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The Houses Zone

Copyright 2000-Today Moses Siregar III

The Houses Zone has detailed descriptions of half of the houses and was written in 2000. To see the updated versions in 2004, which includes all twelve houses, subscribe to my newsletter through the sign-up box on the top-left corner of this page.

The Houses are described in order. Just scroll down to the descriptions of the house(s) you are looking for.

1st House -- Naturally like Aries, the 1st sign

Me, me, me, so goes the 1st house. This is the house that signifies the self. Here are some of the major significations of the 1st house.

The self, the self-image, the self-projection: What kind of person am I? What kind of things about myself do I most identify with? What am I proud of about myself? How do I like people to see me, and what qualities do I like them to identify me with?

View to the World: How do I tend to see people and things? What color are the glasses I am peering out of? How do I think people and life should be?

Self-Confidence and Social Presence: One's ability to project oneself boldly, confidently, and naturally into social environments is a 1st house concern--and through this self-projection to be respected and recognized when necessary. The ability to make a good first impression, and be well-received by others is included here.

Personal Interests: What do I like and love to do? What are my passions?

Fresh beginnings, new starts:
Especially in the case of transits, progressions, etc. that move from the 12th to the 1st house, the 1st house will signify a new beginning, or a fresh start on life, or a time of reemerging into the outer world.

Early Life: Especially in natal analysis, information about the very beginning of life is a 1st house matter.

The Body?: In Vedic astrology, the 1st house is considered a major house when it comes to all things concerning the body, such as health and longevity. Does the 1st house have the same 'body' connotations in Western astrology? I think it does somewhat, though not as much as in the Vedic system, in my opinion. The 6th and 2nd houses are also body-oriented in western astrology.

Transits to the 1st house will primarily influence or change our sense of self, our self-projection, and our sense of who we are and what we are about. Also influenced could be our direction in life, and our pursuit of personal interests

2nd House -- Naturally like Taurus, the 2nd sign

Along with the 4th, 6th, 8th, and 12th Houses, the 2nd House has a very esoteric meaning. Thus it has two dimensions, one is very material and the other is very spiritual.

The Essence:
Can you calm down and be present, to realize that you already have it all?
Intimate: Can you be strong within and love yourself, not needing to lean on others?
Material: Can you provide for all of your material needs by yourself?

Esoteric/Spiritual significance: The highest fulfillment of this house is inner peace, grounded and relaxed in the body in the present moment. That is why this house can be so difficult, because every deep issue, addiction, and external distraction that prevents us from this rest is met here. For most people, events in this house often coincide with relationships, because relationships are often misused to prevent us from being able to be self-sufficient.
The Danger: Depending on a drug, Leaning too much on our relationships, Not slowing down, Over-indulgence, Avoiding your feelings.
Intimate significance: This is one of the big houses that involve relationships, in addition to the 4th, 5th, 6th (read below!), 7th, and 8th. This is usually a more negative house for relationships, like the 6th. That's because many of us form very interdependent relationships with others before being sufficiently independent. But unlike the 6th, the 2nd doesn't have to be negative zone for relationships. If two people really love their own selves first, and are strong within their own selves, then the 2nd can be a very solid place for relationships. If two people need each other and are addicted in and to the relationship, then the 2nd refers to this negative kind of relationship.
Material significance: This is the traditional house of money, finances, and resources. Basic material self-sufficiency and bodily wellness is the issue. Can you save money? Do you have a mature approach to your finances? Can you make money? Can you provide for yourself, enjoying a comfortable and beautiful home? Can you take care of your body? Can you relax and take-it-easy? Can you slow down?

3rd House -- Naturally like Gemini, the 3rd sign

The third house, like it's natural sign, Gemini, covers a variety of different areas. In keeping with its Gemini nature, I'll list the diverse possible connections.

Thinking/Writing/Speaking/Education/Communication/Theorizing: Yep.

Travel: The travel associated with the third house is usually local travel, like taking a road trip or journeying within your own country. It's about getting around and being stimulated by new things, not really as much about going to another country and being totally blown away by another culture (that's more like the 9th house). Occasionally, though it is international.

Siblings and sibling-like relationships: Gemini is an air sign, so relationships and people are significant here. Mainly it's with people who are like brothers and sisters to us.

Business and commerce: Mercury, in Greek myth, is the patron of merchants. The third house can have a very business-like dimension to it. It can be about practical realities and making money, and about city-life.

