Virgo Horoscope
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Astrologer Moses Siregar III
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Virgo Horoscope

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Virgo Horoscope ... Hm, Visionscope
Fall 2003+
(on Uranus)

Virgo Horoscope
by Moses Siregar III

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Virgo Horoscope

If you haven't read my introduction to the horoscopes, please read it here.

Note: I also highly recommend reading the message for your Rising sign, and considering it together with the message for your Sun sign.

Relationships haven’t been that easy for you this year, have they? I don’t necessarily mean the whole year, mind you, but Virgo has probably faced the steepest relationship challenges this year out of all of the signs. Many, many Virgo’s have seen drastic changes in their relationships, and many more sense that there’s still more to come. There may be some challenges in the road, but the truth is that you are growing and evolving and moving on to better things, whether it is with a current partner, without that current partner, or on your own. You’re learning about what you want and what you do not want. Sometimes saying goodbye to someone can also be a way for you to say hello to what you really do want. Sometimes the same thing can be accomplished by really, really communicating with your partner about what is and what isn’t working for you.

You’d be surprised how much things can fundamentally change between two people when they just communicate about what their real issues are. My advice: really communicate with your partners. Talk about the issues before they become too much to handle. Don’t keep it inside. Don’t keep quiet. Don’t tell someone else. Say what’s really on your mind in a positive way, and use simple, clear communication as a way to transform matters.

Some Virgo’s found themselves enjoying some needed alone time this year. That’s because one of the big things you are learning now, and will be learning for a long time to come, is how to be true to yourself and how to only be involved with people that allow you to be true to yourself. You’re going to keep on learning tons about relationships, so if you’ve had some time alone it might also be to give you a pause to regroup between one dynamic experience and another.

A lot of Virgo’s also found themselves enjoying some sudden exposure this year. Your transits have been, more-or-less challenging for relationships but good for business. It looks like you’re going to keep on getting more exposure for a long time to come, but it is also possible that the rest of 2003 will give you a slow down in order to work on some personal issues. If things do seem to slow down, Virgo, here’s my advice. Do not worry (easier said than done for Virgo’s, I know), take this time to look at your own self for the rest of this year, and rest up for much, much more stimulation and activity in 2004. You have a very big and exciting year ahead of you.

You’re moving up in the world in many more ways than one. Take the rest of this year as an opportunity to clean a little house in your personal life, your psyche, and your body. Do what Virgo does better than anyone else: cleanse and purify. Let go some of the weights you’re carrying around, and you’ll be in perfect position to soar some more in 2004 … I really didn’t mean to rhyme, there, I promise; it just kind of happened. Please forgive me.

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