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In This Issue: May 31st, 2010 
Happy Memorial Day to everyone in the US. Moment of silence.

Below is an article Iíve been meaning to write for months, about the dramatic astrological events this year. While writing about the big picture, I also dip into some astrology that pertains to Obamaís first term. I hope you enjoy it.

In personal news, my novel has changed considerably since I wrote you in Febrary. Thereís an all-new first chapter, which I read to a local audience, on this YouTube video: (my first time reading from my fiction writing)

Iím considering releasing the novel myself as an ebook and print book in November. Iíll let you know if I do that, because I may do a promotion where you can get some bonus astrology-related stuff if you pick up the book.

I have a new blog called: ďMoses and Dionysus Walk Into a Bar: Passion for the Writing Life.Ē And here it is:

I say a lot of silly stuff, writerly stuff, and occasional astrology stuff on my Twitter feed:

Ditto, my Facebook Page:
(The Facebook Page is about writing and some funny stuff, rather than astrology, though)

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You can read the first 10 chapters of my upcoming novel on All of the previous chapters have been significantly revised since I last wrote you, and most of them are new.

These chapters are unlikely to undergo any more drastic changes, though my copyeditor has not gone through them yet, so there will be some minor changes in the final version.

As for my Authonomy experiment (a website where top-ranked books get looked at by HarperCollins editors), I was very active there for a month or two, but have since pulled back from that site in order to finish the final draft of the novel. I also discovered that rising high in the ranks on Authonomy ultimately had more to do with networking than anything else, so I lost interest in it. I met a lot of good writers over there, though, and I benefited from a lot of helpful feedback on my work through that site (almost 200 "reviews").

I hope to have the novel ready by November. The cover will be professionally updated before then--this is one that I made by myself, and I may release the work myself at that point. There's also a chance I might hold onto the manuscript and seek out a traditional publisher for it, but I'm becoming more and more convinced that going "indie" is a viable road for an author now.

Writing a novel has been a truly amazing experience so far! It's one of the best things I've ever done for myself, and I hope a lot of other people will enjoy the end result.

You Can heck Out My Novel Here: DEUS EX KARMA

My novel in progress, DEUS EX KARMA
Join me, Richard Tarnas, Maurice Fernandez, and a handful of other astrologers on the Big Island in January for the River of Stars Astrology Conference (organized by Maruice Fernandez, Tom Lescher, and Natasha Alter). Itís meant to be a well-balanced event, with time for the beach, pool, meditation, and yoga. Weíll be doing some Astrodrama and eating well. The early registration discount lasts until June 10th, and signing up early gives you an extra accommodation option. You can see a very groovy video made by Tom Lescher about the resort at the end of this section. And the conference website is here: (under construction, but with some info)

There should be an interview with Maurice Fernandez going up on YouTube on June 1st that talks about the River of Stars conference. He says heíll post the link to it in the comments section of the YouTube video below.

Iím also lecturing at two *online* astrology conferences this year. The first will be in October, put on by Robert Correís Forum on Astrology. It will feature live screensharing and video from each faculty member, with an impressive faculty of internationally-known speakers. Details on the event should be available around June 15th.

The International Academy of Astrology (an offshoot of OCA) is putting on a similar event (though it will use GoToMeeting) in November, and thereís an equally impressive faculty list at this event. Hereís the website for the IAA/OCA conference:

The River of Stars (Warning: This video may cause deep relaxation)

Kalani Oceanside Retreat - Kalapana, Big Island
Astrologers were pointing to 2008-2015, many years prior, as an especially dramatic time. Slow-moving Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are in stressful configurations throughout these years. First, Saturn opposite Uranus (2008-2011). Then, Saturn square Pluto (2009-2011). Then, Uranus square Pluto (2010-2015). Most of these aspects occur in (active) cardinal signs, and some astrologers have called this the ďcardinal climax.Ē Translation: hold onto your hat.

Some of the most powerful configurations, though, take place from the Summer of 2009 until the Summer of 2010. The following are exact aspects and events over this time: an exact Saturn-Uranus opposition in September, 2009 (health care debate), Saturn-square-Pluto triggered in January, 2010 by the eclipse and Mercury station and Saturn station (Haiti earthquake), another Saturn-Uranus opposition in April, 2010 (Gulf oil spill), Uranus entering Aries (May 27th, 2010), and then a major planetary pileup as a T-square in early cardinal degrees in late July/early August (Saturn conjunct Mars in Libra, Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn).


