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Sunday - Wednesday, Ocotober 23rd - 26th

Now that we’re past eclipse season, things are settling down at least a little bit. But, maybe not all that much. Mars and Saturn have been in aspect to each other (in Vedic astrology) for a few months now, and it hasn’t been hard to find patterns of destruction all around us. Well, they’re at it again and will be for at least another month. There’s no easy answer for what to do when we all seem to be under siege. But if I had two suggestions, one would be to maintain your spiritual center at all costs through discipline, and the other would be to focus all of that angst into some kind of material endeavor.

In somewhat happier news, water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) now that Jupiter has entereed Scorpio and will stay there for over a year—they’ll get an extra glance when fortune looks around the room. And all of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) will find significant benefits coming into different areas of their lives as well, whether it’s (respectively) relationships, home/family, confidence, or career. But even this transit from benevolent Jupiter will bring a quality of transformation and regeneration into nearly everyone’s life. So it’s by no means a simple picnic. So get ready to dig a little deeper and find the gold buried somewhere within; the world needs you to do it.

But perhaps what’s more appropriate to think about for the moment is what Jupiter’s passage through tropical Libra over the last year has meant to us. If you are lucky, you experienced some benefits in terms of partnership. But what may be more likely is that you learned some lessons about the importance of cooperation and compromise (perhaps moderation?). Give thanks for what you learned there, even if it wasn’t always easy. Apparently, a sizeable chunk of the human experience is that not everyone else wants the same things as you. Bummer, huh? ;)

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