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"I can honestly say that I was amazed at the depth and accuracy of my astrocartography session ...."

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"Honestly Moses this is the most right on that any one has been about what is going on in my life right now. You are truly gifted and have made me one step closer to being a true believer ..."

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"I have been truly inspired with many of the things you had to say ..."

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"I found my astrology reading to be the THE most accurate rendition of "ME" and my life that I have ever heard. It was like talking to someone who knew my soul intimately and felt my fears and doubts. It explained a lot of things to me that I sensed intuitively but had never been able to quite put a finger on. And through, you, Moses, I now have "hope." And that was something I had begun to anchor, my rock...."hope." Thank you, Moses, for not only allowing me to talk to you like a friend, but also to "hear" my heart and to show me ways the future can lead me to the destiny I seek."

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About Your Locational Astrology Session, and Frequently Asked Questions

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The most common frequently asked question:

"Do I have to give you the places to investigate or can you just recommend a place?"

Answer: It is not necessary for you to let me know places that you are considering, unless you are doing a 15-minute or 30-minute session, because the whole purpose of those shorter sessions is just for me to research a small number of places that you are considering. With a session length of 60 minutes or longer, I can find locations for you that you do not prompt me with. However, I will always start by looking at the places or regions that you suggest.

Generally, longer sessions are strongly recommended because we will have more time to discuss situations more thoroughly and look at more places. The 60-minute session is usually enough time for one individual interested in either the US or Canada. The 90-minute session is better for a couple or family that wants to me to look at more than just 2-3 places that they have already determined, or for an individual looking at places that include international locations. Many people choose to do the 90-minute session rather than the 60-minute session, even if they are single and looking around either the U.S. or Europe, because this gives us more time.

I find it is extremely helpful to be able to talk over the phone and discuss matters together. Your questions are extremely important to both of us, so the phone time will be well worth it. If you are in the U.S. I will place the call to you, so you will not have to pay any long-distance charges. If you are outside the U.S., either you can call me or we can use a free internet telephone service like Skype (though I prefer the phone, as Skype makes it more difficult for me to get a good recording).

The session will begin with me asking you some questions about places you have already lived. This helps me verify the accuracy of your birth time, helps me more fully understand the patterns that you have lived with, helps me to know you better, and provides more specific context for the rest of your session. Because of this, the information I will be able to provide for you will be even more accurate. Here is a good, relevant quote from Deepak Chopra in answering a question on his message board at

"In most cases, the best ... astrology readings are a collaborative effort. As with other types of professional diagnosis, if you are going to a professional to get insight and help on a personal problem, the accuracy and quality of advice will improve, the more you are willing to open up and share additional information in a spirit of cooperation and teamwork."

My goal is to make sure you know the plusses and minuses of any places you would consider moving to (or traveling to, etc.). With this knowledge, you can investigate those places and find out for yourself if what I tell you is true. I never recommend that someone place all of his or her faith in my professional opinion; rather, I hope to arm you with self-knowledge that will allow you to become more conscious of your experience in any given place, and empower you to make more informed decisions. I believe this knowledge is literally invaluable.

We can either investigate particular cities or regions that you are interested in, or I can search independently for ideal areas. However, I always begin with the areas that you want to look into first.

Some locational astrologers place a considerable emphasis on transits and progressions to the relocated natal chart. Although I do think there is validity to that approach, it is not my primary approach because to use it properly, you might have to move every year or two. Additionally, you can't avoid the transits or progressions to your natal chart anyway. And because the natal chart is more primary and more important than the relocated chart, you might as well live in a location that makes all of your life experiences better.

My goal is to point out the permanent influences for any given place, and to find a great longterm location (or longterm locations) for you, because I find that those permanent influences are far more significant than the temporary transits to any given relocated chart. My goal is to focus on the biggest and most important influences that will be true throughout your life.

Some locational astrologers believe the relocated natal chart to be more important than the primary natal chart when it comes to matters of house rulership, transits, etc. I do not share this view. I do believe the relocated natal chart is extraordinarily significant, but most astrologers agree that all secondary techniques, such as relocated charts, must always answer back to the primary source, which is the natal birth chart. In my research, this is true.

