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Interpreting The Moon in Astrology
        Copyright 1998-Today Moses Siregar III

More than any other 'planet,' it is difficult to separate the house and sign when it comes to the Moon. The Moon's sign and house truly blend together so that one practically has two Moon signs. This makes sense because the Moon is so absorbent, by nature; it absorbs the qualities of the house it is in. The sign, as usual, does lend more personality qualities than the house, but not by that much.

The Moon represents many things: how one deals with feelings, how one handles intimate relationships, and how one reacts and feels to others unconsciously; it also shows what one fundamentally needs to have for basic security. As we study our Moons it is good to ask ourselves if we are cut off from our Moon's sign and house; if we find that we are out of touch with these qualities, then we can realize this and pay more attention to such needs.

From an evolutionary perspective, the Moon shows the old, safe self; some would say past lives or the last past life. The Moon's sign and house placement should also be contrasted with the Sun's sign and house placement, since the Sun shows a positive direction for the new life, while the moon shows a relatively negative and stale direction. Thus one must not deny the needs of the Moon as discussed above, but also must definitely grow beyond the Moon to go in the newer evolutionary direction indicated by the Sun.

To get a sense of what the Moon is like, read everything about Cancer/4th House in section one of the course/tutorial. Enter section one.

Determine your Moon Sign and the sign related to the House of your Moon. To study your Moon, go through the first section of the tutorial (Using parts 1 & 2 of the Course/Tutorial Together) and consider the following things about both your Moon's sign and house (or the astrological letter corresponding to that sign and house):

I recommend going through the list thrice:
1) This shows how you unconsciously feel to others.
2) This shows some of the most important things that you need on an instinctual level for security. Any of these things that you tend to deny are important to integrate into yourself.
3) This shows something you need in a partner to feel safe and secure, but it must also be said that these are qualities that you should own rather than demanding them or seeking them from others. Instead of using section one of the course/tutorial, just see the list below and look to the elements of your Moon's sign and house:
4) The Moon's sign/house combination also shows an 'old' self. One could look at these qualities as old past-life qualities that one is wanting to grow out of, to go into the new direction indicated by the Sun sign/house combo.
Begin the list for numbers one, two, and four above

This is an elemental breakdown of what what the Moon in each element (or an emphasis on any element) needs from a partner:

Fire: spirit, energy, youthfulness, enthusiasm, excitement, activity, honesty, strength, positivity, independence
Earth: stability, reliability, sensuality, touching, ability to be self-contained
Air: freedom, detachment, intellectual stimulation, openness to new things, variety
Water: emotion, sensitivity, interdependency, caring, time alone together, valuing of "family"

5) This shows how you tend to deal with your emotions.  Think according to the element:

The following list shows how the Moon in each element (or an emphasis on any element) tends to deal with emotion.  Each of the following statements can be positive or negative!
Fire: focuses on the positive, often avoiding (negatively or positively) the negative
Earth: usually keeps them within, uses physical things to calm one's emotion (negatively or positively)
Air: keeps detached, deals with emotion by oneself, analyzes, often denies, might not know how they feel, but rarely overindulges
Water: goes into emotion, feels feelings or avoids them because they're so strong, can overindulge

Think about how your Moon is different from or similar to your Sun.  How do your instinctual needs (Moon) compare with your life purpose for self-fulfillment (Sun).  Remember, you can always have both! This is like the perspective of the Moon, not denying one's basic needs to fulfill something else. You may have found a very different perspective in the last paragraph on the page for the Sun.