The Arts: The third house and Gemini are not usually given enough credit for connection with all of the arts, including music. Gemini rules the hands, and almost all music is played using the hands, and much of the other arts are done with the hands, too. In Vedic astrology, the third house has a lot to do with the arts.

Anything done with the hands: You name it. Massage therapy can even fit in here because it's a combination of hands and commerce.

There's a lot listed there, huh? Welcome to the third house. Any significant transits to the third house will probably coincide with much or most of the above.

4th House -- Naturally like Cancer, the 4th sign

Along with the 2nd, 6th, 8th, and 12th Houses, the 4th House has a somewhat esoteric meaning. Thus it has two dimensions, one is very human and intimate, and the other is very spiritual.

The Essence:
Can you realize that all things of this world pass, and so find your home within yourself and depend on the spiritual dimension of existence more than anything else?
Intimate: Can you value and enjoy the realm of human and family relationships?

Esoteric/Spiritual significance: All of the water houses (and some of the earth houses) are strongly related to the spiritual dimension of life. (This helps us see why Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, for those who know what i am referring to). And even though the 4th house is a very 'human' house, it also has a very esoteric dimension. Particularly we see this through the I.C. or cusp (beginning) of the fourth house.
The I.C. is one of the most significant points of crisis in all the houses. It is the very bottom or base of the chart, and it is usually where we are brought to a kind of personal bottom, for the purpose of refilling ourselves with reliance on God/Goddess/Spirit. Often what coincides with transits to the I.C. is some kind of crisis in our relationships families that forces us to go within and depend on our relationship to ourSelves and our relationship to a higher power for our survival and sustenance. If we depend too much on other people, then a transit to the I.C. will usually show us that.
Intimate significance: The fourth house is naturally associated with the sign Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon. The Moon is the most down-home, down-to-earth, human 'planet.' The Moon is all about humanness and human relationships, and the fourth house is also a place of human intimacy, both family closeness and partnership closeness. So all elements of emotional relating are connected with the fourth house.
Other, basic significances: The fourth house, like Cancer and the Moon, governs 'the past' including whatever benefits or issues we have from the past. It is also a reclusive house, and whenever planets come through here, we tend to become more withdrawn, pulling into our own shells and homes. Everything related to 'home' is also associated with this house.
Personal significance: All of the cardinal, or angular, houses have to do with our basic self and self-projection. So any transits to the fourth house can have to do with incorporating certain qualities more deeply within ourselves. I like to say "getting certain qualities deep within our souls." For example, Jupiter in the fourth could be about getting more spiritual and light forces deeply within us. Saturn in the fourth could be about getting more responsibility, groundedness, and discipline deeply within us.
Summary of major influences: Inner security, home, family, intimate relationships, the past, and incorporating qualities deeply within our souls.

5th House -- Naturally like Leo, the 5th sign

The 5th house is similar to the 3rd house in that it is the province of a great many things, owing to the creative natures of their ruling signs and planets. The 5th house is a bit easier to unify under a single essence, though:

The Essence:
Having a secure sense of self allows one to play, love, express oneself, and exercise authority.

Dad: The 5th house is the house of Leo and the Sun, some evidence of the fact that this is the one house that one can always look to for information about one's relationship with one's father figures (the 4th and 10th houses can be either father or mother, depending on the person). The father is naturally meant to be a symbol in our lives of self-esteem, power, and authority, and the influence of our father(s) upon the development of these qualities within ourselves is indicated by the fifth house.

Fun and Play: One's capacity for fun and play, or one's idea of fun and play, are primarily the province of the 5th house. Travel is therefore one of the many things that can be shown by the 5th house.

Love and Romance: The 5th house is also a major house of romantic relationships. The interconnections between romance and the rest of the 5th house show up in various ways. Romance is fun, and enjoying romance is one way to experience that one is lovable. Relationships imply sex, and sex is a creative force, and can also result in children. For women, relationships with men will of course mirror many facets of their relationships with their father(s), and a woman's relationships with men can be shown by her fifth house indicators.

Self-Expression and Creativity: Creative self-expression optimally arises out of confidence and faith in one's own gifts and goodness. Various kinds of creativity are of course possible here-including the arts and writing.

Authority and Leadership: Inner authority is the province of the 5th house; this includes trusting and believing in oneself in all possible ways--confidence. Therefore positions of authority and leadership also come in to play in the 5th house.

Teaching and Teachers: Combining the elements of authority and self-expression (and sometimes children), we can see that one manifestation of these qualities is in teaching roles. The role of teachers in our own lives can also be read largely through the 5th house.

