Aries Horoscope
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Astrologer Moses Siregar III
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Aries Horoscope

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Aries Horoscope ... Hm, Visionscope
Fall 2003+
(on Uranus)

Aries Horoscope

by Moses Siregar III

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Aries Horoscope

If you haven't read my introduction to the horoscopes, please read it here.

Note: I also highly recommend reading the message for your Rising sign, and considering it together with the message for your Sun sign.

Ever been the brunt of a cruel joke? How about one told by the Universe? There’s a fair chance, though, Aries, that’s it’s not REALLY as bad as you think it is. Or maybe it is, but if there’s one thing that Aries want, it’s to feel personally powerful. Not necessarily power over others, because in fact half the Aries out there are far more selfless and generous than Sun Sign generalities would have us believe. But allow me to reassure you. Your thingy isn’t about to fall off and atrophy. You’re going to get your mojo back. Soon. And actually, the return of your mojo has already begun.

If it would do any good, I would tell you about how periods of rest, inactivity, and loss of mojo are necessary and good for all of us. I would tell you how these times can humble us and encourage us to reestablish a cooperative relationship with Spirit. But Aries, I know that telling you that probably doesn’t do any good, because no matter what anyone tells you, you just want to take that pigskin (attention: American football analogy) and run hard with it, twenty-five hours a day, eight days a week, pounding the resistance to your goals into submission. And that, Aries, is why we love and admire you. Even when your stubborn toughness is a royal pain in the a$$.

The good news is that the remainder of 2003 brings you a powerful return to more abundant times. If you’ve got any grand social goals, and chances are that you do right now, you’ve got 3 ½ more months to pound them into submission, especially after Mars goes direct on September 27th. Aries, you’re looking at a harvest, and let’s face it, you’ve earned it. Live it up, my friend.

Now here’s the other part. When 2004 starts, that harvest time may appear to be over—however that will depend ENTIRELY on you. Repeat: it’s entirely up to you. Here’s the deal, Aries, and it’s a big, luscious deal. You are a powerhouse of energy and confidence. But one question the Universe is always asking you is this: “whom does your power serve?” If your unconscious answer is, “me,” then you just failed the test, and you’re likely in for some choppy seas in 2004 and beyond! But if your unconscious answer is, “all of us,” then you just passed the test, and you will evolve to ever greater heights of love and power and serve humanity in ways much more meaningful than you ever have before.

Well Aries, you’ve got the rest of this year to study for this test. Live it up, but don’t forget who your power was really meant to serve. Believe me, you don’t want to fail that test. Mark your calendar for December 30th (when Uranus reenters Pisces), and be sure to bring a sharp #2 pencil. If you’re really smart, you’ll use that pencil to write God a letter today and let her know, once and for all, who your power really serves. The Ace up your sleeve? Intention. Play your best card, Aries: spiritually commit to using your boundless energy in service to others. It’ll mean the difference between misplacing your mojo for some years to come, or rising to new heights of love, effectiveness, and freedom. Now that's an easy call. You just have to dial it in. Here's that phone ...

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