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Moses Siregar III's Grace Flower Essences:

and and

Bill Streett:

Ray Merriman:

Vaughn Paul Manley:

Highly Recommended Sites:

Amma, or Ammachi (Mata Amritanandamayi):

Astrology Community at:

AYA, Association for Young Astrologers: or

Wild Divine (Amazing Consciousness Toy!):

Gauquelin Research (very important for astrologers to know):

Accurate Time:

Great, free chart services:

AstroDataBank for research in astrology:

Free Astrology Software:

Another Great Astrology Mega-Site:

About Astrology:


Weekly Astrology:

Hank Friedman: Learn about Western & Vedic Astrology and Astrology Software:

Starflower Essences:

Pegasus Products (starlight elixirs, flower essences):

Astrology Resources

Jonathan Pearl's:

Canopus Academy of Astrology:

Steffan Vanel:

Lynda Hill's:

Astrology X-file Cabinet:
Lost Horoscope X-files:
Zoidiasoft Astrology Software:

Philip Brown's AstroFutureTrends:

Adrian Duncan:

Directory of Professional Astrologers:

Anthony Pena:

Big Sky Astrology, April Elliot Kent:

The Mountain Astrologer Magazine:

Vivian Carol's: and

Michael McClain's Learning Resource:

The Astrology Matrix:

Great Resource:

Elysian Astrology:

Greg Bogart:

Mark Wolz's:

Eric Meyer's:

Kelly Lee Phipps:

Maggie Kerr's:

Open Directory Project DMOZ: Astrology

Aquarius Moon:

The Astrology Matrix:


Candy Hillenbrand:

Curtis Burns' Star World News:

Neil David Paris's:

Cafe Astrology:

Astrology in Bali:

Rebeca Eigen and the 7th House:

Shaya Weaver's:

Darcy Woodall's (beautiful site):

Astrology Sites: http://www.AstrologySites.Biz

"Astrology On The Web":

Astro-Faces Research Project:

Michael McLay, Archetypal Astrology:

Natori Moore's Soul Food Astrology:

Shelly Wu's:

Anyara Aphorisms by the Zodiac Sign of the Author:

Tony Louis:

Dorothy Oja's:

Maria Mateu's:

Paul Wade - Astrologer:

Georgia Stathis, Business Astrology:

Renaissance Astrology-Christopher Warnock, Esq.:

Roxanne Carol:

Nancy Roan Robbins':

Nancy R. Fenn's:

Zodiac Art:

Daylesford College of Astrological Arts and Sciences:

Michelle Jacobs's:

Philip Levine's:

Astrostar, Astrology & More:


Starlight Astrology:

Astrology Online:

Astrology Club:

Thomas Peterson's:

Russian Astrology:



Metastudies University:

Golfing Astrology:

Toni Allen's (UK):

Elbert Wade:

AdZe's MiXXe's:


Anne Massey's:

Janice Barsky's:

Spiral Glow:

Melody Scott Zindell's:

Maya White's:

Free Astrology:


Planet Waves:

Feng Shui Astrology:

Divination Links:

Carl Woebcke:

Carmen Schott's:

Astrology Jewelry:

Mumin Bey:

StarMessage, Moon Phase and Night Sky Screensaver:


Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society (MAAS):

Fraser Valley Astrological Guild (BC):

San Diego Astrological Society:

Santa Fe Astrological Forum:

NM "Enchantment" NCGR Chapter:

Astrology Society of Connecticut:

Anne Massey and the Fraser Valley Astrological Guild:




Kepler College of Astrological Arts & Sciences:

Russian Astrology Magazine (in English):

Harmonic Concordance:

My ByRegion Profile:

My Listing on FindAstrologer: Here

Vedic Astrology

Christopher Kevill's:

Free Vedic Chart Reading:

Dirah Vedic Astrology Course and Info:

Complete Indian Vedic Astrology Portal:

Astrology Jyotisha:

Sam Geppi's Vedic Astrology Center:

Aryabhatt vedic astrology and occult science portal:

ShriSource Vedic Software:

Dr. Jagdish Maheshri's Astro Insight:

Vedic Wisdom, Yoga of Body-Mind-Soul:



Channeled Hilarion Material:

Jahsah in Sedona's Vibrational Alchemy:

Yoga for Fertility:

Multi-Dimensional Artist Kris D:

Kailua-Kona Massage Therapy:

Kauai Massage Therapy:

Serge King:

Online forums for Indians:

Tibetan Photo Project:

In Light Times - A Spiritual, Metaphysical, Holistic Publication:

Free Feng Shui Tips and Advice:

Kanocubes, The Elements:

Monthly Holistic Articles:

Angel Art and Tarot Images:

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