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          The Six Axes in Astrology
                       Exercise 6

This is a very important page intended to show that opposite signs have the same exact core. All of the statements below are completely true of both of the signs to which they refer. This can point out often overlooked dimensions of the signs. The axis names below are intended to be more humorous than anything.

Aribra: "Warrior Axis"  (Aries and Libra, 1 and 7)

About: The use of physical, creative, mental, attractive, and diplomatic power to succeed in one's endeavors.  The strength of detachment to preserve individuality and freedom.  The balance of independence and relationship. The proper acceptance and release of anger, allowing one to transform anger into energy.
Strength: Being effective in getting what you want (done).
Weaknesses: Ego, selfish orientation (whether obvious or concealed), love tainted with personal agendas, abuse of power or intelligence, manipulation, losing sight of our actual oneness and enforcing separation because of selfish action or the scheming mind, inability to embrace emotion compassionately.
Paradoxical Solution: The only true warrior learns to use their gifts for the good of all, constantly transcending the identification of oneself as an individual separate from others, and coming to identify oneself as the all. A victory for 'me' becomes a victory for all. A victory for 'you' becomes a victory for 'me.'

Taurpio: "Axis of True Being" (Taurus and Scorpio, 2 and 8)

The confrontation of the self with its shadow - its deepest pain, and the initial avoidance of that pain through addictions, eventually leading to the healing of the self (and therefore others) through persistent self-acceptance in facing one's 'issues.' Being able to BE, and needing nothing more.
Strength: Potential for tremendous self-sufficiency, and the radiation of peace and love.
Weaknesses: Tendency to look to external supports as indulgences and avoidances. Looking outside to avoid being fully present. Difficulty in surrendering control and in embracing emotion. Lazy or difficult habits that maintain inertia and prolong the inevitable.
Paradoxical Solution: If one can cultivate True Beingness, then one really needs nothing more. Yet that is the first time one can handle the presence of wealth, power, wisdom, food, drink, sex, and relationships without misusing them to attempt to establish an external security. One can fully be present to the world and all of its pleasures only when one does not need them as supports.

Geminittarius: "Axis of Innocent Play" (Gemini and Sagittarius, 3 and 9)

Fun. The flow of creative, artistic and mental abilities coupled with the yearning to experience, know, and express more. The challenge to discipline, commit, and narrow the focus so one can express and experience The Truth / True Creativity.
Strength: A playful, open spirit willing to be open to new possibilities, and enjoy them.
Weaknesses: Lack of focus and maturity; creative potential neglected through scattered forces or lack of confidence in oneself. Over-learning -- the desire to know more preventing a deeper experience; the addiction to the mental realm can prevent actualization. The mind may never calm down enough to assume its proper role as a servant, not master. Play can eclipse responsibility.
Paradoxical Solution: The greatest expression of Innocence and Creativity comes from growing up and learning to be a focused, responsible adult. Once this is achieved, one's childlike simplicity and creative nature can be fully realized. The child must grow up, and then it can transcend the adult and return to the awakened child. Discipline and grounded practicality are the soil for the child to be reborn in its true potential.

Cancpricorn: "Responsibility Axis" (Cancer and Capricorn, 4 and 10)

The yearning to support one's society through developing relationships and family, as well as material and public roles and service. The ability to change to be effective in working and getting along with others. Emotional and physical/practical support for others.
Strengths: Caring, dedication, sensitivity, contribution to the world.
Weaknesses: Changeability creates a lack of authentic self-expression. Sensitivity creates emotional fortresses, distrust, and fear (separation of true self from others). The emphasis on giving creates a difficulty with receiving. Giving so much can lead one to leave 'strings attached.'
Paradoxical Solution: One's first and most important responsibility is to nurture oneself. By receiving as much as one is willing to give, one becomes whole, and then one's simple loving presence does more than all that one has ever 'done' before.

Le Quarius: "Social Awareness Axis" (Leo and Aquarius, 5 and 11)

The flow of creative and charismatic energy into group situations to lead or inspire others and take groups to new levels. The development of the individual self to be able to contribute to the community.
Strengths: Confidence, uniqueness, genius, and eccentricity. Social Orientation.
Weakness: Self-aggrandizement, ego, and selfishness. Shifting the importance from the good of all to the excessive importance of oneself. One's rigid opinions, ambition, or self-centeredness gets in the way of humble, compassionate service (true leadership).
Paradoxical Solution: The best leader strives to be invisible and unworshipped. By giving for the pure enjoyment of giving, rather than for what benefits one may accrue from giving, one's service remains free from egotism and power-seeking. One must identify oneself as all people, then one will not live to compete, gain, and profit for oneself.

Vircses: "Axis of Enlightened Service" (Virgo and Pisces, 6 and 12)

The overcoming of guilt, sadness, fear, and self-criticism through the awakening of compassion for oneself and others, leading to effortless selfless service.
Strengths: Humility, growth through crisis, discontent which generates action/surrender, and an orientation towards service and wholeness.
Weaknesses: Neglecting compassion for oneself and not allowing the recognition of one's inherent self-worth.  Over-giving or overworking which perpetuates that illusion that there is something wrong with others and oneself (that something needs to be fixed), or preventing one from relaxing and allowing oneself to truly receive love. Being overly consumed with one's problems, sorrow, or growth, perpetuating a cycle of self-absorption.
Paradoxical Solution: One can do nothing truly deep and transformative for others, until one has followed the disciplined path of achieving the deepest transformation within oneself. Self-love opens up the floodgates of compassion. Only then can one's service for others be absolutely graceful, meaningful, and effective.

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