Children: One of the biggest provinces of the 5th house relates to children (including abortions), as seen by the combining of Dad/parenthood and creativity.

Healing of the ego: An important 'umbrella' understanding of the 5th house is that it refers to the many ways that one might go about trying to heal the ego, or a lack of self-esteem.

Past-life credit: In Vedic astrology, the 5th house is also considered a house of past-life credit, and generally a very auspicious and positive house. I have seen this to work well in the western context as well. I find that past-life gifts can be read through the 5th house, and perhaps past-life 'credit' as well.

6th House -- Naturally like Virgo, the 6th sign

7th House -- Naturally like Libra, the 7th sign

8th House -- Naturally like Scorpio, the 8th sign

Along with the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and 12th Houses, the 8th House has a very esoteric meaning. Thus it has two dimensions, one is of matters pertaining to purely physical life, and the other to matters that include the depths of spirituality.

In Hindu or Vedic astrology the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses are known as the 'dusthana' or grief-causing houses. They are recognized as usually difficult on the external plane, but they are crucial to the development of true spiritual awareness. Like the outer planets, these houses only become totally positive when valued for their transformational potential, when one values spiritual awakening more than the personality's desires. As such there is always a material level of the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses that are no better or worse than the material levels of other houses. But then additionally there are also 'karmic' or spiritual processes that these houses refer to which are more complex, esoteric, and usually difficult. The same can also be true of the 2nd and 4th houses, to an important, but lesser extent.

The Essence:
Can you totally face the dark and painful parts of yourself and your past, thereby liberating deep shame? Can you transmute darkness into light using the power of loving awareness?
Intimate: Can you expose yourself and experience a beautiful closeness with another?
Physical: Can you have successful financial partnerships with others?

Psychological significance: This is the house of all deeply buried psychological issues, the house of 'skeletons in the closet.' Also this is the true house of one-to-one intimacy, and also therefore our blockages to this intimacy. As such, the 8th house is always a sticky, sensitive, and very personal house, as it is the storehouse of our most personal psychic 'garbage.' This garbage is not bad, but fundamental to our humanness, and requires persistent and loving investigation to become conscious and liberated from the shadows.
'Power struggles' can be an eighth house way of acting out our own lack of power over ourselves, by attempting to have power over something outside of us; they are simply a convenient way to avoid oneself, and come up with an excuse for doing so.

Esoteric/Spiritual significance:
This house can be seen as 'the dark night of the soul.' It symbolizes the deepest psychological healing processes that we can undergo and facilitate, to free up our consciousness from being split and divided. The next house, the 9th, is generally the most positive house while the 8th is the most difficult. This shows that by courageously integrating our unconscious and painful aspects into a wholeness, that the natural results are positive spiritual qualities, such as joy, abundance, friendliness, and freedom.
The 8th house can represent the death of ego. Ego is the fundamental false way of living that involves identifying with our minds rather than our silence, being consumed with past and future rather than right now, being out of our bodies, avoiding our feelings, and being resistant to these truths.
The fullness of the 8th house is true spiritual power, guided by our inherent oneness with Truth itself, which is the only place where real power comes from. 8th house spiritual power is also guided by profound love, healing, sincerity, and transformational honesty.
Intimate significance: This is the primary house of sex and intimacy, per se. The 8th house could be considered the true house of marriage, because it is about ALL the nitty gritty of intimacy and shared finances. The 8th house takes partnership to a much deeper level than the 7th house.
Physical significance: The 8th is the most significant money house, along with the 2nd. (the 11th, 3rd, and 9th are the other most significant houses relevant to money). In particular, the 8th has to do with money that is in some way shared or involved with two people. This is the house of inheritances, of married couples, of wealthy spouses, of spouses' inheritances, and of business partnerships. In general, any relationship that significantly or primarily involves money can fall under the domain of the 8th house. This would include roommates, bosses and employees, and in some cases, parents and children.
Additional significance: The realm of the esoteric itself is ruled by the 8th, which governs the occult, or the 'mysteries.' These esoteric realms can be sources of power which can be guided by compassion, wisdom, surrender, and awareness, or by self-serving, controlling, and other negative motives. A knife can be used to kill or heal. The knife isn't the problem or the boon, it's the intention of the one who uses the knife, and one's skill with using the knife, that are the important factors. 

9th House -- Naturally like Sagittarius, the 9th sign

10th House -- Naturally like Capricorn, the 10th sign

11th House -- Naturally like Aquarius, the 11th sign

12th House -- Naturally like Pisces, the 12th sign