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From Astrologer Moses Siregar III
Recently I received a response to the Harmonic Concordance audio that began with: "The Harmonic Concordance is probably just what this country needs." That got me thinking about how this event appears to be manifesting in the realm of US politics.

Of course George W. Bush has been reeling from one scandal after another (most prominently the untruths in the State of the Union speech that motivated the country to go to war) for many months now, and this was what I was guessing we would see due to the transit of Saturn conjoing the US's 8th house Sun; for example, the last time this transit happened we had Watergate. If you have been subscribed to this newsletter for a while, you probably remember me talking (in February and March) about how I expected Bush to reach the pinnacle of his Presidency in the Spring and then quickly plummet to his nadir in the Fall. So far, that's been pretty much the case.

While the Saturn transit is clearly a big influence on the Bush/US problems now, I can't separate this Harmonic Concordance event from it, either. With the spiritual energies on the planet rising to much higher vibrations, the Bush agenda is finding itself in a less compatible starry climate. If there's one person who misses the opposition of Saturn and Pluto, with its emphasis on intense destruction and the relinquishment of individual freedoms to one's government, it's Bush. With the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception, and then the Harmonic Concordance now dominating, the "liberal agenda" is really favored by the astrological gods, and looks to be for a long time to come. I think this will continue to be bad news for George Bush and friends. But perhaps the worst thing of all happening on the planet, if you are George Bush, is the campaign of Democratic nominee hopeful Howard Dean.

If you haven't heard of Howard Dean yet, you're probably going to be hearing a lot more about him over the next year, because he is probably going to be the Democratic nominee, challenging George W. Bush in the next US Presidential election.

One of the ideas on Dean's platform is universal health care (and he credits Canadians and Europeans when he talks about this), and it's hard to imagine many things that would seem more appropriate during the mutual reception of Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius.

If you heard my audio on the Harmonic Concordance, you'll remember the emphasis that I put on Chiron in this profound pattern. Chiron "rules" this configuration, in my opinion, and when I look at the campaign of Howard Dean, it's hard not to see "Chiron" written all over it.

For starters, Howard Dean (Nov 17, 1948, 7:21 pm, Manhattan NY) is a Scorpio Sun born with Chiron conjunct his Sun in Scorpio. One of his campaign slogans is "The Doctor Is In," as he literally is a doctor. Chiron, you might know, is famous for being the "wounded healer." However there doesn't appear to be anything wounded about Howard Dean at this point, because he is currently motivating a surprisingly potent political trend. That may have something to do with the phenomal aspects to Chiron in the upcoming Lunar Eclipse (Harmonic Concordance) configuration.

Let's look at why Dean's campaign is "Chiron-ic." Dean emphasizes a down-to-earth "power to the people" approach, and thus far appears to be delivering on the talk. Dean may achieve something relatively unheard of. Because his campaign is funded through mainly small donations through grassroots and internet efforts, he may be able to raise enough money and be elected President without "owing" a lot of big-spending special interest groups, or at least much less so than normal. If he pulls that off, he says his only responsibility would be to the everyday people who funded his campaign. And that would be Chiron's style: practical, alternative, person-centered, and oriented to healing.

Dean recently raised more money (nearly $15 Million) than any Democrat has ever raised in a single quarter. The fairly amazing thing is how he did it. About 169,000 people gave Dean money. Their average contribution was about $74 (i.e. a lot of small contributions). Bush had 262,000 contributors, who gave on average, $280 each (i.e. a lot of large contributions).

The Los Angeles Times (free registration required) takes a look at Dean's rhetoric and our campaign in Iowa:

"For all the money his campaign has raised, Dean's Iowa operation has a thrifty Yankee quality. He stays in budget motels, and some of his staffers bunk for free with local families. Rather than high-priced advisors, some of his consultants on the road are volunteers."

Remember how I talked in the audio about the current need to make positive, humble shifts towards a more holistic way of working and living? When I see Dean apparently cooperating with what I see as the purpose of this Harmonic Concordance energy, it makes me think the gods really are on his side right now. If he really takes advantage of the current astrological climate and continues to build momentum, he would seem to be in great position to do the unusual--like beating an incumbent president. Stay tuned ...

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