Hereís a quick look at Saturn-Uranus and its connection to recent Presidential history in the US. This aspect was first felt in 2008 (both through the historic Presidential race and through great financial turmoil), and amazingly this aspect was literally exact on election day in the US when Obama was elected in November, 2008. That means Saturn and Uranus were on opposite ends of the solar system from earthís point of view, opposing one another. To illustrate this, letís look at three of the most significant astrological events that took place on the last three Presidential election days in the US.

2000: Mercury turned direct on election day (it was retrograde, then went direct), and we got the recounts and Bush vs Gore going to the Supreme Court. Arguably, the first four years of Bushís term were about Mercury. Does Mercurial trickery describe Bushís first term? Most would say so, considering how we got into the Iraq War, as well as other behind the scenes deals over these years. And 9/11 itself was a great act of trickery, regardless of who you believe ďdid itĒ (I say that because some people question this). We should never forget that Mercury himself can bring great chaos and disorder, particularly at pivotal points in its retrograde cycle.

2004: George W Bush experienced an exact Saturn Return on election day. In the sidereal zodiac, most commonly used by vedic astrologers, it was actually, literally exact. Amazing. And the four years of Bushís second term were all about Saturn: Facing the piper on housing, financial markets, and the Iraq War, among other things. Hard truths and consequences had to be dealt with, which is of course absolutely ďSaturn.Ē

2008: Iím saying ďamazingĒ so often that Iím starting to sound like Steve Jobs, but amazingly, there was an exact Saturn-Uranus opposition on election day. You canít make this stuff up. So what does that say for the current four-year term? For one thing, bitter opposition, shown by Saturn in Virgo: no matter what Obama does, he has his critics, for better or worse. Saturn is a critic, and Virgo is critical. This is the super-critic, totally opposed to whatever Uranus in Pisces intends to do, such as pursue more idealistic goals. Appropriately, the first big clash was over health care (Virgo/Pisces). Now, many are criticizing him for how heís handled the Gulf oil spill (Pisces as ocean/oil, although oil corresponds with other astrological symbols, too). But this Saturn-Uranus symbolism also means there is a potential for profound changes to take place, on a host of levels.

Hereís a small prediction. There have been three exact Saturn-Uranus oppositions so far, and all three have so far taken place in Virgo-Pisces (tropical). The first was election day (and not far from the near financial meltdown), the second coincided broadly with debate over health care legislation, and the third with the gulf oil spill. Virgo/Pisces describes this so well, because Virgo has so much to do with health issues (as does Pisces via the ď12thĒ connection with hospitals), and the ocean and oil both correspond with Pisces.

But thereís going to be a fourth Saturn-Uranus opposition, coming up in Aries/Libra around July/August, 2010. Is it possible that Obama will be criticized for something regarding the military, war, or diplomacy? Or some other Aries/Libra theme? Quite possibly. Now that Mars is direct, and out of sidereal Cancer (sidereal is what vedic astrologers use), and now that Uranus is in tropical Aries, there ought to be some pent-up aggression coming out right now. Iíve personally noticed that anger over the oil spill seems to have really picked up since Uranus went into Aries, for example.

Looking ahead to our next election day in the US, November 6th, 2012, what do we see? Well Ö erm Ö (gulp). Mercury goes retrograde on that very day, reminiscent of 2000 (when Mercury turned direct on election day). Thatís depressing, so letís get back to the present Ö


Or, at least some of the big picture. Since the summer or fall of 2009, change has been imperative. Chances are that youíve seen many peopleís lives change drastically since that time, as well as your own life. This is not light-weight stuff. Itís big.

The key right now is to keep embracing those changes. You canít stop them. You probably need them, and you might even want them, whether consciously or not.

So go with the changes. Embrace change. Thatís the key.

Besides, youíve needed to shake things up for a while, havenít you? For many, itís a blessing that the universe has finally cracked the whip on their tails.


In my own life, it was August 1st, 2009 when I really committed to write a novel. Iíve been doing astrology professionally since I was 18, and I love it. Itís a wonderful service to offer, and itís been my work all my adult life. The last time Uranus and Jupiter were in opposition (an aspect also present in my natal chart), in 2003, I discovered some major breakthroughs about locational astrology (how your location affects you, basically), and thatís been the focus of my work ever since.

