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Interpreting Chiron
Copyright 1998-Today Moses Siregar III

Chiron, which i have heard astronomers describe as an "icy, minor planet," or "captured comet," (although now it is mainly considered a captured comet) was found in November, 1977. Chiron has a very irregular orbit between Saturn and Uranus, and has a roughly 50 year period. Astrologers look to the time surrounding the discovery of a new celestial body to help us understand the nature of that new planetary being (you can also look, twice a year, at what occurs while any 'planet,' including Chiron, goes stationary). To me, the most significant thing about the seventies which is related to Chiron, is the birth of major alternatives to the patriarchical status quo. Many of these alternatives center around greater opportunities for enhancing personal well-being, and therefore planetary well-being. This, to me, is the core meaning of Chiron: alternative approaches that enhance personal and planetary wholeness. To go one step further, Chiron to me represents the return to a more feminine, holistic consciousness, and all of the myriad approaches to 'undermining' the patriarchy by healing the wounds of the patriarchy in a humble, non-aggressive way, for example, giving or receiving a massage.

In Myth, Chiron is most famously known as the "wounded healer." Being immortal, yet receiving a wound that would have killed a mortal being, Chiron turned his pain into a way of serving others. A very intelligent being, and master in many fields, including herbalism and music, Chiron was trained in many areas of expertise, including other physical, cultural, and metaphysical arts. He took on a smaller, humbler role, and chose to spend his life with human beings by mentoring and training many of the most famous Greek heroes from his famous cave. As such, Chiron is like a personal spiritual trainer or coach. He cares about people, and he relates to individuals individually, giving them whatever guidance, gifts, or training they need to go forward in their life's journey. Chiron also stood in contrast to the patriarchal Olympian status quo. Chiron was basically rejected by his half-brothers, like Zeus, on Olympus, and instead lived by himself and 'ate the scraps.' Chiron can often be characterized as an 'underdog.' Chiron also represents 'alternative' and 'maverick' qualities. Rather than abusing his power with self-indulgence, Chiron lived quietly and assisted many people, acting as the key ingredient on many heroes's paths. (thanks to Dale O'Brien for much of this information!)

Astrologically, Chiron must be understood in a two-fold way: (1) Chiron can represent a wound, or woundedness, rooted in a deep sense of unfairness, and (2) Chiron represents one's special, maverick magic that is in some way the key gift to fulfilling one's life work or path on a higher octave. Interestingly, the wound and the magical gift are one and the same. It is only by going into and healing the wound, that the gift can come forward and heal oneself and others. Healing the wound within oneself allows one to bring forth gifts and heal the planet. One need not be doing outward healing work to take advantage of the healing potential of one's Chiron; simply doing what one's Chiron represents in a positive way is innately healing.

When Chiron transits, it can represent a deep wounding that feels deeply unfair, and/or the appearance of magical items, information, or people that assist one along one's life path. When Chiron wounds, it should be understood as being positive in two distinct ways: (1) it allows us to feel and heal our wounds, and (2) the wounding must be understood as the message of a benevolent personal guide to change direction in some way to keep moving in the best direction for one's life path. For a longer description of Chiron transits, read my post on Chiron transits.

To study your Chiron, go through the first section of the tutorial (Using parts 1 & 2 of the Course/Tutorial Together) and consider the following things about your Chiron sign (or the astrological letter corresponding to that sign), and the sign naturally related to the house which your Chiron is in (see the alphabet for help). I recommend going through the list twice:
1) Look into how you have been wounded and blocked in this particular aspect of yourself.
2) Realize how these same areas represent an amazing gift that you can express humbly, and thereby offer much to others that is in some way healing.
Begin Here

Chiron is the higher octave ruler of Virgo. When Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were discovered, they came to rule Aquarius, Pisces, and Scorpio along with the previous rulers of these signs. Now Virgo, too, has a more esoteric ruler along with an ancient ruler, Mercury. I have observed this to work out repeatedly in astrological practice, for example, using Chiron as the ruler of the house where Virgo is on the cusp. There is so much correlation between the nature of Chiron and the nature of Virgo--maybe I'll go into that in more detail later!