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Interpreting Mercury
Copyright 1998-Today Moses Siregar III

A little known esoteric approach to interpreting Mercury, from an evolutionary perspective, is this: the house of one's Mercury is a place where one has significant room to room to 'grow up' or mature, or where one has something important to learn in this life about responsibility (by the way, the 9th house rules honesty and morality). When we stumble with dishonesty or irresponsibility in the affairs governed by the house of our Mercury, we will face the consequences. The Ascended Master Hilarion more-or-less points this out, and i have also seen this perspective in Vedic astrology.

Mercury's more common rulership is over the left-brain: thinking, analysis, logic, writing, speaking, etc. Mercury illustrates how one's mind is likely to work, and how one is likely to communicate with others.  Mercury's sign and house also show areas how one's mind is likely to be often consumed.

To get a more holistic sense of what Mercury is like, read everything about Gemini/3rd House in section one of the course/tutorial. Enter section one.

To study your Mercury, go through the first section of the tutorial (Using parts 1 & 2 of the Course/Tutorial Together) and consider the following things about your Mercury sign (or the astrological letter corresponding to that sign), and the sign naturally related to the house which your Mercury is in (see the alphabet for help).
I recommend going through the list twice:
1) On the first reading, think about how these are qualities related to how you think and communicate, and how your mind is often consumed or occupied with these subjects.
2) On the second reading, use only the house placement of Mercury to think about how you are learning, maturing, and growing up in this area. Locate what it is that you need to learn.
Begin here

One of the best ways of viewing Mercury at a glance, since it is not, by itself, a tremendously revealing placement, is to view it in relation to the Sun-- since Mercury is never more than one sign away from the Sun. When Mercury is in the same house and/or sign as the Sun, it shows an exaggeration of the indicated qualities, and less objectivity related to these tendencies. Such a concentration gives the person a great strength or emphasis, as well as less ability to relate to others in a real way, since it is harder for the person to truly understand different ways of being. When Mercury is in a different sign and/or house than the Sun, one has more of a balance of the two qualities, and more objectivity of these aspects of oneself, and therefore greater ability to relate to others's differences. One's mind and speech will have more ways of operating, but less specialization.

One's Sun, Moon, and Mercury placements give the most influence to one's thinking; in the following list, pay special attention to the element of your Sun, Moon, Moon's house, and Mercury. If one has a planet conjunct the Sun, Mercury, or Moon, then the element most like that planet will also be a major influence; see
Planets' elemental similarities below. Here's a very brief interpretation of the thinking function through the elements:

Fire: A mind that is intuitive and oriented towards creativity or spirituality. A way of speaking that is dramatic, forceful, inspiring, and/or colorful. A mind that is consumed with self and personal growth and personal desires. A problem with being too convinced of one's own rightness, i.e. a hard time appreciating different approaches and viewpoints. A problem of not paying enough attention to physical realities (money, bills, cleanliness, the body, other people, etc.).
Earth: A mind that is practical and oriented towards discerning flaws and fixing problems. A way of speaking that is careful, calming, simple, and/or practical. A mind that is consumed with physical realities. A problem of being too materialistic, and closed to spiritual or non-pragmatic matters. A problem with worrying greatly about myriad physical details (money, bills, cleanliness, the body, other people, etc.).
A mind that is intellectual and oriented towards continual learning and appreciation of different perspectives. A way of speaking that is fast, intelligent, fluid, and light-hearted. A mind that is consumed with the mind. A problem of being too mental, and thus out of the body and repressing emotions. A problem with being too argumentative or overly-talkative (because the mind restlessly seeks stimulation).
Water: A mind that is instinctual and oriented towards feelings, hunches, and understanding the inner workings and mysteries of others. A way of communicating that is soothing, hypnotic, emotional, sympathetic, and deep. A mind that is often overwhelmed by emotions and consumed with relationships. A problem of being too irrational, and therefore impossible to really communicate with. A problem of being too sensitive to others's words, again making communication a long and tedious, or inefficient, process.

Planets' elemental similarities:
Sun, Mars, Jupiter
Earth: Saturn, Venus, Chiron
Air: Mercury, Uranus
Water: Moon, Neptune, Pluto