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The Lunar Phases
Copyright 1998-Today Moses Siregar III

The following descriptions of the lunar phases include the excellent plant-life analogy and key phrases of Dane Rudhyar, and includes my human life cycle analogy and work-day analogy.

Here is a brief synopsis of the lunar phases, and what it is like to be born under each phase:

New Moon: "Emerge" This is the un-self-conscious beginning. Like a newborn child, a New Moon person explores life instinctually and subjectively. Like the newborn, awareness of others, or of oneself, has hardly formed. The purpose is personal exploration and establishment of a new self. As a child, one has no real responsibilities; there is no heavy karmic mission, it is more of an open-ended free ride. A more evolved New Moon person will not be as ego-centric, but will still have a primary purpose that is relatively open and free. This could be the symbol of someone who is relatively finished with their karma because this is the phase after the balsamic phase; if they are not so self-centered this is a definite possibility.

Plant cycle: The seed begins its new life.
Work-day analogy: The Sun comes up as the individual arises from bed and enjoys the early morning with no responsibilities pressing.
Zodiac correlation: This phase naturally contains Aries and half of Taurus; thus it is basically self-oriented and free to go one's own way.

Crescent: "Struggle" The new life meets its first challenge, but this phase is still relatively easy-going. Like an adolescent who is still at home with his/her parents, a Crescent Moon person now must individuate, and struggle to etch out an independent existence, but Mom and Dad are still paying the bills. Yet they must begin to focus and commit to some way to survive on their own and develop skills for doing so. They begin the struggle of adulthood, but are not yet forced to survive 100% on their own.

Plant cycle: The growing plant meets its first challenges to its growth, and its first struggle to survive.
Work-day analogy: The time has come. One begins to get ready for work.
Zodiac correlation: This phase naturally contains Gemini and half of Taurus; thus it is basically easy, yet one must begin to overcome the inertia of laziness and develop ways to function in the world.

First Quarter: "Act" The first real crisis, a "crisis in action." Like someone who leaves the nest for the first time, the individual must now do everything for him/herself. A phase of "building" and action, the individual must project him/herself into the world and survive as an independent being, and develop strength by meeting the challenges of life head-on. The innocence of unconscious youth is over. It is now clear that there lies a long road ahead, and so there is no option but to learn to survive, and thrive. The fundamental purpose is responsibility for oneself and establishing self-sufficiency, earned through handling life's crises. One is building the foundation for the fulfillment of one's life purpose by establishing one's strength and courage.

Plant cycle: The plant makes its most significant growth, and thus its most significant challenge yet.
Work-day analogy: One arrives at the office and is thrust into activity and commotion.
Zodiac correlation: This phase naturally contains Cancer and half of Leo; thus it is about 'growing up' the hard way.

Gibbous: "Perfect" There is no turning back. Age-wise, this is like a person's middle-to-late twenties. The person has learned that s/he can survive on his/her own, and so one can focus on refining aspects of the life one has created, since the constant crisis of survival is no longer present. One knows that there is still much to come, and so one perfects one's life and oneself in preparation for the future. One brings oneself and one's life to its best possible wholeness, in anticipation of the next phase. It is important here to remember that not everyone has the same passion for personal growth as oneself, and to reserve one's standards and practices primarily for oneself.
Plant cycle: The plant's swollen buds anticipate the opening of the flower.

Work-day analogy: One returns from lunch, and the day settles down. One knows what one has to work on and complete before leaving the office.
Zodiac correlation: This phase naturally contains Virgo and half of Leo; thus it is about focusing on one's personal growth.

Full Moon: "Illumine" The person realizes that it is time to really grow up and get married. Consciousness unfolds as one's consciousness takes on full awareness of the other and desires to expand the boundaries of self to include another. The purpose now is on increasing understanding of self and others and clarifying one's self and purpose through relationship. Some mistakes are made, but now one knows one's issues more clearly, and one basically knows what one has to do. The person is more conscious than ever before.
Plant cycle: The flower opens.

Work-day analogy: One comes home from work and greets one's spouse. "Hi, honey, how was your day?"
Zodiac correlation: This phase naturally contains Libra and half of Scorpio; thus it is about increasing consciousness through relationship.

Disseminating: "Distribute" Now it is time to offer the fruit of one's life to others. The person reaches a career pinnacle, gives forth the fruit of him/herself to others, and has children. One's life purpose comes into expression. There is a sharing of what one has learned or an expression of one's gifts. The cycle is at its high point. One feels a innate motivation to communicate what one's finds valuable and meaningful. One also must learn not to be fanatical about this, and one learns that most others do not feel the same emotional zeal for what one loves and believes. During this time of sharing, one comes into contact with others and learns many other viewpoints which affect one's own beliefs.

Plant cycle: The plant offers its fully ripe fruit to the Earth.
Work-day analogy: The high point of the day. After dinner, one has some hours of leisure time.
Zodiac analogy: This phase naturally contains Sagittarius and half of Scorpio; thus it is about sharing one's gifts and wisdom (after having being purged).

Third Quarter: "Re-Orient" The party's over. One's energy begins to wane as one turns the corner towards the end of life. This is the second great crisis, a "crisis in consciousness," also known as the mid-life crisis. What one once believed or did so fervently now seems empty, and one must turn away from what one did before, even though everyone else expects one to continue to do the same. One's kids are growing up and will soon be gone. Although one had hoped that the previous pinnacle phase would go on forever, it abruptly comes to an end. The person realizes that they are headed towards the end of his/her life, and begins the letting go process. S/he reviews and refines what s/he had thought and done, and this re-orientation is humbling and difficult. The person must still work, but with much less ego. Much ego, and attachment to fullness, accumulated during the previous, disseminating phase. But to try to hold on to the old at this point will only bring pain and failure. One's life purpose begins a phase of subtle refinement. One must begin to truly surrender to the Great Spiritual Mystery.

Plant cycle: Having completed the purpose of its life, which was to release a fruit, the plant and fruit begin to decompose.
Work-day analogy: There's no denying it. It's time to get ready for bed. To resist would be futile and unwise.
Zodiac correlation: This phase naturally contains Capricorn and Aquarius; thus it is about beginning to take responsibility for one's immaturity and selfish ambitions, facing some of the sober realities of adulthood, life, and death, and beginning to prepare for a fully spiritual life.

Balsamic: "Release" One is towards the end of one's life, and must truly prepare for death and leave behind one's legacy for others. One has refined one's consciousness of one's purpose to its maximum extent, and it is now time to give to the world the ultimate fruit of one's life, but not in a fully flowering and ego-gratifying way, as it was in the Disseminating phase. The person is now wiser and knows something of what others need, having lived many years, and can hopefully offer it over to others without ego. The person finds some way of giving the greatest thing that s/he can give to allow his/her life to nourish future generations, even if it means giving this gift to just one individual. This is not the time for selfish pursuits, such as relationships for pleasure; this is the time to let go of the 'external' physical world, including relationships. It is time to finish one's business with others and this earth, and make amends.
Plant cycle:The plant and fruit fully decompose, but a seed from the plant goes into the earth to begin a new cycle.

Work-day analogy: One reflects on the fullness of one's day as one's head hits the pillow. Sleep will come soon. One takes one's last chance to say, "I love you" to one's spouse. A new self will be born tomorrow.
This phase naturally contains Pisces and half of Aquarius; thus it is about crises that bring about ultimate non-attachment and surrender, and leaving behind one's final gifts for others with a concern for future generations.

The Lunar Phases