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Post by Moses on the Gibbous and Cresent Moon Phases, and a Brief Description of All Lunar Phases
11/25/00 and 11/29/00

11/25/00 Gibbous Phase and All Lunar Phases

x Wrote:
> The other phase I struggle with understanding is the Gibbous Phase.
> thoughts there???

y wrote: In the cycle of the Moon phases correlating to the solar calendar, the
> Gibbous phase is influenced under Leo.

If you draw out a natural chart, with Aries on the Asc and 30 degree houses, then slice up the eight lunar phases, the Gibbous phase naturally contains the entire sign of Virgo, along with the second half of Leo. So there are Leonine influences in the Gibbous phase, but it's mainly Virgo-like. If you read the lit out there on the Gibbous phase, it sounds just like Virgo.

The thing that stands out most in my mind about Gibbous folks is something i remember hearing Demetra George saying at UAC in '98. She went through the lunar phases, saying what each one was like, and everyone who belonged to each vigorously nodded and affirmed in agreement when theirs was discussed. When she talked about the Gibbous phase, she said that they were consumed with perfecting things in their lives, with a sharp ability to do so, and that their biggest lesson (if memory serves me) is to not turn this intensity tendency of perfecting towards others. She reminded them that other people in their lives do not need to have the same passion for self-improvement that they do, and to basically focus on themselves instead of trying to control others and get them to do what one's self really wants to do. As Demetra wrote in 'Finding Our Way Through the Dark': "They...need to remember that not everyone else has, or should have, the same need for perfection."

When I look at people born during Gibbous phases, I can see that they have powerful minds capable of perfecting things. And they all have an almost compulsive urge towards refining and working on themselves and/or others. There seems to be that general kind of intensity there.

The key of this phase seems to be about focusing on oneself, and not turning too much of an intense eye towards others' imperfections. This is the last phase of the first half of the cycle, so it is meant to be very much self-oriented, and that can be a very good thing. It seems that if they practice responsibility in focusing in, instead of out, then the purpose of their lifetime is to refine themselves. The next phase, of course, would be the Full Moon phase, and the purpose there is primarily relationship. So the Gibbous Moon (which is like Virgo) is best spent with deep awareness of oneself, in preparation for the Full Moon (which is like Libra) or relationships. Again, I think my pages on the lunar cycle under section 2 of my website does a pretty good job of putting it in perspective with the rest of the cycle.

Here's a much abbreviated, and relatively superficial, description of each lunar phase. If you want to understand these things more deeply, and from an evolutionary context, check out the above pages on my website. After looking over a bunch of charts, Ii just noticed something really interesting that answered the biggest question i have had about the lunar phases. I've never been sure how to deal with the cusps until now. My question was: "When someone is just before the next lunar phase, how does it work?" The answer I found is that the lunar phase they are coming out of is intensified and stronger, and it seems that the consciousness of the individual must really moderate this theme, and in a way, let go of it, to prepare for the next phase; it seems that there can be a strong attachment to the previous phase which the person is pressured to let go of in some way. I notice this when the person is around five degrees before the next lunar phase, although the orb might be bigger than that. These are the general observations I have made:

New Moon: Strangely, it is sometimes its hard to tell the difference b/wn a New Moon and Balsamic Moon, on the surface. The difference always, though, is that the New Moon does not have the same compulsion or nature to serve-or-suffer that the Balsamic does. Even New Moons that do the serve-or-suffer gig don't really do it as a full-time job. New Moons have more freedom to goof off, or pursue self-oriented desires. A lot of women New Moons just have a strong self-oriented desire to have a family. (think Aries for freedom for self-fulfillment)

Crescent Moon: The basic theme is that of rousing themselves to go forward with themselves and their life's work, and making use of their considerable raw creativity. Replacing laziness and inertia with motivation and discipline is the need. (think of the Taurus part, I suppose, plus the Gemini youthfulness and creativity)

First Quarter: What you notice about First Quarters is that, from time to time, they undergo intense crises acted out in the physical realm. They'll be going along smoothly for a while, and then do something drastic, or something drastic happens, and they have to rise to the occasion. They're learning to be responsible, and to strengthen and take care of themselves. (think Cancer)

