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Astrologer Moses Siregar III
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Gemini Horoscope

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Gemini Horoscope ... Hm, Visionscope
Fall 2003+
(on Uranus)

Gemini Horoscope
by Moses Siregar III

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Gemini Horoscope

If you haven't read my introduction to the horoscopes, please read it here.

Note: I also highly recommend reading the message for your Rising sign, and considering it together with the message for your Sun sign.

Gemini’s are in an interesting situation right now. In many ways, Gemini has had it easy for a while now, because the planets have shown that you have been, since 1996, doing a lot of learning and a lot of traveling—and those things come as naturally to Gemini as breathing. But there’s a but. Your new bag, Gemini, is probably … working. Let’s face it, you’re ready. If you’re not ready now, then when will you ever be ready? At some point you have to say, I know enough, I'm prepared enough, and the only way to really learn more will be to really just get out into the public and really do this new thing. You’re ready for something. Whatever you’ve been preparing for, perhaps for a long time, you might have even started doing it over the last six months.

If that doesn’t make sense, then it’s probably because you changed everything. Maybe you moved to a new place and you’re still getting settled. Maybe you’re changing your job and you want to do something else now. Maybe you're gearing up for a big move or big professional changes. If so, then congratulations, because you must’ve really needed the change, or really need the change. But after spending the rest of this year regrouping a bit, it’s probably going to be time to lay down at least some career roots next year, and get on with “it.” You know what “it” is, Gemini. I don’t. You're "it" might not even be professional, in which case it's likely to be just being or doing something completely different.

For most Gemini's, you’re basically at the point that’s equivalent to graduating college and having to enter the “real world.” No, not the MTV kind, the kind that has to do with having the courage to get out of bed every morning, sell yourself to others, and do what you do best. This year has had a lot to do with this transition, and the rest of this year will too. But in 2004, it’s Lights, Camera, Action. You’re on. Fake it ‘til you make it. You will. As long as you stop convincing yourself that you aren’t ready. For most Gemini's in 2004, it’ll be time to put the books away and actively contribute your best to the human pool.

However, a smaller number of Gemini’s may have just made the opposite transition this year. They may have gone from a working life to a sudden change in vocation, maybe even towards doing nothing. If this sounds like you, then trust that you are in the right place. Maybe what you need to learn is how not to “be somebody.” But be prepared, because at some point down the road, I think you’re likely to get back in the ring, maybe in a whole new field.

If you have known for a while that you are ready, and you’ve got work that you’re hungry to do, or a message you’re hungry to share, then you couldn’t have asked for better astrological times. If there was ever a time for you to take your turn carrying others on your back, this is it, Gemini. It’s your time and your opportunity now to give back to the world what the world has given to you. You seem to be embarking on a career or life path that will unfold for almost the rest of your life. This is your time to go for it, so my advice is to give yourself fully to it. In 2004, the journey continues in dramatic fashion. Keep up the good work, and one of your rewards will be the recognition and respect of those around you for a job well done. And there ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that.

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