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The Circle of Growth Through the Zodiac
                      Exercise 5

Beside each step, write either a + (if you do it well), a - (if you do it poorly), or leave it blank (neutral / undecided). The following is an exercise aimed at increasing both self-awareness and knowledge. It may help you to print this page. The idea is to write a '+' next to each point that you do well, a '-' next to each point that you do not do well, or not to mark any point that you do neither well nor poorly. It's best not to leave too many points blank. Then see the ideas below.

: Finding the courage to do what you like (independent of relationships)

Taurus: Loving yourself and giving to yourself independently (without depending on external sources for happiness, i.e. drugs, people, approval, success, etc.)

Gemini:  Communicating easily and freely with others

Cancer: Knowing there are others around who love you

Leo: Expressing all of yourself (without inhibition)

Virgo: Humbling oneself (usually through service to others)

Libra: Relating to others as equals;
           treating others as individuals who are as real and important as yourself

Scorpio: Transforming yourself (instead of manipulating, controlling, or focusing on others)

Sagittarius: Receiving all of the grace, abundance, and positive energy of the universe

Capricorn: Working hard to contribute something to others / to the world

Aquarius: Networking / Cooperating with others to serve the greater good

Pisces: Attaining peace through surrendering to the All;
            kicking back and letting go.

Some Guidelines For General Wisdom

This exercise is meant to be a lesson in realizing that the zodiac follows a natural, sequential order, where each sign is the foundation for the next. Here are the main points to consider:

1) Doing any one step well leads to the real opening up of the next step.

2) Contemplate how the fulfillment of each step creates the possibility of the fulfillment of the next step. If you can't connect any two steps in this way, please e-mail in a question about this.

3) Any time you do one step well, all of the other steps are improved.  All steps are interrelated.

4) You can only truly fulfill each step to the extent that you have fulfilled all the previous steps, otherwise the current step will be somewhat shallow.

5) Reflect on the significance of the first and last steps on the circle. What does it mean that they are first and last? What is the first thing on which all else depends? What is the last thing which depends on all other things?

Working with 'The Circle' For Self-Awareness'

1) Look at your +'s.  Notice any skipped steps (previous steps without +'s).
2) Wherever you have -'s, find the previous + (even if you have to go past Aries to Pisces).  Reflect on how that + can help you transform that - by creating positive effects up to the -'s.
3) Wherever you have +'s, look to the following step.  If it's not a +, realize that you can now make it one.
4) With two or more  -'s in a row, look to the first -, and to the step before the first -.  These are vitally important.
5) With two or more +'s in a row, look to the non-plus after them and realize that it is wide open to you.
6) A + preceded by a - represents a great strength.
7) A - preceded by a + is an unnecessary -.  Go for it, it'll open to you.

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