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        Interpreting Jupiter
     Copyright 1998-Today Moses Siregar III

The main problem with Jupiter (and Sagittarius and the 9th House) can be summed up in six words: "too much of a good thing." Or, sometimes with two words: "too much." Like the Sun, we can exaggerate our Jupiter and over-do it, getting out of balance and too subjective. A student of mine (credit Tony Williams) once pointed out that Jupiter in the birth chart is like a minor version of the Sun. I think this is quite true, and it even fits the astronomy. Jupiter is actually a minor Sun; Jupiter is the only planet that gives off more heat than it receives in from the Sun. Both Jupiter and the Sun show where we have access to positive spiritual gifts that we can share with others. But both Jupiter and the Sun can become egotistical, getting out of balance by leaning too far in the areas where they are gifted. When we exaggerate our Sun or Jupiter, we become disconnected from others, because most others cannot relate to our imbalanced qualities; at some point we would need to moderate our extremes, and learn to be more objective of the reality of others.

Jupiter's position in a birth chart highlights some of our greatest gifts and abilities. To let the qualities of our Jupiter flow into the world is one of the greatest ways of experiencing our goodness, and this helps us establish our confidence. Participating in this life arena is one of the best ways to experience the positive flow of divinity, and to connect to the basic goodness of Life.

Jupiter in the two difficult axes deserves special attention. Jupiter in Taurus/2nd House can become quite over-indulgent and attached to its indulgences. Jupiter in Scorpio/8th House can also go to extremes with any potential addiction. Jupiter in Virgo/6th House can become so obsessive with work, diet, health, self-improvement, etc. that one does not stop enough to "smell the roses," or relax enough to allow oneself to receive the flow of grace in one's life.  Jupiter in Pisces/12th House can also exaggerate various forms of escapism, victimization, and co-dependence.

To get a more holistic sense of what Jupiter is like, read everything about Sagittarius/9th House in section one of the course/tutorial. Enter section one.

To study your Jupiter, go through the first section of the tutorial (Using parts 1 & 2 of the Course/Tutorial Together) and consider the following things about your Jupiter sign (or the astrological letter corresponding to that sign), and the sign naturally related to the house which your Jupiter is in (see the alphabet for help).
I recommend going through the list twice:
(1) On the first reading, think about how these are areas where you have very strong positive gifts.
(2) On the second reading, think about how you may exaggerate or over-do these qualities.
Begin here

Any planet that Jupiter touches through aspect in the birth chart is 'lucky.' That part of oneself may or may not be a difficult one, but either way there is a lot of Grace present in one's life to help with that department of one's life. Jupiter is called 'Guru' by the Vedic astrologers. Guru's Grace always brings some good news, even when he is square or opposite a planet in the birth chart. I find that even planets in difficult aspect to Jupiter are blessed by his presence, but there can also be some problems. The main problem with a difficult Jupiter aspect is that Jupiter's functions can be exaggerated to the detriment of the other planet. The main thing that one must do with a Jupiter aspect from a cautious perspective is to make sure that the other aspected planet is not ignored or undervalued because of Jupiter's big presence. Yet, again, when Jupiter gets in on a planetary configuration, there is always hope because there is always spiritual support for that aspect of oneself. Look at all of the planets that Jupiter aspects in your chart, and contemplate the paradox: Grace surrounds these functions in your psyche and in your life, even though you may have a tendency to ignore these planets when Jupiter's desires become overbearing.

In transits and progressions also, major aspects from Jupiter show areas where some kind of grace is falling in our lap. One nice way to learn the houses and the nature of Jupiter is to look at what happened in your life while Jupiter transited various houses. These will be areas where there was some grace or expansion taking place. Remember that Jupiter in the 2nd/8th, and 6th/12th can be difficult or contracting experiences that nonetheless help us to expand and grow. Whenever Jupiter transits
opposite (180 degrees) any major chart placement, that area undergoes a major awakening into greater flow and consciousness. Transitting Jupiter conjunctions and oppositions can both be very expansive and wonderful, provided that we do not do "too much of a good thing."

If it were not for Jupiterian energy, humanity could not have survived for very long. When you really learn astrology, and you see how many difficult experiences we go through over and over in our lives, you really appreciate the presence of Grace (Jupiter) in our lives. If those positive, expansive Jupiter experiences were not there to lighten up our major growth lessons, it would be impossible to live without giving up on the whole thing. This is one way that astrology can open us to greater gratitude and appreciation of the goodness of Life. Thank Jove!