Mars Now in (tropical) Leo for 7 1/2 Months
So Whatchu Gonna Do About It, Rock Star?

October 16th, 2009


WATCH what new themes begin for you over the next few days (10/16-10/18). Not only did Mars go into tropical Leo this morning (10/16), it's also at the degree now (0 Leo) where it will Retrograde back to in early March, making this ingress doubly significant. Something big is beginning now in your life (if you're reading this around 10/16-10/18) for each of us that will initiate a theme for about 7 1/2 months to come, until Mars leaves Leo on June 7th, 2010. Mars will spend essentially the maximum length of time it can spend consecutively in one sign, more than 7 1/2 months altogether.

Most folks will feel good with this ingress today (most likely to enjoy it: fire signs and Scorpios), since Mars just left Cancer, which is not exactly Mars' happy place. Air signs are more likely to see an impact in their social lives and relationships. Water signs are more likely to experience this energy in a largely financial or career context. Earth signs might enjoy it the least, but they can still make good use of this transition by expressing and working with their emotions in a healthy way during this upcoming time period.


What to do? One strategy is to have an intention. Think about Mars in Leo and/or where it is in your chart if you know that, and set an intention or goal for yourself over the next 7 1/2 months (Mars leaves Leo on June 7th) for what you want to accomplish or do. I'd like to have my fiction novel ready for professional editing by that time, or be even further along than that.

Some themes you might work with? Self-expression, leadership, creativity, self-actualization, fun and recreation, games, children, teaching, self-confidence and self-esteem, politics. If you know your own chart well, you'll have a better idea what this could be about for you.

Some things to be mindful to avoid: narcissism (though it is still a good time to focus on yourself), arrogance, ego-battles, pride. Basically, forgive people quickly, focus on the good (not the bad) in others whenever possible, stay kind, and don't feel the need to defend your ego turf when you feel challenged (my famous last words).


Watch the themes that start around 10/16-10/18 and watch for these key turning points in Mars' journey through Leo:

10/16/09 - Mars goes into Leo (major shift of energy, and new themes are introduced)

10/16/09 Mars reaches the degree it will Retrograde back to (0 Leo), symbolically beginning its "Rx" journey (watch for new themes and beginnings. The journey has just begun)

12/20/09 - Mars actually goes Retrograde (Rx) at 19+ Leo (major turning point, some energies start to go inward and/or become more suppressed for a while)

1/29/10 - Mars opposes Sun (conflicts, hard realizations. Chance to make a big change)

3/10/10 - Mars goes Direct at 0+ Leo (watch out, things move forward now and everything that was pent-up during Mars Rx starts to come out)

5/17/10 - Mars returns to 19+ Leo at the degree it went Rx ("shadow period" ends, bringing some completion of what started around 10/16)

6/7/10 - Mars leaves Leo and enters Virgo (become more fully aware of what this process was about for you in the first week of June)

If you want to watch astrology in action, mark these days on your calendars and watch the journey unfold at these key turning points! Enjoy the process if you can!

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