Sagittarius Horoscope
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Astrologer Moses Siregar III
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Sagittarius Horoscope

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Sagittarius Horoscope ... Hm, Visionscope
Fall 2003+
(on Uranus)

Sagittarius Horoscope
by Moses Siregar III

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Sagittarius Horoscope

If you haven't read my introduction to the horoscopes, please read it here.

Note: I also highly recommend reading the message for your Rising sign, and considering it together with the message for your Sun sign.

Most Sagittarians have faced some unusual challenges in their home or family life of late (or in relationships). It may be that the need for freedom either within yourself or within those close to you, has reared its head with a holy vengeance over the last few months. Chances are, events have led you to feel at times that people close to you are not providing the life-affirming energies that you seek. If so, there is probably a very good reason for this.

Closeness with others, in the short term, is not really high on the Universe’s priority list for you right now—unless perhaps you haven’t had this in ages, in which case it may be very close to the top of that list. But for most Sagittarians right now, you are probably better off not trying to invest too much energy in your relationships, so that you can invest more energy in yourself and in your personal, spiritual connection to a higher power. There is an excellent chance that any challenges you have been facing in interpersonal or family realms are largely for the purpose of turning your attention back to yourself. If what I am saying rings true, then finding the things that you like to do to nurture and be kind to yourself could be a very good move right now, as long as you leave some quiet time to remember and reconnect yourself with the spiritual source that gives you power.

For some Sagittarians, the events of the last few months have been downright gut wrenching at times. If so, this is probably a clear indication that there is some kind of emotional pain within you that really wants to come to the surface and be embraced for healing. If this seems true, then this is where you have to be really aware of yourself, because most Sagittarians naturally focus on the fun, light, and easy side of life; but then sometimes to let the negatives go, the negatives need our full attention for a little while first. Sometimes we need to feel our pain in order to let it go. Sometimes we need to fully remember the hard times we’ve had so that we can be free of their limiting influences; when we block out the hard times from our past, these experiences have a way of recurring in our lives over and over until we have faced and embraced them fully.

I know you don’t like to do the emotional stuff too much, Sagittarius, but I’m gonna give it to you the way you like it: straight. You have to do the emotional stuff right now, and you are going to have to pay attention to the emotional stuff for a long, long time to come. The sooner you realize this, and make time for the feelings and emotional issues that need to be dealt with, the more fun and enjoyable your life is going to be in the long run. You may have to rewire a few of your circuits to accomplish this, but I don’t think you really have much of a choice in the matter right now if you want to go with the Universal flow. Okay, now for the good news (sorry it took so long).

Probably no other sign is as good at seeing the big picture as you are. So I think you’ll like this next part. What I’m seeing is that the Universe has some big plans in mind for you when it comes to your emotional happiness. What I’m seeing is that the Universe has a very smart, long-term plan in mind for you that is intended to bring you the domestic happiness that you deserve. However, it is a long-term plan. This plan has an enormous amount of potential, and of course it is within your power to bring this potential to reality.

Part of manifesting this potential will be looking honestly at your past and your family, and working through some of the issues that stem from there. Any challenges that you have faced or will face in your home or relationships will be for the purpose of bringing patterns to your attention so that you can be aware of them and alter them. Part of this plan may be experiencing some restlessness over the years to come so that you can explore all of your options and more fully realize where and how you really want to be. If you have an intention to grow personally and emotionally, you will attract powerful circumstances to you to help you to make the deep-seated changes that will bring you the happiness you deserve.

There may be some things that you can do over the next seven’ish years to bring this potential to reality. Many Sagittarians will move around a lot, looking for a newer, better place to call home. Some Sagittarians will try on different relationships in these upcoming years, looking for the experiences that will teach them exactly what they need to know about themselves in order to have the relationships they really want to have. Many Sagittarians will learn a lot about their past and do a lot of psychological healing so that they can be free from any limitations that have been holding them back.

Over the last six months (March through September) Sagittarius, there’s a good chance you’ve felt some kind of a shift towards taking on more responsibility for your family or your community. If so, I couldn’t encourage you more in this direction. Even though much of the long-term focus for you is on your spiritual and emotional growth, there should also be some kind of emphasis on responsibilities to others. You’ve begun a long, long phase of your life where you will be laying so many different kinds of foundations for yourself. To reach the place you want to be in life, my advice would be to give yourself fully to the work that presents itself to you, whether that’s emotional or worldly work. Many Sagittarians will—if they haven’t already—over the next seven years, also make moves to either own real estate or radically upgrade properties that they own.

You are going to be laying down bricks for a long, long time. If you give yourself fully to the new opportunities before you, you will probably amaze yourself with the benefits you (and everyone around you) derive from this for the rest of your life, though much of the reaping might not come fully until years down the road. Laying down bricks might not sound like such a party, but this will really allow you to enjoy life to the fullest for a long, long time to come. Keep your eyes on the big picture, and trust that all of the good and conscious things that you do over the next seven years will pay unimaginable dividends for you and your loved ones for many decades to come.

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