Gibbous: These are sharp people who must moderate their intensity, and focus more on themselves than others. (think Virgo)

Full Moon: Their life revolves around relationships. (think Libra)

Disseminating: Their life is about getting something out to the world, but they have to be careful of ego as they can get fanatical about it, and develop a narrow perspective. (think Sag)

Third Quarter: These tend to be very gifted and materially active people, who nonetheless experience some roadblocks to fulfilling all of their ambitions, for the purpose of their spiritual growth. (think Cap)

Balsamic: These are the most cosmic people, who deal with a lot of suffering in their lives, but can come to offer something really beautiful to others after going through intense spiritual transformations. (think Pisces)

y wrote: >And in my particular case, it also reigns under the Jupiter Decadent.

Did anyone else notice the Jupiterian slip? :)



11/29/00 Crescent Follow-up

z wrote:

> Hmmm.... never would have thought of Gemini as being lazy.

In response to when i wrote:
< Crescent Moon: I've met hardly any Crescent Moons, but the basic theme is
that of rousing themselves to go forward with themselves and their life's
work. Replacing laziness and inertia with motivation and discipline is the
need. (think Gemini)>

I'll try to do slightly better on the Crescent Moon.

As far as Gemini not exactly being lazy, I do agree, but the contrast between the laziness of being scattered and disciplined motivation does fit Gemini pretty well. But this makes more sense with the lunar phases because the Cresent Moon, according to a natural arrangement, is two parts Gemini, one part Taurus (get back bulls, I didn't mean it). So the laziness thing isn't just Gemini-symbolized in the case of Crescent moons. The sign correspondences are loose and general guidelines--not the most important way to understand the lunar phases. But it is fun and worthwhile to fit them in.

I rounded up another Crescent moon, to stimulate my thoughts a bit here. Here's my current thinking: there seems to be a natural creativity, giftedness, or talent present with Crescent Moons, but their challenge is to really do something with it. If you read the pages on my site, you might remember that the Crescent moon phase symbolically relates to the teenage years, which includes much creative potential, but not necessarily a lot of focus. Sounding more like Gemini...

The other feature of Crescent Moons that is prominent in the lunation cycle literature, is that of dealing with forces of inertia from the past. The Crescent starts at the 45 degree angle between the Sun and the Moon, a time when the first 'ghosts' from the past come up to significantly challenge us. "Overcome" "Focus" and "Move Forward" are the keywords i'm pulling out of Demetra George's book, Finding Our Way Through the Dark. What this means is that, still at the beginning of the new cycle begun at the New Moon, at the first 45 degree angle, the first relatively hard angle of the cycle, anything that wasn't completed in the last full cycle rears its head again, and THIS TIME IT'S PISSED! Okay, I'm exaggerating for dramatic effect. But seriously, any issues that aren't dealt with the first time around, do tend to intensify the next time around, and if necessary the next time around, and if necessary the next time around, and if necessary the next time around.... So the Crescent phase symbolizes the first time that something that we thought was over arises yet again from the depths and says, "We're not done yet, buddy."

So there is a general theme of struggling against old unfinished business in the Crescent Moon, but this will be stronger for some than for others. One Crescent Moon that i know died around the age of 22, a talented musician who lived with serious substance abuse problems for some years; the past was too strong for him. I can think of another around this same age right now who is very gifted in metaphysical and other creative departments, and is trying to make it financially with his gifts.

Sun in Leo and Moon in Cancer does make you a sucker for the lunar phases!

(Moses' astrological inner dialogue:

Scorp Rising: Damn it, what are you doing telling them our Moon sign?

Leo Sun: Down, Scorpio, down! Let's not keep any secrets, okay?

Scorp Rising: But! (this dialogue continues for a lifetime))

Actually, though, telling people you have a Cancer Moon is one of the safest things a guy can say about his chart. Tell people you have a Cancer Moon and everyone starts feeling warm and fuzzy. Tell people you're a Leo, and you don't know what to expect. Tell people you're a Scorpio, and the other eleven signs take one step back while the Scorpios take eleven steps forward.


Moses :)