I do not guarantee that I will provide any particular number of most ideal places for you. Instead, I will recommend any and all good or great locations that we are able to discover for you in our time together, with a realistic assessment of the positives and negatives for each place. I have very high standards and try very hard to find a truly exceptional location for you. I am very picky, because I know you deserve the best. In the vast majority of cases, I am able to find at least one place that I can recommend very highly, and often more than one.

A funny story: I once did a locational astrology/astrocartography session with someone who was initially looking in the US. No matter what I did, I could not find anywhere in the states that I felt comfortable recommending to this person. After I told the person this, they said, "You know, that's funny, because I never felt like I belonged in this country anyway." We then found some international locations that looked and felt much better to this particular client. This was a very unusual case, but it's not unusual to find just 1-3 locations in the U.S. that I can highly recommend.

I can make some comments about what may be good times to move if you are interested, but what I feel is much more important is understanding the permanent influences in any given location. If you find an excellent longterm place to live, then the timing of when you move there is a relatively minor consideration, in my opinion--although there may be some exceptions to this rule. Still, the important thing is truly finding the best spot and moving there, period. You want to find someone that can do the best job of doing the most important thing the most accurately: understanding the totality of your likely experience in any given place. To do this very well requires a breadth and depth of methods and experience.

Note: To do locational astrology properly, you must have an accurate birth time. If you are not sure about your birth time to within at least about 15 minutes of accuracy, then I would not suggest being very cautious about having anyone look at these influences for you, because there is too much margin for error. However, there are some techniques that do not require an accurate birth time, and these can be well worth investigating, with the warning that since we will only be seeing part of the picture, the accuracy of the information cannot be as high. Nonetheless, some information is much better than none, in my opinion, and this can at least suggest some good leads.

After sending your payment, please visit this page for futher instructions and please contact me by email (and if that bounces back email me at and let me know your birth date, time, place, and source of birth time (birth cert., mother's memory, astrologer's rectification, etc.), as well as any locations you would like to look into, the places that you have lived previously including the years you were there (anywhere you've lived for at least a month or two) and a brief mention of the positives and negatives for you in these places. Also let me know what, if anything, you are mainly looking for in a place, and any areas of particular concern or interest to you, such as goals. Please see the cost scale above to see how many locations we can generally cover during your session. In a 60 or 90-minute session, we can usually cover a lot of territory.

I'll get back to you, almost always within 72 hours, to set up your appointment time. Appointments can generally be scheduled within two to three weeks of my receipt of your payment. I will make a digital mp4 video recording of your session (screen capture and audio) and send it to you afterwards, however I cannot guarantee that you will receive this. Every once in a while, technical glitches occur, and in those cases I cannot refund the cost of the session. For this reason, you may want to take good notes during the session.

Note: I will not conduct all of the research for your locational questions before we speak (although I do look at a number of things before we speak). Usually, most of the work is done while we are on the phone together, so that I can speak with you as we go and check with you about various things that might come up (for example, "Do you have any interest in living in the middle of nowhere in Maine," or, "Does a place that's good for everything but having a big social network work for you?"). If I felt it was at all necessary to do more work ahead of time, I certainly would do it; I don't take my responsibility as an astrologer at all lightly. For example, I prepare for around 60 minutes before a "normal," or non-locational astrology session, because I feel it is important to do so, in order to see everything that's going on in your charts. But your locational astrology influences can be seen relatively quickly.

One question I am frequently asked is if I can recommend one location over another in the same geographic region using locational astrology; for example, San Diego or Los Angeles? In most (though not all) cases there will be a noticeable difference, but I can't know for sure until I take a look for you. I'll give you a personal example. I live in Prescott, AZ, which is a little more than 50 miles north of Phoenix or Scottsdale, AZ. I have a tough Moon-Pluto paran line (this is not the traditional major astrocartography line, although it is a Jim Lewis technique) running East-to-West through Phoenix that I feel very powerfully whenever I am down there, but I don't feel up here in Prescott. So even though the astrocartography lines or locational astrology charts are almost identical between these two places, one location is still far superior to the other for me.

Thanks for reading this far! I really look forward to speaking with you and helping you find out where some of your best (and worst) places are likely to be. I believe hat knowledge can be truly invaluable.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I can also send you a payment request if you would like to pay using a credit card.

Toll Free: 1-86-MORE-JOYFUL -or- (928) 379-9020

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