From a big need for love/approval to an independent sense of self-worth

Pisces/12th House North Node--Virgo/6th House South Node:
From the particular to the universal
From logic/common sense to intuition/paradox
From rigidity to relaxation
From mind to heart
From working to feeling