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Astrologer Moses Siregar III
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Scorpio Horoscope

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Scorpio Horoscope ... Hm, Visionscope
Fall 2003+
(on Uranus)

Scorpio Horoscopes

by Moses Siregar III

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Scorpio Horoscope

If you haven't read my introduction to the horoscopes, please read it here.

Note: I also highly recommend reading the message for your Rising sign, and considering it together with the message for your Sun sign.

First of all, we know that Scorpio’s are innately born with the world’s most advanced b.s. detector systems. And after some of the great things I’m going to tell you, your b.s. sensors may sound an alert warning. But my hands are clean, Scorpio. I do not deal in cow paddies. You’re in a very interesting and awesome situation right now.

We both know that you’ve done some major psychological housecleaning since 1996, and that that ain’t always been easy. Many Scorpios found themselves not feeling particularly rooted over the last eight years, and oddly enough, this lead many Scorpios to face serious issues stemming from their early roots. You know much, much more about your distant past now than you did eight years year. If this is true, then it is certainly true that knowledge is power. And after the last six months, you probably know what that greater power feels like: greater joy.

A young Scorpio Sun by the name of Elizabeth Smart was found and rescued on March 12th, 2003. The young girl had disappeared from her family’s home in Utah some nine months earlier. Uranus had entered Pisces two days before she was saved, on March 10th. “I once was lost, but now I’m found …” so sang countless Scorpio’s around the world over the last six months as they emerged from a large number of emotionally challenging years and saw at least some of the light.

Hopefully you did your psychological, inner work over the last eight years. Because if you did, you are now the sign ready to step up as the golden child of the zodiac, and if you are ready and able, there is no limit to the good you can do, or the magic you can manifest. Over the next twenty-two’ish years (yep, that’s a long time), you will be given the opportunity to share your inner gold with the world, and if you’ve cleaned house, then you are really ready to shine your little light all over the place. For a long, long time to come. Congratulations.

By 2004, if not much earlier, many Scorpio’s have built a home foundation to allow them to have the stability they need to fulfill their dreams and potential. For some Scorpio’s that will have something to do with either having children or working with children. For others, it may be creative success, positions of leadership, or opportunities for teaching others. For some, it will be having lots of fun and doing lots of traveling.

One piece of advice comes to mind for the Eagles of the world: sweetly open up your heart to God and your own self and allow yourself to receive all of the blessings and golden opportunities that Life will provide for you. Don’t be afraid. Don’t worry where the next shock might come from. Don’t let any of your past experiences continue to trip yourself up. Focus your willpower on creating a clean mental slate, and go forward as if you knew the gods were on your side. They are now. They have been over the last six months, and while there may be a slow down over the rest of this year while you are laying the final bricks in your foundation, beginning in 2004, the gods will be back in action, bringing up majestic roses from that fertile soil you’ve been cultivating since 1996. Remember what it felt like to trust God? To make a leap, knowing there would be angels there to catch you? Believe. 

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