Now that Iím coming up on my 35th birthday, Iíve spent about half of my life doing astrology, and all of my adult life. Over the last four or five years, I've been looking for a new creative outlet, something else to play around with. Over the last ten months, Iíve been working hard, just about every day, on studying the craft of writing fiction and on my novel, while continuing my regular astrological work.

After putting on my second astrology conference (The Blast) in the fall of 2008 around the first Saturn-Uranus opposition, I needed a break from conference organizing, and the economy wasnít conducive to another event anyway. When the opposition occurred again in summer of 2009, I made the commitment to write my novel. The opposition just occurred again in April of 2010, and I set a goal to finish the novel this year, perhaps for release in November, 2010.

I donít know when Iíll do another astrology conference. I might do another one; I might not. Iím going to remain open to whatever feels like the right thing to do. I organized The Blast because it felt like the astrological community in the US needed it. If it ever feels like we need such an event again, it could certainly happen. But at this point, I donít know one way or another what the future holds with regard to The Blast. Weíll see.

Obviously, in my case these big astrological events have so far taken the form of embracing a new creative outlet. I continue to see clients using astrology, but Iím also really excited to have a new goal in my life and a new mountain to climb.

After Uranus entered Pisces in March 2003, I revamped my astrology website and began the most abundant phase of my life as a full-time astrologer. Later that year, in the summer, Jupiter opposed Uranus and my work began to focus much more on locational astrology. You might be able to think back to how a new (Uranus in Pisces) chapter of your own life started in 2003.

Now weíre coming up on another major Jupiter-Uranus configuration (the conjunction is in June), a time of invention, discovery, breakthroughs, and new frontiers. What it might end up being about for me this time, is finally being an author (my biggest personal goal that I have to meet), and perhaps being an ďindieĒ author, as well. That the initial conjunction is in Aries speaks to the ďindependentĒ side in all of us. At the end of this year, Jupiter and Uranus will conjoin again in Pisces, and I hope to be entertaining some readers of my novel at that time. Weíll see.


There are two significant events coming up that I want to mention. The first is taking place right now, as Uranus just entered Aries in the tropical (western) zodiac, on Thursday, May 27th, 2010.

Keeping in mind that weíre in the midst of a period of major change and transformation, Uranusí ingress into Aries may be the spark plug that a lot of people need to begin to move in new directions. When Uranus changes signs (about every seven years), a new chapter of our lives begins anyway, however subtly or obviously it begins. Aries brings initiative, particularly to the things we need to do *on our own.*

To offer a great, big generalization, the shift from Pisces to Aries is about beginning to define ourselves, our boundaries, and our personal goals and interests much more clearly. It can also be about our convictions and morals, and about taking action based on them. Itís fiery, initiating, passionate, brave, principled, and confident. It can also be selfish, egoistic, aggressive, competitive, subjective, hasty, too rebellious, and inconsiderate of others. Watch your Aries now, before itís too late ;-)

New astrology is always fun to watch. On the day Uranus made its ingress into Aries, we have some big news about revoking the ďDonít ask, donít tellĒ policy regarding gays in the US military. Itís a great example illustrating that Uranus has correlations with LGBT issues (and various themes of freedom and rights), and of course Aries with the military.

Uranus went into Aries on Thursday, May 27th at 9:48 pm Eastern/6:48 pm Pacific, and remains there until August 13th. Then it returns to Aries on March 12th, 2011, and remains there until 2018 or 2019. Jupiter will also enter Aries, but on June 6th; it will remain there until September 9th, then go back into Aries for a while next year (late January through early June).


Anyone who has been resisting big changes in his or her life has a good chance to find some issues forced to a tipping point this summer. In late July and early August, Mars will conjoin Saturn in the fray, opposite Uranus and Jupiter, square to Pluto.

If youíre *going with* the changes, then you might just get a great, big push this summer to keep you going in a new direction, and that could be really exciting, although perhaps intense as well. If youíve been resisting these changes, then get ready for a wild ride. Because chances are, somethingís going to give.

Remember, powerful changes and transformations need to happen now. Thatís the good news. Until and unless major planetary aspects come around, we donít usually make changes that we really need to make.

On health care in the US, something needed to change. On energy policy around the world (sadly inspired by the tragic oil spill), something needed to change. In your life, something needed to change. Or will. Soon.

Thanks for reading this newsletter.

Aloha from Arizona,

p.s. I am always available to you for private astrological sessions, tutoring, and flower essence consultations (though my schedule is very busy this summer).

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